Sabinal Cemetery (Partial)

Uvalde County Cemeteries of Texas


Last Name First Name Birth Death Comments
Butts Henry Jan 05 1858 Aug. 15 1938  Parents: Marcus Jackson Butts and Amanda Madden. Spouse: Laura May Adams. by Ann Tomerlin
Butts Laura May Adams Aug. 10 1875 May 27 1951 Parents: William Monroe Adams and Laura Baylor Woodward. Spouse: Henry Butts  by Ann Tomerlin
Collins  Tombstone - - by Faye Westerman
Highsmith Effa Laura Butts Oct. 19 1895 Aug. 23 1976 Parents:Henry Butts and Laura Baylor Woodward.   Spouse: John Franklin Highsmith   by Ann Tomerlin
Highsmith John Franklin Jan. 30 1892 Nov. 25 1973 Effa Laura Butts    by Ann Tomerlin
Johnson Charles B. 1862 1914 by Faye Westerman
Love James Oris, Oct. 27 1901 July 16 1918 Photos by Robert McKinney
McKinney Carrie Orene Love (Nanny) July 1 1907 Sep 25 1979 Photos by Robert McKinney
Reinhart Frednand J. 07-04-1884 12-30-1918 1st on left  by Faye Westerman
Reinhart Jacob Mary C 08/01/1861 07-22-1864 middle stone  by Faye Westerman
Reinhart Laura J Rothe 12-21-1887 5-31-1939 right stone  by Faye Westerman
Tomerlin Erie Lucy Butts Jan. 27 1897 eb. 19 1982 Parents: Henry Butts and Laura May Adams.   Spouse: Martin Jesse Tomerlin    by Ann Tomerlin 
Tomerlin Martin Jesse Oct. 27 1890 Sept. 26 1959 Parents: Martin Cunningham Tomerlin and Helen Leona Daniels    by Ann Tomerlin
Wiegand Myrtle Odessa Blanton 25 Feb 1895 11 Jun 1937 w/o  David Wiegand   d/o  J. B. Blanton (TX) & Mary Collins (TX)   Death Info:   Film number: 2117278  Digital GS number: 4166744   Image number: 3484  Birth place: Fannin Co. Tx  by Ruth Walsh