Pioneer Park Cemetery

Uvalde County, Cemeteries of Texas

Recorded and Submitted by S  Cantrell

Location: 500 N. Park Street, Uvalde, Texas.


Last, Given, Birth, Death, Comments
Ansley, Georgia, 5-17-1882\7-25-1883, dau of J.H. & M.F.;
Baker, Emma Sale,10-22-1857\3-10-1891, wife of J.A. Baker;
Cheney, Edwin, 10-4-1822\12-15-1883;
Creigler, R.T.;
Cummings, "our baby" born dead, 3-23-1879 (shares stone with above infant);
Cummings, Mary MaCarthy Hewitt, 1830\4-18-1875;
Cummings,Gerald, 1-21-1889\7-27-1889, infant son of J.E. & M.;
Dolan, Daisy, 1876\1878;
Emerson, Ray, 5-6-1881\8-7-1882;
Goodman, Giles, 3-11-1870\12-11-1871, son of N. Goodman;
Goodman, J.B., 6-14-1814\3-28-1884;
Grant, Bertha, 3-12-1880\5-7-1890 dau of Sam;
Grant, Samuel, 2-28-1855\9-8-1891, Masonic inscription;
Griffin, Jane, 1844\3-12-1882 with Cherri Ann, 6-21-1866\4-12-1882;
Griffin, Melissa, 7-2-186_\12-22-1869, dau of Jane and Horace;
Griner, H.W., 11-19-1816\2-5-1889;
Hatch, Mattie, 3-13-1874\2-20-1889;
Hewitt, James E., 5-1852\12-27-1875, died from mortal wounds received 12-25-1875;
Kernodle, Mrs. MM, 1-23-1871\9-10-1891,"mother and babe";
King Fisher is supposedly buried here and many more graves here without info.
Leakey, Tom, 1-23-1858\8-7-1884;
Martellfall, Dejestus, __\1887;

McCarthy, Timothy, 1793\6-17-1867;
McLaughlin, Elijah Porter, 1-1882\7-14-1883, son of S.M. & E.J.;
Packingham, Catherine, 1854\1-21-1864, erected by mother C.P.O.H, alias McCarthy;
Packingham, Octivia, 1859\1-18-1864;
Pannell, Mrs N. A., 1-14-1838\11-30-1885;
Papperson, Minnie, 2-18-1877\3-21-1880, (could be Patterson?) dau of J.J.H. & C.;
Parke, Josiah, 3-5-1842\11-14-1864;
Pulliam, Ben A., 1-3-1841\7-13-1873, killed by Indians.;
Pulliam, John T., 11-29-1846\9-26-1872, Killed in Mexico;
Rogers, Saller E.,7-4-1863\6-1-1887, wife of J.A.;
Tucker, Mrs. Caroline R., 12-25-1835\12-30-1859 or 69;
Watkins, B.F., 9-19-1836\8-11-1862, (assasinated by Indians);
West, Elinor, 1-10-1810\4-1-1884;
Weymiller, F., 1821\1881;
Williamson, P.C., 9-26-1853\4-25-1891;

Woman, A mother, unknown;
A tomb (railing) no info;
Red brick vault, empty
H.C.S. on footpiece, railing, no stone, has German inscription;