Grape Creek Cemetery Obits

Tom Green Co., Cemeteries of Texas

Submitted by Elaine Nall Bay and Patricia Nall

Grape Creek Cem  (San Angelo, Tom Green Co.)
In Remembrance of Robert Bullard

The grim monster death visited the sanitarium in West Texas and claimed for its victim a former Rains County boy, Robert Bullard.  Robert was well known throughout most of the county and highly esteemed by his many friends.  He lived with his family in the Smyrna community the greater part of his life until about 6 months ago he went to San Angelo with his folks, where he had an attack of appendicitis Friday, February 5th, was operated on the 6th and died the 7th about 4 o’clock.  I don’t know if he was a member of any church or not, but he always lived a straight life.  If Robert had lived until the 15th of March 1926, he would have been 18 years old.  He had always been healthy until his sudden attack and, of course, that made his death a greater shock to his friends and loved ones.  But grieve not, loved ones, for he is through with his wearisome toil of life and is through with the sins and sorrows of this old world of trouble and care, but let’s pray he is better off.  Of course no one knows, but we know but we all believe he is now at rest, and God giveth life and he also taketh.  He has only paid the debt, we must all pay someday sooner or later. 
He is survived by an adopted father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Bullard, and brother Jesse, besides a host of friends to mourn his death.  His remains were laid to rest in Grape Creek Cemetery near San Angelo, Texas. --- Writte by a true friend, Ellen Vancy. ~ ~ ~ The Rains County Leader, February 19, 1926

Former Rains County Boy Gone
A cloud of sadness was spread over our little community last week when the news of the death of Robert Bullard, who formerly lived in the Smyrna neighborhood, was received.  According to report received where Robert was living with his parents near San Angelo, was taken ill with appendicitis Friday evening, February 5th and was carried to St. John’s Hospital in San Angelo.  He was operated on Saturday afternoon, the end coming Sunday about 4 p.m.  He was just coming into young manhood, being only about 18 years of age and will be sadly missed by his friends here.  Robert was one of our most promising young men, greatly loved by the people, among whom he lived, until he moved with his family to Dallas and from there to San Angelo about 2 years ago.  He is survived by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Bullard and a brother, Jesse, also many friends to mourn his untimely decease.  But weep not, dear ones, Robert is waiting for us in the great beyond, but we cannot help feeling lonely.
“Our darling boy is gone
A voice we loved is stilled.
A place is vacant in our home,
That never can be filled.
God, in his wisdom has recalled
The bloom his love has given,
And though the body slumber here
The soul is safe in heaven.”
---Eugenia Vaughan
~ ~ ~ The Rains County Leader, February 19, 1926