Fairmount Cemetery

San Angelo, Tom Green Co, Cemeteries of Texas

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Photos by R. Clayton Hooper  (CH)

Vietnam Casualties photos by Billy M. Brown  www.veteransmemorial.us  (BB)

Address: Fairmont Cemetery, Charles Robinson, Manager, 1116 W. Ave N., San Angelo, TX, (915)655-9475


Location: 1116 W. Ave. N, San Angelo.

Last Name First Name Birth Death Comments
Chapa Lorenzo May 17 1948 Oct 26 195 ?  
Evans Lloyd William 1908 1976  
Evans Lloyd William, Jr 1946 1968 Vietnam
Fitts Charles M. Nov 21 1932 Jan 11 1963 Vietnam
Gonzales Mario Sep 12 1948 Mar 05 1975 Vietnam
Griffis William A. Nov ?? 19?? Jan 24 197? Vietnam
Harris Leslie Earl, Jr Mare 20 19224 May 05 1965 Vietnam
Lowe Walter B. Jr Feb  3 1947 Sep 16 1969 Vietnam
Sims Mary Wade 1849 1940 Mother(CH)
Sims J. Thomas 1848 1930 Father  Pictured with the Thomas and Mary Sims marker are, from left, Weldon O. Day, and Clay Hooper(CH)
Sims W. t. 1872 1947 "Uncle Bill"(CH)
Sims Alice Brown 1871 1974 Aunt Alice(CH)
Quinn Michael M. Apr 12 1947 May 24 1962 Vietnam
Wheless Jimmy R. Jul 17 1943 May 09 1968 Vietnam


Historical Marker: San Angelo established the "New City Cemetery" here in 1893 on 22.5 acres. The first recorded burial was that of city alderman George Bond's wife, Elise, in 1893. A cemetery association, formed in 1897, organized a volunteer women's auxiliary to manage the graveyard. The auxiliary was headed by Mrs. C. A. Broome for 38 years. Early auxiliary member Leila Hill is credited with naming the cemetery "Fairmount". Although the association deeded the cemetery to the city in 1927, a perpetual care fund was created and the women's auxiliary continued to oversee operations. Fairmount Cemetery's 52 acres contain more than 33,000 burials, some of which were transferred from other area graveyards. Interred here are former slaves; African American Buffalo Soldiers; pioneer ranchers and oilmen; civic leaders; and veterans of wars ranging from the Texas Revolution to the Vietnam conflict including Lt. Jack Mathis, recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor for service in the European Theater in World War II. Members of a local Greek Orthodox Church are buried in a separate section. Among the cemetery's outstanding statuary is the statue of Tom McCloskey by noted sculptor Frank Teich and one of St. Francis shaped by Italian artisans. (1994)

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