De Long Cemetery

Tom Green Co., Cemeteries of Texas

DeLong   aka Christoval , Tom Green County Texas

Photos and Submitted by  Tina DeLong

Golda Foster, James De Long, Jim Hal DeLong, Jim D. De Long, have applied for a Historical Marker  (April 2009)


George Washington De Long was born to James and Elizabeth Ward in Kentucky.  He and his brothers, David, William, Samuel J. and John came to Texas and stayed.   A sister, Arminta De Long Austin would later come to Texas with her family and settle in Sanco, Tx   George was in Ft Belknap, Palo Pinto before coming to Lipan Springs.

In Ft Belknap, he met and married the daughter of Frances E. Williams, Sylvinia Paralee Williams.  They got into a wagon made by her father and left for Lipan Springs.

They would have landed near what was once called De Long which is now called Christoval, TX   He and his brother would make a dam there and also be County Commissioners.  The De Longs also had a school.   They were Indian fighters (Dove Creek Battle), and also John De Long was a Scout for Ft. McKavitt.   David De Long was a veteran of the Confederacy.  G. W. was a member of the Oddfellows and an overseet of Roads in Christoval. 

Last Name First Name Birth Death Comments
De Long David D Mar 03 1841 Apr 24 1919 Second CSA
De Long Edna F. 1877 1898 M:  Mason ,  died in childirth
De Long Early J. 1885 1887 d/o G. W. & Silvina
De Long G. W. Mar 12 1839 Feb 10 1889 h/o Silvina
De Long James Hansford 1870 1949 Father  s/o G. W. & Silvina, h/o Reva E. Clark  and had two sons, James Henry buried here  and later remarried and had son Jim Hal DeLong
De Long James Henry 1905 1940 Son
De Long John Edward Jul 29 1835 Apr 10 1889 Unknown, 2009 placing a Memorial Marker
De Long James Jackson - 1881 s/o Sam DeLong.  Maybe buried here but have no proof
De Long Mary Florence 1874 1893 d/o G. W. & Silvina
De Long Minerva  Ann 71 years old Oct 29 1905 "Rest Mother-Rest in Quiet Sleep while friends in Sorrow thee weep"
De Long Reva E. 1884 1908 "Our Happy Souls have gone the way to a Pure eternal Day"
De Long Samuel Marion Mar 24 1868 Jan 24 1906 "Gone but not Forgotton" s/o G. W. & Silvina, great grand father of Tina DeLong
De Long Silvina 1845 1933 At Rest  w/o G. W.
Gibson John R. Feb 06 1819 Apr 13 1899 Veteran of the Mexican War in the Navy
McCarthy Henry A Sep. 17 1805 Jul. 30 1895 Married Nancy Levina Adams from Mercer County, Kentucky. Died in Coke County or Tom Green County, Texas.  In the O'Lord, Have I put my Trust
Sims James J. Oct 02 1874 Jan 02 1896 To Him, we Trust, a place is given Among the Saints with Christ in Heaven
Stidham J. W. May 11 1848 Apr 26 1890 "Farewell my wife, my children all from you g father, Christ doth call"
Stidham Martha Ann Jun 18 1853 May 31 1894 "Rest Mother Rest, Sleep while friends in Sorrow Thee Weep"