Little Elm Cemetery, Abilene, Taylor Co. Cemeteries of TX Gloria B. Mayfiled

Little Elm Cemetery

Abilene, Taylor Co., Cemeteries of  Texas

Photos and Submitted by Cassie Jarrett

  Located on Chapel Hill Road .2 miles south of the Hwy 84  south access road  

I talked to the neighbors.  No one seem to know much about the cemetery. An elderly gentleman said there used to be a church somewhere about there, but he didn't know where or what demonination.  

One neighbor said he had only been there a few months, but that when he first moved there that it was kept up, but as you can see by the photos it is not now.

Unmarked 1         Unmarked 2


Last Name First Name Birth Death Comments
Briggs   J C Nov 17, 1903 Oct 22, 1912  s/o JW & EE
Haber M V  May 15, 1841 Jan 23, 1923 -
Smith Amy A  Jan 24, 1834 Nov 22, 1906 -
Winters Baby Girl Apr 1907 one date d/o Josh & Laura
-----tter James Nov 20, 1887 Nov 23, 1908 headstone broker, unable to read