Rose Hill Cemetery

Swisher Co, Cemeteries of Texas

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Photos by Michelle White

Location: From Tulia, follow east service road of US 87 south about one mile to cemetery.

Historical Marker: The history of this community cemetery dates to October 1890, just three months after Swisher County was organized and Tulia was named county seat. The first recorded burial here is that of 18-year old Louis H. Harral, who died on October 17, 1890. His parents, L. J. & N. J. Harral, obtained permission from landowner T. W. Adams to bury their son on this hillside south of the Middle Tule Creek. Twelve days later, 4-year old Robert Alonzo Hutchinson, son of W.B. & Virginia Hutchinson, died and was buried on the hill near Louis. In 1906 five acres of land surrounding the graves were officially set aside for a community cemetery. A cemetery association was formed in 1916 under the leadership of Lula B. Tomlinson, who named the cemetery Rose Hill. The association was officially chartered by the state in 1937, and continues to maintain the site. Among those interred here are numerous city and county elected officials, including two law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty: John Mosley (d. 1933) and Robert (Bob) Potter (d. Christmas Day, 1960). Also buried here are veterans of the Civil War, the Spanish American War, World War I, World War II, Korea and Vietnam. (1994)