Rayner Cemetery

Stonewall Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by Dorothy (Baitz) Clark- August 2000

Information submitted for this document by Joe A. and Dorothy (Baitz) Clark

Rayner Cemetery in Stonewall County, Texas is located between Old Glory and Aspermont, Texas just off Highway 380.  To reach the cemetery you will go West out of Old Glory for 2 miles, and then turn South on CR 116 for 5.2 miles.  The cemetery is located on the East Side of the road with a large metal sign RAYNER over the West entrance.At this date of August 2000 it is apparent that no one maintains the grounds and there are several gravesites that have funeral home markers at them, but there are no stones for identification.  The Rayner family who owned the large ranch where it is located donated the land for the cemetery.  Rayner was the County Seat of Stonewall County at one time before it was moved to Aspermont.The history of the cemetery will be quoted for the most part from the
Stonewall County history Book and written by Moneta Carr Newman as follows:n the southeast corner of Stonewall it stands. Long abandoned, and forgotten by all but those that laid their loved ones there.

t is a peaceful spot, scattered over three acres of a large ranch. For many years it was open range, and cattle grazing near rubbed themselves on the tombstones.  Now it has a barbed wire fence, and cattle graze slowly by as if loath to disturb those sleeping there.You can visualize the wagons filled with weeping relatives as they brought their loved ones here.The monuments seem strangely at peace as they stand guard amid the mesquite  and cactus that has grown up around them.  The inscriptions are gone from  many, but those that are legible will be listed below. The oldest grave was an unknown trapper killed by lightening in 1884. He  was found dead and buried where he lay. The Rayner's son was buried there, but later moved to Anson, Texas.  The ruins  of an iron fence that enclosed his grave still stands, a gnarled mesquite  tree grows up in the center of the block.
Carl Lanier, son of early day pioneers, lost his life at age eleven. Born  March 3, 1880 and died March 22, 1891, it is told that the children had  dug a cave where they played and Carl was bitten by a rattlesnake.  His  frantic parents hitched a pair of horses to a wagon and ran them full speed  to the nearest doctor at Anson, Texas. Both horses died that night and Carl  died the next day.
In checking over the list of births and deaths one can see the tragedy in  the lives of the early day pioneers.


Burns Infant son of C.E.&B.H.)  5-16-1891 6-14-1891 Single

Carr    Iva Mae 12-19-1897 5-27-1898 Single Weep not Papa and Mama
For me for I am waiting in
        Heaven for thee.
Caudle Sager 10-16-1897 12-9-1897 Son of W.P.& Rebecca

Herbaugh Earl 2-2-1875 3-14-1895       Single (under a mesquite tree)
Jesus while our hearts are bleeding o'er the spoils that death has won
We would at this solemn meeting calmly say Thy will be done
Though cast down we're not forsaken, though afflicted not alone
Thou didst give and thou has taken Blessed Lord, Thy will be done.

Herbaugh Levi 4-2-1868 2-20-1895 Single (Masonic Emblem)
A precious one from us has gone A place is vacant in our home
Which never can be filled
God in His wisdom has recalled the boon his love had given
And though the body molders here, the soul is safe in heaven.

Jones Carry was born 12-25-1887 died July 1900
(The engraving was very dim and we are not really sure of the first name on this stone)

Lanier Carl 3-3-1880 3-22-1891 Single

McBroom Edna W.  4-1-1889 9-20-1892 Single Her happy soul has winged its
Way to one pure bright eternal
                                                                  Daughter of H. & M.M. McBroom eternal day.
McBroom         Infant son of H. &M.M. McBroom born and died 1-15-1896         Gone but not forgotten
McBroom Thomas W. 1-23-1897 10-12-1897         Single Sleep on dear babe and take
Son of H. & M.M. McBroom thy rest, God calls away
When He thinks best.
McBroom Infant son of H. &M.M. McBroom born and died 6-13-1899                  Gone but not forgotten
McBroom Infant son of H. & M.M. McBroom born and died 8-27-1900                 Budded on earth to bloom
In heaven           
McCaule Nancy A. 3-25-1844 1-24-1890 Single To live in the hearts we
Leave behind is not to die
                                                                                Wife of G.D. McCaule
                                                                                Our Mother (tall beautiful stone…cement covered grave)

McClaren M.A.            3-30-1858       12-4-1891         Single wife of J.C. lord she was thine and not
My own, Thou hast done
Me no wrong.
McClaren William Cooper 9-28-1884 3-6-1890         Single Our darling one has gone
Son of J.C. & M.A. McClaren before to meet us on the
The distant shore.

     (There is a rock "fence" about one foot high around the McClaren graves with a heavy
       cable above it.)

Taylor J.W. 3-25-1835 1-12-1899 Single Gone but not forgotten

Vogel F.       1-10-1833  8-3-1889 Single Husband of F.C. Vogel He is at rest
(Tall pointed stone…ornamental fence around gravesite.)

Yeary J.B. Hand carved native stone…."Died 1890"

South of the Caudle grave there is a 10 X 10-ft. site fenced with pipe and wire…no markers.

South of the McCaule grave there is a 6 X 10-ft. site fenced with ornamental fencing…no graves Or markers.

There are 10 large native stones about 30 inches high at one site, five in a row on the east and five in a row on the west.  We do not know if there are 10 graves, or five.  There is no engraving on the stones.