Hale Family Cemetery

Old Glory,Stonewall Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by Dorothy Baitz Clark

The Hale Family Cemetery is located in Stonewall, County of Texas.  It is on CR 178 just south of the bridge that crosses the Double Mountain Fork of the Brazos River, located about half way between Sagerton and Old Glory, Texas.It is fenced with a chain link fence and apparently is maintained by Stonewall  County.  At this writing on June 5, 2000 it was in good condition.

Hale Family members buried there are:

        Ila                                   Jessie Hubert
        dau of                                    son of
    W. & S.F. Hale                            W. & S.F. Hale
          born                                      born
     Nov. 12, 190l                             Apr. 6, 1898
         died                                     died
     Nov. 9, 1902                              Nov. 6, 1902
Budded on earth to                              Thee lost to sight  bloom in heaven   to memory

     Infant                                       Infant
                                                  babe of
     dau of                                     Wiley & Susie Hale
    W. & S.F. Hale                               
       born & died                                 born
     Oct. 6, 1900                                 June 1904
Happy infant earth blest                     Gone but not forgotten 
Rest in peace abundant rest

     Ida L. Hale                                   Come Ye Blessed
        wife of                                      Susan Frances 
    R.O. Gibson                                             Hale
Dec. 29, 1887                                       Apr. 15, 1870
Oct. 17, 1910                                       Mar. 4, 1924
                                                  She was a kind and   affectionate wife, a   fond mother, and a   friend to all

      Wiley Hale
   Apr. 8, 1863
   Mar. 28, 1943
"His straight forwardness and
honesty made him many friends,
and is missed by all.

    (Woodmen of the World Stone)
             Bertie Mae                               Joe B. Hale
              Hale                                   July 13, 1906
              Jan. 28, 1896                              June 14, 1972
              June 10, 1918                           The truth shall          A kind affectionate wife   make you free   and a loving mother