Bluff Creek Cemetery

Scurry County, Cemeteries of TX

Location: East on Hwy 350 in Ira, Texas, turn left on Hwy 1606, go 3-7/10 mi. (this is right before you get to CR 3176 intersection will pass a house with a red tile roof). Turn left on Oilfield Road (You will see Anadarko Oil building marked with their name), past pumpjack through cattle guard. Will turn left at the tank battery, proceed down this road. Cemetery is on the right in pipe fence.

This cemetery is in poor condition... locals said it was worse, more overgrown and was not even fenced. The Anadarko Oil company fenced it in. There is a large oil line running through the cemetery that busted and spilled oil in the middle of the cemetery. There are not many graves now that have readable markers. Most buried here died in late 1800's or early 1900's. There are many unmarked graves or graves that were marked with sandstone that are now unreadable. The area is very rugged.. and neglected.

If anyone has more information please send it to me and I will add it. This is a partial listing only.

Last Name First Name Birth Death Comments
Dunn T.A. July 22  1879 Feb 27, 1899 son of J. W. and N. A. Dunn
Menn Agnesea Aug 26, 1884 Feb 21, 1900 dau of H. and L. Menn
Thorp O.  no dates no dates ROCK MARKED
Thorp H. J Mar 13, 1837 Mar 20, 1906 "Mother"
Rogers Hawley Cecil, Oct 19, 1897 Aug 11, 1898 son of W. H. and V. E. Rogers
Sterling S. A. Jan 12, 1849 Aug 28, 1900 Mrs. (Sarah Adline Humberson) wife of J. N. Sterling (James (Jimmy) Nathaniel Sterling), Mother of Rufe Sterling