Black Family Cemetery

Schleicher Co., Cemeteries of Texas

Compiled and Submitted by Frederica Burt Wyatt, 1999.

Location: This small family cemetery, established in 1890, is located on the original landholdings of Colonel William L. Black in Schleicher County, Texas. The small plot is located up the road and west of the Fort McKavett Cemetery. A giant oak tree, now succumbed to the ravages of time, still stands in the small graveyard. The four graves are surrounded by an ornate metal fence, and a number of beautiful Desert Willows and Agave plants add to the uniqueness of the site. The old Fort McKavett-Sonora highway (now Schleicher County Road 245) passes alongside the little cemetery.

Black, Delano, Oct 25 1889, Feb 24 1890
Black, Camilla Bogert, 1848, 1916, w/o William L.
Black, William L., 1843, 1931
Black, William Leslie, Jr, Nov 09 1875, Sep 05, 1890