Ledger Records of the G. Baker

General Merchandise and Family Medicines

Ft . McKavett, Texas


Submitted by Max Hardesty

In the listing of the Ft. McKavett Cemetery. there is a 3 year old girl, Lema Burrows, Aug 03 1904,Feb 12, 1907, D/o W. W. and Mary. The  W. W. and Mary  are my grandparents, and Lema is my aunt. I only recently found out where she is buried.  Mary Baker Burrows was the daughter of G. Baker,  a General Store owner in Ft. McKavett.  W.W.and Mary Baker Burrows were married in Menard County in 1901.

I have two large Ledger books of the G. Baker store with many names and purchases. I would like for these Ledgers and some pictures to go to the Historical Museum to be part of the history of Ft. McKavett.   Thanks to Max Hardesty for sharing the information with us.

J. R. Riley Account-- Sept 20 1906

Geo Daggs ---1910

Sid Hubbell---1910

Menard Co & State Tax 1916

O. G. Stroud---Aug 14 1917

A. H. Murchison---Dec 10 1917

Schleicher Co. Independent School District Tax--1922


Here are some of the names that were listed in the book.  It is my understanding the ledger is on view at the Ft . McKavett Museum at Ft . McKavett, Texas

Page 1

Murrs, Martin, Mears, Morales, Mata, Morgelin, Moralos, Morgkin, Means, Moralis, McGathling, Marshell, Mobley, Maricos, Mayfield, Morrie, Moratis, Miller, Margelias, McKnight, Montogomery, Murr  these are just guidelines.

Page 2

Moralis, Muss, Martin, Mercer, Mayes, Moralis, Magenlier, Mata, Manley, Maddos,  and Marks.  

Page 3

Nixon, Nelson, Nix Mixon, Nigh, Neul

There are many that I can't read, please send me any corrections or additions gloria