Harris Cemetery

San Saba County, Cemeteries of Texas

Cemetery recorded and transcribed by Carlene Peacock Brown, 1991
Last, Given, Birth, Death, Comments
Adams, E. J., 8-15-1854, 2-1916, (Eliza Jane Wife of William L. Adams) (married 9-19-1875 San Saba Co., Tx)
Adams, H. Spincer, 1909, 1972, (husband of Lillie Mae Banta) (married 11-3-1928 San Saba Co., Tx)
Adams, L. Mae, (Banta), 1912, No Date, (wife of H. Spincer) (daughter of Isaac Jackson and Adline Hunziker)
Baker, N. M., 9-7-1819, 7-28-1877, (Nathaniel M. Son of Samuel and Margaret McMeans) (husband of Dicey C. Walker)
Banta, Andy J., 12-26-1908, 11-8-1909, (son of Isaac Jackson and Adline Hunziker ) (brother of Lillie Mae Banta Adams)
Berrien, Peter B., 1888, 1964, (husband of Belle S.) (married 6-24-1908)
Berrien, Belle S., 1891, 1969, (wife of Peter B.)
Berrien, Peter B., Jr., 6-26-1924, 5-26-1976, (son of Peter B. and Belle S.) (TEC 4 US Army WWII) (husband of Lurline)
Berrien, Lurline, 2-6-1922, No Date
Blair, David T., 7-24-1891, 1-6-1975, (PFC US Army WWII) (siblings, Lola Pearl, Mae B., Bessie, Bulah, Jackson)
Blodgett, Mary Nell (Shahan), 2-24-1958, 7-11-1989, (daughter of Jimmie Doran and Marjorie Ione Taylor) (wife of Chancy William Blodgett), (married 6-11-1976)
Bradberry, Maud, 2-3-1885, 12-13-1958
Brookerson, Frederick, 1827, after 1910, (original Trustee of The Harris Cemetery) (buried In Taylor Co., Tx
Brookerson, Telitha, 1839, 1900-1910, (wife of Frederick) (buried In Taylor Co., Tx)
Broyles, Robert Alex, 1-10-1895, 6-16-1969, (son of Robert W. and Georgia Mcclure) (husband of 1. Leola Keeney 2. Wardene M. Click)
Broyles, Robert Alex, Jr., 7-25-1933, 7-30-1954, (son of Robert A. and Wardine Click), (father of Irma Mozelle, Oneta Jean, Robert, Jr.)
Broyles, Wardene M. (Click), 12-8-1908, No Date, (wife of Robert Alex, Sr.) (mother of Robert Alex, Jr.)
Cagle, James Oscar, 1876, 1968, (son of Benjamin D. and Mary F.) (husband of Mamie Jane) (father of Dewey, August, George O.)
Cagle, Mamie Jane , 1881, 1965, (wife of James Oscar) (mother of Dewey, AugUSt, George O.)
Cagle, AugUSt, 8-28-1905, No Date, (son of James and Mamie) (husband of Gladys)
Cagle, Gladys, 5-24-1911, No Date, (wife of AugUSt)
Click, Dora Martha (Judkins), 1-18-1877, 3-4-1972
, daughter of John and Martha J.) (2nd wife of Robert Milam Click), (mother of Lucille H., Wardine M., Randolph, Gladys M.)
Crawford, James Lesley, 6-9-1793, 2-4-1868, (son of James, Jr. and Christiana White) (husband of Berthena Owens), (Serg. Spinks and Wades Co. Tenn Militia War of 1812), (1st Co US in Twice Removed of President Andrew Jackson)
Crawford, Berthena (Owens), 1800, 1877, (daughter of Thomas Owens) (wife of James Lesley)
Crawford, Andrew Jackson, 10-4-1824, 10-20-1910, (son of James Lesley and Berthena Owens) (husband of 1. Martha E. 2. Ellen T. Oliver)
Crawford, Ellen T. (Oliver), 6-8-1833, 11-21-1913, (wife of Andrew Jackson)
Crawford, Edward Enoch, 11-20-1872, 11-1953, (son of Andrew Jackson and Ellen T. Oliver) (husband of Mary Taff)
Crawford, Mollie (Mary Taff), 12-22-1873, 1-21-1956, (daughter of William A. and Elizabeth) (wife of Edward Enoch)
Crawford, Robert Ralph, 3-6-1874, 8-13-1891, (son of William F. and Lucy A. Mclaughlin)
Crawford, James H., 1831, 1901, (son of James Lesley and Berthena Owens) (Co G Madison TX Regt CSA)
Crawford, William White, 1820, 1875, (son of James Lesley and Berthena Owens) (PVT TX State Troops CSA)
Darwin, Samuel E., 1-17-1889, 12-14-1970, (son of George W.) (brother of Mary C., Katie, Seaborn, Suella)
Danes, Mildred E., 8-29-1909, 2-24-1989
Edwards, George F., 1901, 1984
Edwards, Armour (Crawford), 1899, 1971, (daughter of Edward E. and Mary Taff) (wife of George F.)
Fagan, Cecil, 1912, 1939, (son of Mrs. Rosie Grumbles) (they share the same stone)
Fender, Paul W., 12-1-1887, 11-16-1976, (husband of Virgie D.) (married 4-19-1954)
Fender, Virgie D., 7-12-1903, 7-12-1984, (wife of Paul W.)
Finlay, Carroll L., 11-6-1908, 12-16-1977, (son of William and Bethel) (Cpl. US Army WWII) (husband of Sadie R.)
Finlay, Sadie R., 7-2-1911, No Date
Flanagan, No Name, No Dates, (hand made stone) (in the Whitehurst family plot) (may be child of Reuben F. Flanagan)
Foree, Texana A. (Sims), 3-29-1857, 3-4-1910, (daughter of William H. and Emily L. Harris) (wife of William C. Foree), (shares a stone with her daughter, Mallie Maud, who died the same day)
George, William D., 1-28-1858, 7-14-1926, husband of Martha P.) (father of Benjamin, Ida Mary, Martha, Fredie)
George, Martha P., 8-17-1857, 5-22-1916, (wife of William D.)
Grant, Jessie B., 1889, 1978
Grumbles, Rosie, 1888, 1966, (mother of Cecil Fagan)
Hamrick, Burrell Alonzo, 2-9-1869, 3-16-1937, (son of Thomas Floyd and Martha E. Warren) (husband of Zona A. Mcclendon)
Hamrick, Zona A. (McClendon), 9-27-1868, 5-6-1948, (wife of Burrell Alonzo)
Hamrick, Baby Boy, 1897, 1897, (infant Son of Burrell Alonzo and Zona A. Mcclendon)
Hamrick, Connie, 1927, 1929
Hamrick, Connie, No Date, 1955
Hamrick, Connie Elmo, 1898, 1980, (son of Burrell Alonzo and Zona A. Mcclendon), (husband of Julia Blair)
Hamrick, Julia (Blair), 1897, 1978, (wife of Connie Elmo)
Hamrick, Gene, 1889, 1892, (son of Burrell Alonzo and Zona A. Mcclendon)
Hamrick, Hattie, 1891, 1929, (daughter of Burrell Alonzo and Zona A. Mcclendon)
Hamrick, Hugh Green, 7-15-1895, 11-6-1970, (son of Burrell Alonzo and Zona A. Mcclendon) (husband of Ola W. Wallace), (TX Pvt Co B 55 Inf and Div)
Hamrick, Ola M. (Wallace), 8-12-1901, 3-30-1990, (daughter of J. Franklin and Rosa Ellen Wilkerson) (wife of Hugh Green Hamrick)
Hamrick, Murray D., Sr., 5-7-1920, 6-26-1979
Hardy, William Thomas, 1-8-1861, 11-14-1939, (son of Thomas S. and 1st Wife) (husband of Minnie Whitehurst)
Hardy, Minnie May (Whitehurst), 5-28-1877, 2-28-1958, (wife of W. T.) (daughter of Enoch Dozier and Louisa Emma Cash)
Hardy, Logan S., 10-4-1894, 6-9-1968, (son of W. T. and Minnie Mae Whitehurst) (husband of Iris Bennett)
Hardy, Iris M. (Bennett), 2-28-1894, 11-5-1981, (wife of Logan S.)
Hardy, W. Bailey, 1-18-1908, 1-10-1974, (son of W. T. and Minnie Mae Whitehurst) (husband of Edna Mae Winn)
Hardy, Edna Mae (Winn), 6-19-1910, 10-5-1970, (wife of W. Bailey Hardy)
Hardy, Norman M., 2-1-1912, 5-4-1987, (son of W. T. and Minnie Mae Whitehurst ) (husband of Juanita Smith)
Hardy, Laura Juanita (Smith), 12-18-1916, No Date, (wife of Norman M. Hardy)
Hardy, infant son, 6-27-1897, 6-27-1897, son of W. T. and Minnie Mae Whitehurst)
Harris, David Alexander, 11-12-1817, 2-1-1896, (husband of 1. Didama Bailey 2. Margaret A. Crawford)
Harris, Margaret A. (Crawford), 12-11-1853, 8-7-1906, (daughter of James Lesley and Berthena Owens) (wife of David A.)
Harris, Dee H., 10-8-1908, 1-23-1957, (son of John Albert and Mary) (husband of Frances)
Harris, Frances , 9-27-1909, No Date, (wife of Dee H. Harris)
Last, Given, Birth, Death, Comments
Harris, Hubbard S., 2-13-1872, 2-14-1914, (son of David A. and Margaret Crawford) (husband of Lillie Mackie)
Harris, Lillie Narcissa (Mackie), 8-21-1878, 11-3-1938, (daughter of Andrew W. and Martha G.) (wife of Hubbard S. Harris)
Harris, Jesse, 1887, 1891
Harris, Jacky, 4-13-1951, 1-6-1988
Harris, Elbert E., 12-10-1896, 11-18-1970, (son of Dee H. and Frances)
Harris, Infant Daughter, 12-31-1926, 12-31-1926, (daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elbert E. Harris)
Hill, Jacky, 4-14-1951, 1-6-1988
Johnston, John Wesley, 1859, 1946, (son of Hugh Gilbert and 1st Wife) (husband of Berthena Harris)
Johnston, Berthena Ann, 1859, 1825, (daughter of David A. and Margaret Crawford) (wife of John W. Johnston)
Johnston, Hugh Chester, 7-9-1894, 10-7-1951, (son of John W. and Berthena Harris) (TX Sgt WWI, WWII 367 Engineers), (died at sea with the Merchant Marines)
Johnston, Audrey, 12-7-1901, 12-19-1902, (son of John W. and Berthena Harris) (twin Brother of Aubrey)
Johnston, Baby Girl, 1914, 1914, (daughter of James Carl and Ivy C. Hudspeth) (grand-daughter of J. W. and Berthena)
Lewis, Milfred, 10-26-1902, 7-5-1975, (married 4-16-1938) (husband of Mary Belle)
Lewis, Mary Belle, 10-28-1913, No Date, (wife of Milfred Lewis)
McLaughlin, David, 1-14-1830, 8-26-1885, (husband of Mary Isabella) (father of Lucy A., David E.), (Mary Isabella Mclaughlin married second G. B. Vest 8-6-1890)
Magee, Patrick, 1826, No Date, (birthdate From Census), (son of James and Edna) (husband of Jane C.)
Magee, Jane C., 1830, No Date, (birthdate From Census), (wife of Patrick Magee)
Mckinzie, Odell M., 1909, 1982
Mckinzie, Bertram A., 1903, No Date
Mackie, Andrew W., 1849, 1920, (husband of Martha G.) (father of Lillie N., William, Monzo F., Charles D.)
Mackie, Martha G., 1858, 1933, (wife of Andrew W.)
Mackie, Monzo F., 5-1881, 6-1886, (son of Andrew W. and Martha G.)
Marlar, Rank A., 1922, 1986, (Funeral home marker)
Marlar, James, No Date, 1948, (Funeral home marker)
Morgan, Mallie Maud (Foree), 1-23-1881, 3-5-1910, (daughter of William C. and Texana A. Sims) (her Mother died 1 day before she died), (Shares a atone with her mother)
Nevans, Carlos F. (Bill), 6-24-1899, No Date, (husband of Vera E. Hardy)
Nevans, Vera Elizabeth (Hardy), 12-16-1901, 10-12-1964, (daughter of William T. and Minnie Whitehurst)
Pybas, James William (Bill), 5-18-1882, 7-10-1952, (husband of Lola Pearl Blair), (father of Wallace)
Pybas, Lola Pearl (Blair), 2-3-1885, 1-17-1953, (wife of James W. Pybas)
Richmon, Arthur M., 1887, 1970, (Funeral home marker), (son of Marion Jealson and Sarah Overby) (husband of Georgia Nicholson)
Richmon, Georgia (Nicholson), 1887, 1975, (Funeral home marker), (wife of Arthur M. Richmon)
Richmon, M. (mother), 7-8-1887, 1970, (handmade stone), (Georgia Nicholson)
Richmon, F. (father), 9-2-1887, 1975, (handmade stone), (Arthur M. Richmon)
Richmon, Eldred, 1913, 1932, (handmade stone)
RUSh, H. W., 1891, 1963
Shahan, Horace William, 1-14-1892, 1-23-1894, (son of Elry Doran and Mary E. Lewis) (husband of Linnie May Wood)
Shahan, Linnie May (Wood), 10-1-1898, 6-2-1979, (wife of Horace W. Shahan)
Shahan, Wallace S., 1897, 1981, (son of Horace W. and Linnie May Wood) (SF 1 US Navy WWII)
Shahan, Linda Beth, 3-16-1946, 7-29-1962, (daughter of Ira and Willie Mae Smith)
Sloan, Billy J., 1933, 1958, (son of Floyd B and Edith Wallace)
Sloan, Floyd B., 1909, No Date, (husband of Edith Wallace)
Sloan, Edith W. (Wallace), 1909, No Date, (wife of Floyd B. Sloan) (mother of Billy J., Bobby)
Smith, Sterling W., 10-19-1888, 10-8-1947, (son of Mr. Smith and Mary A.) (husband of Verda Lou Hardy)
Smith, Verda Lou (Hardy), 6-30-1898, 7-6-1983, (daughter of W. T. and Minnie Whitehurst) (wife of Sterling W.)
Smith, Sterling W., Jr., 5-12-1927, 5-12-1927, (son of Sterling W., Sr. and Verda Lou Hardy)
Smith, Alton, 1909, 1962, (son of of Elbert W. and Jessie P.), (husband of Maurene)
Smith, Maurene, No Dates, (wife of Alton)
Smith, Laddie Wayne, 1938, No Date, (husband of Beverly Jean)
Smith, Beverly Jean, 1838, 1971, (wife of Laddie Wayne)
Smith, William R., 6-22-1878, 1-23-1960, (son of Mr. Smith and Mary A.) (husband of Annie McGowen)
Smith, Annie M. (McGowen), 7-13-1885, 12-22-1976, (wife of William R.)
Towerton, Israel M., 1884, 1956, (son of John and Mary L. Harkey) (husband of Mae B. Blair)
Towerton, Mae B. (Blair), 1887, 1972, (wife of Israel M. Towerton)
Underwood, Kate (Granny), 1886, 1983
Walker, Walter Leroy, 1930, 1980, Son of Samuel and Helen French) (EN 2 US Navy Korea) (husband of Billie L. Burk)
Walker, Billie Louise (Burke), Billie Louise (Burke), 10-8-1934, No Date, (wife of Walter Leroy Walker) (mother of Stanley Walter, Roger Lee, Melinda Mina, Billy Ray)
Wallace, Andrew J., 11-14-1825, 3-12-1908, (husband of Dicy)
Wallace, Dicy, 11-6-1824, 3-18-1892, (wife of Andrew J.), (mother of Rutha, Noonan, Robert, Emily, Alexander, John A.)
Wallace, John Andrew, John Andrew, 1863, 1947, (son of Andrew J. and Dicy) (husband of Susan Wilkerson)
Wallace, Susan A. (Wilkerson), 1866, 1956, (wife of John A. Wallace)
Wallace, J. Franklin, 1881, 1955, (son of Noonan A. and Amanda E.) (husband of Rosa Ellen Wilkerson)
Wallace, Rosa Ellen (Wilkerson), 1887, 1969, (2nd wife of J. Franklin Wallace)
Wallace, Rush H., 9-28-1890, 7-10-1963
Wallace, Jessie, 1860, 1943
Wallace, Asbury A., 4-13-1878, 7-11-1928, (son of Noonan A. and Amanda E.) (husband of Chloe C. Hunt, 11-25-1898)
Wallace, Lois Hope, 1-4-1943, 6-17-1953
Wallace, Sam, 12-31-1913, 6-12-1969, (TX PFC 866 Bomb Tng Sq. AAF WWII)
Wayland, William L., 1866, 1871, (son of James and Mary A.)
Wayland, Johnny L., 1872, 1874, (son of James and Mary A.), (siblings, Millard F., Aurelia, James, Josephine, Emma, E. H., S. D.)
Whitehurst, B. W., 1-5-1883, 1-19-1883, (son of Enoch Dozier and Louisa Emma Cash)
Whitehurst, Enoch Dozier, 4-14-1832, 4-1918, (husband of Louisa Emma Cash)
Whitehurst, Louisa Emma, 10-30-1828, 10-13-1935, (wife of 1. Mr. Harper 2. Enoch Dozier Whitehurst)
Whitehurst, Hattie W., 3-5-1880, 4-10-1884, (daughter of Enoch Dozier and Louisa Emma Cash)
Whitehurst, V. W., 4-12-1884, 9-1-1887, (daughter of Enoch Dozier and Louisa Emma Cash)
Willis, William M., 5-6-1863, 7-31-1915, (husband of Ida Mary George, 4-10-1898, San Saba Co., Tx)
Willis, Ida Mary (George), 5-3-1879, 8-22-1928, (daughter of William D. and Martha P.) (wife of William M. Willis)
Willis, Mamie, 1901, 1902, (daughter of William M. and Ida Mary George)