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J. H. Shorty Brown Cemetery 

This is the gate to the J.H. "Shorty"  Brown Cemetery San Saba, San Saba County, Texas

San Saba, San Saba County, Cemeteries of Texas

Submitted and photos by  Wanda Westfall 

       As you are leaving San Saba, San Saba County, Texas on  190 E. this cemetery sits on the left side of the road just  before you go around the curve as you leave town. There  is a paved country road that goes in front of the cemetery  but we did not see a sign    Catalogued and Photographed by  Wanda, Debra Westfall  & Amber Horton      

There is a large granite monument with the following names on it about the people buried there.


Names of Persons Known To Be Buried Here  (on top of monument)

Jane A. Brown (First wife of John H. Brown)                                         1816-1875

William (Billy) Brown                                                                                1848-1878

Andrew Smart (Husband of Rebecca Brown Smart                              1850-1883

Lou Binnion                                                                                                1865-1883

Jerusa Brown ( Mother of J.H. Brown)                                                    1780-1884

Amanda Carroll ( Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Carroll )                      1873-1885

Rhoda Burns       ( Wife of John Burns )                                                         -1885

R.G. Binnion                                                                                              1841-1885

J.M. Russell                                                                                                1816-1887

Malinda Martin Brown (Second wife of J.H.B.)                                       1855-1885

Nancy Martin Sperry Brown  (Third wife of J.H.B. )                                       -1887

Infant son of S.H.and D. DeWar                                                                1892-1892

John H. (Shorty) Brown                                                                             1817-1896

Amanda Brown Binnion (wife of R.G.B.)                                                 1846-

Possibly Others

Restoration of Cemetery Made Possible By Grandson Mack Brown

The five headstone pictures and the monument is the only ones in the cemetery.

Last Name First Name Birth Death Photo
Binnion Lou Dec 28 1865 Nov 18 1883
Binnion R. G. Jan 01 1841 Nov 18 1885
Dewar Infant son (s/o H. S and D.Dewar) Sep 10 1892 Sep 10 1892
Smart Andrew Oct 8 1850 Jul 30 1883
Russell Rev J. M. Apr 15 Jun 03 1887