Real Co. Cemeteries of TX

History and survey by Sid Heard, Reagan Wells

Compiled by Marjorie Kellner

Location: Clark Cemetery is on Mare Creek, a tributary of Dry Frio River in far southwest Real County, Texas. The cemetery is about 8 miles above Reagan Wells, Texas and 1 mile from Exile Cemetery. Reagan Wells Community is on FMlO5l off US 83 at Dry Frio River.

History: Joe Clark took his ax on his shoulder one day and went out to chop wood. His little daughter, Aggie, tagged along with him. As he chopped a limb from a tree and it fell to the ground, Joe told Aggie to remember that in the event of his death, he wanted to be buried on that spot. Not long thereafter, on Dec. 24, 1901, Joe H. Clark, Sr. passed away and was buried as he had wished. So began Clark Cemetery. After Joe's death, Annie, his wife, married his brother, D. C. (Buck) Clark and they had two girls, Nary, who married Bud Mills and Mattie, who married Tony Cummings.

CLARK, Joe H., Sr. 10-19-1857 12-24-1901
CLARK, Annie(Wilson)(wife) 03-30-1869 04-29-1953
CLARK, D. C. (Buck) 10-27-1864 07-08-1943
CLARK, David 10-11-1930 10-24-1988
CLARK, Coldie 09-19-1897 04-16-1907
CLARK, Oscar A. 06-10-1919 06-30-1979 *
Pvt. , U. S. Army World War II
CLARK, Vida Faye (infant) 04-23-1975 04-23-1975
CLARK, Willie P. 09-20-1887 06-11-1965 *
Pvt. , Medical Dept. World War I