Old Shafter Cemetery

Shafter, Presidio County, Cemeteries of Texas

Submitted by Daniel E Magallanes

Andres Villa Magallanes.Born Dec, 17 1870. And died Jan 24 1941

Found in a book named Ghost Towns of the Southwest, by Lambert Florin.

Old Shafter Cemetery lacks softening influence of green grass, shrubs, trees,  is typical of burial grounds in arid sections.  Area at right rear is "populated" by descendants of earliest settler  Milton Faver. he died in 1890"s and is buried on his Cibolo Ranch, now inaccesible.   His son Juan had daughter Francisco who married  Ira Cline and Lives at Shafter, giving this reporter much of mining town story.  "Many victims of Mine accidents rest under those stones in this cemetery,"  she said in Soabusgm Identiying descriptions on wooden crosses are completely weathered away. (date not known