Old Fort Cemetery

Fort Stockton, Pecos County, Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by Eddie Cope

Location: Corner of Water Street and 8th Street, in Fort Stockton, Texas.

History: The original fort, known as Camp Stockton was established 1859 and in operation until 1861. It may not have ever had a cemetery, at least we are not aware of one. Those that died during that time, might have been buried where they fell. The fort was temporarily closed from 1861 to 1867.

The second fort, Fort Stockton established in 1867, was located about a half mile from the original site of Camp Stockton. Troops here protected the San Antonio-San Diego mail line and quelled Indian raids into Mexico on the infamous Comanche trail. A cemetery became necessary for the soldiers and civilians who settled at Fort Stockton, and the first cemetery was located quite a distance to the northeast. The army decided to move the cemetery to its present location at the intersection of Water and 8th Streets.

At that time they moved everyone from the first location to the new location. The actual site of the first cemetery is unknown. When the fort closed in 1886, all military personnel (56 soldiers) and their dependents were moved to the national cemetery closely associated with Fort Sam Houston, known as the San Antonio National Cemetery. This included soldiers of the 9th and 10th Cavalry and 24th and 25th Infantry, known as Buffalo Soldiers. Though the military abandoned the cemetery, locals did continue to use it. Among the civilians who remain in the cemetery are three prominent figures from Fort Stockton history. Barney K. Riggs, a convicted murderer and overall troublemaker who himself was murdered by his son-in-law, rests here. Keeping him company is his buddy, Sheriff A. J. Royal, a notoriously violent and disreputable lawman whose assassination is still Fort Stockton's greatest who dunnit. Early settler and mercantile owner, Herman Koehler also is buried here.

---This brief history contributed by LeAnna S. Biles, Military Sites and Survey Coordinator at the Texas Historical Commission

 Civilians buried at the Old Fort Cemetery
Inscriptions by John Edward Cope   Photos by Brad Newton

Lawrence J. Sweet
Infant son of Lieut. O. Jay and M.E. Sweet
Born Aug 28-1876
Died Dec 1, 1876

In Memory of
Robert B. Neighbors
Born Jan. 25, 1856
Died Nov. 23, 1904

Inez Powers
Born June 12, 1883
Died Feb. 22, 1901

In memory of
Barney K. Riggs
Born Dec. 18, 1856
Died Apr 18, 1902

In Memory of
James M. McMahan
Son of B.P. and C.A. McMahan
Born Feb. 9, 1873
Died Oct. 8, 1903

George Walter Johnson
Born Jun. 25, 1865
Died June 8, 1903 (or 1908)

In Memory of
A.J. Royal
Born Nov 25, 1856
Assassinated Nov 21, 1894

Emma Lee, Beloved wife of
C.M. Haughton
Born Mar. 31, 1885
Died Dec. 6, 1905

 Infant Son
of Mr. and Mrs Oscar Roberts
Born and died Mar 8, 1907

In Loving Memory of Mary Miller Sanders
Beloved wife of F.M. Sanders
Died Dec 10-1893

 In Memory
James Patric Warren
Born March 9, 1884, Nolan County, Texas
Died Jan 24, 1907

Andrew Roy Royal
Born Jan. 28, 1893
Died Oct 26, 1898

Precious Marguerite Gray
Born Jun 24, 1902
Died Sept 27, 1907

 J.M. McCates
Born 1893
Died 1897

Annie Louise Goff
daughter of Mr. and Mrs D.B. Goff
Born Jan 14, 1902
Died June 26, 1903

Anna Ruth, Infant daughter of
C.M. and Emma Lee Haughton
Born Oct. 4, 1905
Died Oct. 5, 1905

In memoriam,
Daniel Hart, Capt. US Inf.
Born March A.D. 1839
Died April 11, 1878

In Rememberance of
Herman Koehler
Born March 17, 1849 in Germany
Died July 26, 1894 in Fort Stockton, Texas
At Rest

M.E. Cope
Born Aug 7, 1869
Died Oct 1, 1902
Farwell my wife and children
From God Christ doth call

Robert Brainard
Died May 6, 1899

3 Cates Graves
Mr & Mrs Cates is all we found of a buried tombstone. July 13, 1902 or 3

 Penelope Hirst
Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. R. W. E. Hirst Sr.
Died Mar. 6, 1908

M. C. H. Bean
Died 5-7-1896
Wife of W. B. Bean
"5-7" could be May 7th, or Jul. 5th???

 Mrs. Thomas Hughes
Stepmother of
Mrs. R. W. E. Hirst Sr.
Died 1910

Bodies Buried in Old Fort Stockton Cemetery 1868 - 1876
Burial information by Brad Newton

Removed 1888 and re-interred at the San Antonio National Cemetery, San Antonio, Texas

 Last Name  First Name  Rank  Company  Regiment  Date of Death  Section  Grave
 Hart  Daniel  Captain  F  25th US Infantry  05/ 24/1881  A  187
 Hite  Leanord  Private  G  10th US Cavalry  07/ 08, 1882  C  325
 Huston  Charles  Private  A  9th US Cavalry  07/ 19, 1871  C  338
 Johnson  Harry  Sergeant  L  10th US Cavalry  03/ 02/1883  C  339
 Starks  Daniel  Private  L  10th US Cavalry  01/ 04/1882  C  340
 Stevenson  Samuel  Private  A  10th US Cavalry  10/ 23/1880  C  341
 Cowzens  Thomas  Sergeant  G  22nd US Cavalry  07/12/1880  C  342
 Taylor  Charles H.  Private  B  25th US Infantry  06/ 26/ 1880  C  343
 Prestler  Daniel  Private  C  25th US Infantry  05/ 05 1880  C  344
 Lett  William  Private  C  25th US Infantry  10/ 07/ 1879  C  345
 Simmons  William  Bugler  L  10th US Cavalry  09/ 07 1879  C  346
 Smith  John H.  Private  D  25th US Infantry  08/ 31/ 1879  C  347
 Fry  James  Corporal  C  25th US Infantry  07/ 20 /1879  C  348
 Waters  John  Private  A  20th US Infantry  04/ 01/ 1879  C  349
 Dawson  Joseph  Sergeant  F  25th US Infantry  02/ 01/ 1879  C  350
 Fredricks  John  Private  G  9th US Cavalry  09/ 17/ 1875  C  351
 Burnett  John  Private  M  10th US Cavalry  06/ 10/ 1875  C  352
 Henry  Leaumont  1st Sergeant  F  25th US Infantry  11/ 25/ 1873 C    353
 New  Benjamin  Private  A  10th US Cavalry  10/ 23/ 1880  C  354
 Hall  Charles  Corporal  K  25th US Infantry  07/ 04/ 1874  C  355
 Dorsey  Caleb  Farrier  G  10th US Cavalry  07/ 24/ 1882  C  356
 Brown  Charles  Private  K  38th US Infantry  09/ 23/ 1869  C  361
 Bancroft  George  Private  A  9th US Cavalry  04/ 23/ 1871  C  376
 Hall  Grooms  Private  K  25th US Infantry  07/ 28/ 1871  C  382
 Carroll  George  Private  D  9th US Cavalry  09/06/ 1870  C  390
 Maddox  Thomas  Sergeant  G  10th US Cavalry  06/ 29/ 1884  C  400
 Meyer  John H.  Private  F  15th US Infantry  09/ 01/ 1869  C  405
 Morgan  Paul  Private  I  9th US Cavalry  06/ 10 1869  C  406
 Henderson  Samuel H.  Private  A  41st US Infantry  03/ 21/ 1869  C  407
 Pluson  Nathaniel  Corporal  A  41st US Infantry  02/ 25/ 1869  C  408
 Neff  William  Private  B  9th Us Cavalry  12/ 28/ 1868  C  409
 Robinson  James  Private  D  9th US Cavalry  11/ 16/ 1868  C  410
 Maho  Thomas  Private  D  9th US Cavalry  10/ 28/ 1871  C  411
 Edmundson  George  Private  A  9th US Cavalry  10/ 31/ 1871  C  412
 Johnson  Randall  Private  B  9th US Cavalry  10/ 07/ 1868  C  413
 Davis  Isom  Private  D  9th US Cavalry  07/ 21/ 1868  C  414
 Barker  Alexander  Private  A  9 th US Cavalry  07/ 20/ 1868  C  415
 Edmore  Joseph  1st Sergeant  D  24th US Infantry  04/ 16/ 1872  C  435
 Graves  John J.  Private  D  9th US Cavalry  04/ 23/ 1872  C  436
 Stovel  Alexander  Private   I  25th US Infantry  07/ 29/ 1872  C  437
 Tribles  Porter  Private  F  25th US Infantry  10/ 08/ 1872  C  438

Bodies Buried in Old Fort Stockton Cemetery 1868 - 1876

Removed 1888 and re-interred at the San Antonio National Cemetery, San Antonio, Texas

 Last Name  First Name  Rank  Company  Regiment  Date of Death  Section  Grave
 Robertson  Daniel  Private  K  25th US Infantry  10/ 08/1872  C  439
 Leek  Allen  Private  F  25th US Infantry  05/ 19/ 1873  C  440
 Taylor  John  Private  K  25th US Infantry  07/ 10/ 1873  C  441
 Cummings  Robert  Private  D  9th US Cavalry  11/05/ 1873  C  442
 Berryman  James  Private  D  9th US Cavalry  12/15/ 1871  C  475

Family of Captan Ritzen 25th US Infantry 
 Ritzin  Amelia  Wife      06/ 30/1877  C  292
 Ritzin  William H.  Infant son      02/ 06 1877  C  292
 Ritzin  Nellie  Daughter      09/ 23/ 1876  C  293

Needing Plot map and names and data of other people buried at this old fort cemetery. There is a wall around the cemetery, but many burials have been confirmed outside of the wall. These speculated grave sites are now marked with metal crosses.

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