Bates Cemetery 
Palo Pinto Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by Louise Bates


Oldest Grave (1892)
Directions to the Bates Cemetery:
Drive south from the Catholic Cemetery on Dodson Prairie until the road angles to the left; cross the cattle guard and turn right.  Follow the winding road to the left of  the barn and cross a creek 8/10 of a mile to a dwelling.  Next walk up a hill behind the house and follow the old road in a somewhat southwesterly direction five hundred  yards to the highest point of the hill.
There are eight graves - six with markers and two without markers. 
Bates, infant son of R. I. & W. M. Bates       11-27-1894 / 2-24-1895
Bates, Mary E.                 9-27-1852 / 2-14-1896  - wife of Wilson Bates
Bates, Wilson                 10-18-1831 / 2-24-1912  - a Mason
Bates, James Harvey            3-20-1834 /10-12-1915
Bates, Mrs. M. M.             10-18-1841 / 6-27-1930  - wife of J.H. Bates
Williams, James M.            11- 8-1852 /12-27-1892  - Oldest Grave
Bates, Robert Nolan            - no dates -           - no marker - Infant length grave
One Unknown grave              - no dates -           - child's length grave