New Hope Cemetery

Palo Pinto Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by Kay Walker 

Census updated October 1, 2002.

New Hope Cemetery is northeast of the Lone Camp community. Travel north from IH 20 on FM Road 4 about 9 miles through Santo to Lone Camp. Continue north from Lone Camp for another 1.3 miles to the New Hope Road. Turn east onto the New Hope Road and follow the paved road for just over 1 mile to the cemetery.

There are 265 graves with monuments or funeral home markers and quite a few graves that are unmarked or marked only rocks. The oldest grave belongs to Jefferson N. Beaty, b: 3-25-1863; d: 2-11-1891.

Name of Deceased Birth Death Comments
? Lizie - - Scratched into a sandstone rock
Ballenger, Adear 24-Jul-1909 24-Oct-1989 Double stone with Myrtle Ballenger
Ballenger, Myrtle 14-Dec-1911 17-Nov-1985 Double stone with Adear Ballenger
Ballenger, Sammie S. 10-Feb-1904 11-Dec-1912 Son of W. M. & Mina Ballenger
Bandy, Obie Edgar 29-Oct-1909 14-Aug-1997 Double stone with Thelma Ogeal Bandy;
Married DEC 31, 1932; Parents of Mary Jeanette
Bandy, Thelma Ogeal 15-Jun-1908 17-Aug-1998 Double stone with Obie Edgar Bandy;
Married DEC 31, 1932; Parents of Mary Jeanette
Beaty, Amanda L. 27 JUL 1890 13 MAR 1898 Daughter of J. T. & Louise Beaty
Beaty, Bettie 14 OCT 1854 29-Jan-1942 Double stone with James E. Beaty
Beaty, Cecil Inez 14 MAR 1899 1-May-1901 Daughter of O. O. & M. G. Beaty
Beaty, E. M. 10 MAY 1858 26-Feb-1905 Woodmen of the World Memorial
Beaty, Ella 1887 1902 -
Beaty, Emma Louise 2-Mar-1922 - Double stone with Herman Eugene Beaty
Beaty, Herman, Eugene 20-Jun-1914 - Double stone with Emma Louise Beaty
Beaty, Idal 27 MAY 1874 20 AUG 1893 Daughter of James E. & F. E. Beaty
Beaty, Idell 30 NOV 1892 12 AUG 1899 Son of O. O. & M. G. Beaty
Beaty, James Curtis 23 APR 1885 12-May-1958 Dad; Double stone with Ruth Ersel Beaty
Beaty, James E. 3 AUG 1847 3-Dec-1944 Double stone with Bettie Beaty;
Pvt Co B Johnstons GA Cav Confederate States Army
Beaty, Jefferson M. 27 MAY 1863 11 FEB 1891 -
Beaty, Rena 25 AUG 1870 6-Mar-1939 Mother; Double stone with Rev. W. A. Beaty
Beaty, Rev. W. A. 22 DEC 1864 15-Oct-1937 Father; Double stone with Rena Beaty
Beaty, Ruth Ersel 29 AUG 1895 6-Jul-1975 Mother; Double stone with James Curtis Beaty
Beaty, Sarah Ann 28 APR 1824 9-May-1910 Wife of T. R. Beaty
Beaty, Virginia H. 28 DEC 1857 24 MAR 1892 Wife of E. M. Beaty
Beaty, Willie A. 28 MAR 1892 9 APR 1893 Dau. of W. A. & O. A. Beaty
Beesley, Ellis 23 SEP 1880 4-Sep-1967 -
Bly, James W. 17 SEP 1872 20 AUG 1893 Son of J. M. Margaret Bly
Boone, Boby 1936 1988 Double stone with Jewel Boone
Boone, Eugene A. (Simon) 24-Feb-1905 23-Jun-2000 -
Boone, Eva L. 31-May-1903 4-Mar-1981 Mother
Boone, Jewel 1938 1999 Double stone with Bobby Boone
Bounds, Anita N. 9-Sep-1929 24-Jul-1998 (Mema); Double stone with Henry M. Bounds;
Daughter of Otis L. and Gladys M. Slatton
on footstone
Bounds, Henry M. 9-Jul-1924 31-Jul-1986 MM1 US Navy World War II; (Pepa);
Double stone with Anita N. Bounds;
Married DEC 28, 1947
Boyd, Zelphia A. 25 FEB 1863 31-Mar-1908 Wife of E. M. Boyd
Bradford, Eula N. 3 JUL 1897 - Double stone with Lavisee L. Bradford
Bradford, Lavisee 13 AUG 1894 7-Apr-1972 Double stone with Eula N. Bradford
Bradford, Mary 1859 1919 Double stone with Reuben R. Bradford
Bradford, Reuben R. 1852 1917 Double stone with Mary Bradford
Brown, Alvin 18-Aug-1921 7-Mar-1989 PFC US Army World War II
Brown, Emmer 11 APR 1885 23-Jan-1947 Mother; Wife of L. Brown
Bryant, Herman (Alvin) 11-Dec-1967 12-Jan-2000 -
Calhoun, Charlie B. 2 AUG 1877 17-Nov-1963 Double stone with Elizabeth E. Calhoun
Calhoun, Edith 22-Mar-1903 23-Mar-1903 Double stone with Ivy Lee Calhoun;
Daughters of C. B. & L. E. Calhoun
Calhoun, Elizabeth E. 20 SEP 1883 29-Mar-1969 Double stone with Charlie B. Calhoun;
Married May 19, 1901
Calhoun, Ivy Lee 21-Nov-1906 26-Nov-1906 Double stone with Edith Calhoun;
Daughters of C. B. & L. E. Calhoun
Calhoun, John & Bruce - - C. B. Calhoun's Children
Cartwright, B. A. 23 SEP 1869 9-Jul-1932 -
Cartwright, Earl W. 24-Sep-1901 - -
Cartwright, Othea Beesley 25 MAY 1874 12-May-1955 -
Chenault, Addie Lee 18-Jan-1924 - Double stone with Alvin L. Chenault;
Married JUL 20, 1946
Chenault, Alvin L. 7-Jul-1923 24-Sep-1996 Double stone with Addie Lee Chenault;
Married JUL 20, 1946
Chenault, Aris 8-Dec-1900 17-Jan-1987 Double stone with Minnie Chenault
Chenault, Charles (Otis) 1890 1939 -
Chenault, Elder Thomas G. 11 JUL 1887 4-Apr-1920 Double stone with Myrtle Jane Chenault
Chenault, Jeff 1862 1939 Double stone with Margret L. Chenault
Chenault, Jerome W. 15 JUN 1892 22-Nov-1974 Father; Double stone with Nellie C. Chenault
Chenault, Margret L. 1861 1942 Double stone with Jeff Chenault
Chenault, Minnie 7-May-1902 11-Nov-1984 Double stone with Aris Chenault
Chenault, Myrtle Jane 3 MAY 1888 7-Jan-1979 Double stone with Elder Thomas G. Chenault
Chenault, Nellie C. 20 FEB 1893 27-Nov-1982 Mother: Double stone with Jerome W. Chenault
Clark - - -
Clark, Alice Parrish 20-Feb-1936 - Double stone with J. W. Clark;
Married OCT 15, 1973
Clark, Beryl 1-Feb-1901 30-Dec-1918 Son of J. W. & Georgia Clark
Clark, Cecil Tracy 10-Apr-1911 8-Mar-1986 Daddy
Clark, Charlene (Chocky) 12-Sep-1949 1-Mar-1999 -
Clark, Edgar Frank (Shanks) 14-Jun-1918 13-May-1944 -
Clark, Elderidge Smith 14-Mar-1923 26-Nov-1985 TEC5 US Army World War II
Clark, Frances 7-Apr-1914 19-Sep-1974 Mother
Clark, Georgia E. 14 JAN 1871 29-Oct-1944 Double stone with John W. (Jack) Clark
Clark, Helen Lydia Sayler 27-Jun-1929 29-May-1997 Double stone with Omer John Clark, Jr.
Clark, Infant 8-May-1948 8-May-1948 Son of J. W. & Billie Clark
Clark, J. W. 25-Oct-1920 - Double stone with Alice Parrish Clark;
Married OCT 15, 1973
Clark, Jack Virgil 1-May-1923 22-Oct-1923 Son of V. H. & Ima Clark
Clark, John Alfred 2-Aug-1917 2-Aug-1917 Son of O. J. & Ruth Clark
Clark, John W. (Jack) 23 Jan 1859 21 Jan 1919 Double stone with Georgia E. Clark
Clark, N. Arthur 15 APR 1887 2-Feb-1973 Double stone with Ora P. Clark
Clark, Omer John 27 MAR 1894 20-Mar-1970 Double stone with Ruth (Newman) Clark;
Married NOV 12, 1916
Clark, Omer John, Jr. 20-Jan-1925 - Double stone with Helen Lydia Sayler Clark
Clark, Ora P. 27 JAN 1884 25-Apr-1966 Double stone with N. Arthur Clark
Clark, Sterling P. 2-Aug-1903 8-Jul-1941 -
Clark, Thomas Floyd 14-Dec-1907 20-Jul-1975 (Tony)
Clark, Vernon (Jim) 30-Oct-1910 7-Apr-1931 Son of Ora & Arthur Clark
Clem, Glenn Edward 1950 2002 Bumgardner Service Marker only
Collier, Joyce Lee 1949 1986 Funeral marker only
Coody, Frances Josephine 16-Apr-1935 11-Dec-2000 Aunt Jo
Cross, Audrey 1899 1900 -
Cross, G. Thomas 1877 1939 -
Cross, Leona May 1896 1900 -
Cross, Lizzie E. 27 JAN 1842 8-Oct-1908 -
Cross, Luta M. 1880 1949 -
Cross, Norman 1913 1979 MM1 US Navy, World War II
Cross, S. M. 18 MAR 1873 31-Dec-1915 -
Cross, Thomas Clyde, Jr. 4-Feb-1943 16-Jul-1996 AC3 US Navy Vietnam
Cross, Thomas Clyde, Sr. 7-May-1911 15-Jul-1990 US Merchant Marine World War II
Deibel, Lillie Mae 17-Feb-1911 21-Aug-1989 -
Eberhardt, Della J. 17-Feb-1957 22-Feb-1969 -
Eberhardt, Julian F. 2-Apr-1916 13-Dec-1982 PFC US Army, World War II
Edwards, Elsie O. 28-Apr-1908 22-Jul-1989
Elliott, John L. (Jack), Sr.21-Jun-1920 11-Jul-1990 Disabled American Veteran marker
Elliott, Joy Walls 4-Feb-1929 - -
Fishburn, John C., Jr. 27-Mar-1942 20-Apr-1973 (Johnny Boy(; son of John C. & Wilma G. Fishburn
Flemons, John William 4 AUG 1868 9 JAN 1947 Sandstone with name scratched in it.
Born in Decatur, IL; Died in Lone Camp, TX
Flores, Ignacio, Jr. 28-Oct-1927 16-Feb-1994 PVT US Army World War II
Gibbs, Keith C. 17-Dec-1973 28-Mar-1997 Pole vaulter, piano & football helmet
engraved on front of marker; Friends forever
Codey, Donna, Brad, Jason;
Engraved on back: Athlete, pianist,
a tender hearted dreamer, a state champion
pole vaulter who reached for the sky and now,
in heaven, soars wtih wings.
Gold, John Avis 30-Nov-1918 24-Sep-1920 Son of P. B. and Kate Gold
Gossett, David 1952 1999 Funeral marker only
Hamric, Jerry, Harris 16-Apr-1922 2-Jul-1993 Double stone with LaVoyce Thornton Hamric;
Married FEB 3, 1950
Hamric, LaVoyce Thornton 23-Dec-1926 - Double stone with Jerry Harris Hamric;
Married FEB 3, 1950
Heintz, George N. 1902 1973 Double stone with Gertrude Heintz
Heintz, Gertrude 1909 1986 Double stone with George N. Heintz
Herrin, Maggie Lelah 19 FEB 1898 6-Dec-1900 -
Holder, Alvin Edward 1940 1980 Funeral marker only
Holder, Bernice 8-May-1929 8-May-1929 Buried next to George M. & Sula E. Holder
Holder, Betty Aline 31 AUG ???? 1943 Partially illegible funeral marker
Holder, Elbert A. (Buck) 6-Mar-1905 2-Apr-1974 Woodmen of the World Memorial; Double stone
with Willena B. Holder; Married DEC 20, 1933
Holder, George M. 1893 1973 Double stone with Sula E. Holder
Holder, Georgia 1924 1999 Funeral marker only
Holder, J. C. Dick 1913 1996 Funeral marker set in concrete
Holder, James Alfred 1-Mar-1945 20-Feb-1998 Dad; Paw Paw; Double stone with Wanda Carol Holder
Holder, John Alfred (Freddie) 11-Oct-1915 26-Dec-1978 Double stone with Virginia Lea Holder
Holder, John M. 22 FEB 1890 11-Apr-1962 Father
Holder, Joseph Vernon 1908 1978 PVT US Army World War II
Holder, Melbourn Lee 25-Apr-1939 7-Sep-1940 Buried next to John Alfred and Virginia Lea Holder
Holder, Ricky Dale 1961 1961 -
Holder, Rusty Louis 1980 1980 Bumgardner Funeral marker only
Holder, Sula, E. 1896 1981 Double stone with George M. Holder
Holder, Virginia Lea 6-Mar-1922 12-Apr-1993 Double stone with John Alfred (Freddie) Holder
Holder, Wanda Carol 26-Apr-1943 - Mom; Bebe; Double stone with James Alfred Holder
Holder, Willena B. 16-Nov-1905 22-Jul-1983 Order of the Eastern Star emblem; Double stone
with Elbert A. (Buck) Holder; Married DEC 20, 1933
Hoover, John Francis 27 SEP 1899 3-Aug-1976 Father; PVT US Marine Corps, WWI
Hoover, Merle V. (Peggy) 14-Feb-1904 24-Mar-1971 Mother
Huddleston, Tommie J. 1956 2002 Aulds Funeral Home Marker only
Huddleston, V. Jeanne 1938 1982 Funeral marker set in concrete
Hutson, Dan 11 MAY 1855 6-Dec-1928 -
Hutson, J. D. 1-May-1912 26-Dec-1979 Double stone with Letha Evans Hutson;
Married DEC 28, 1935
Hutson, Jane 16 APR 1852 31-May-1914 -
Hutson, Lee Granvil 23 JAN 1885 30-Nov-1960 Father; Double stone with Mary A. Hutson
Hutson, Letha Evans 3-Nov-1912 17-Aug-1998 Double stone with J. D. Hutson; Married DEC 28, 1935
Hutson, Mary Addie 26 AUG 1892 6-Jul-1972 Mother; Double stone with Lee Granvil Hutson
Ives, Margaret E. 8-Dec-1911 14-Jun-1987 -
John J. Jones 11 AUG 1877 12-Dec-1946 Double stone with Tishie L. Jones
Johnson, Barney Floyd 8-Nov-1943 4-Jan-1972 -
Johnson, Eva Louise 1925 1951 -
Jones, Gina Renee 2-Oct-1973 3-Oct-1973 Daughter of Randy and Phyllis Jones
Jones, Minnie Lee 17 MAR 1887 27-Sep-1978 Double stone with William F. Jones
Jones, Mona Lee 18-Nov-1901 8-Jan-1919 Daughter of J. J. & L. T. Jones
Jones, Opal Anace 18-Oct-1911 2-Jan-1914 Daughter of W. F. & M. L. Jones;
Age 2 yrs 2 mos & 16 dys
Jones, Tishie L. 26 MAY 1878 2-Aug-1956 Double stone with John J. Jones
Jones, William F. 9 FEB 1882 13-Feb-1959 Double stone with Minnie Lee Jones
Jones, Wm. Carl 26-Apr-1920 25-Jun-1977 -
Keener, Lois 1916 1988 Bumgardner Funeral marker only
Keith, Christopher Skyler 30-Aug-1983 9-Oct-1983 Our Baby (Twerp)
Kelton, Jerry Lloyd - 1939 -
Key, Juanita 30-Aug-1924 - Double stone with Wayne H. Key;
Married May 20, 1950
Key, Wayne H. 3-Oct-1920 25-Jun-1989 Double stone with Juanita Key;
Married May 20, 1950
Knabe Jackie - - Name scratched into flat concrete marker
Knabe, Nich? - - Name scratched into flat concrete marker
Knabe, Stephen - - Name scratched into flat concrete marker
Lackey, A. F. 29 OCT 1868 18-Aug-1921 -
Lane, Lee Roy 17-Jul-1942 3-Feb-1979 -
Lawson, Eula 2-Dec-1915 24-Dec-1984 Wife of Hyrem
Lawson, Geneva E. 22 FEB 1891 6-Aug-1975 Double stone with John W. Lawson
Lawson, Hyrem Clarence 26-Dec-1908 4-Oct-1986 CPL US Army World War II
Lawson, James Wesley 5-Feb-1921 19-Dec-1951 Texas S1 USNR World War II
Lawson, John W. 17 AUG 1886 22-Apr-1957 Double stone with Geneva E. Lawson
Lawson, Joseph Riddle 1913 1978 PFC US Army World War II
Lawson, Lee Roy 14-Sep-1919 25-Sep-1981 TEC5 US Army World War II
Lindsey, Granvil 5-Feb-1905 5-Feb-1905 Infant
Lindsey, Laura Ann 10 MAR 1879 20-Feb-1948 -
Lindsey, Oran L. 23-May-1906 21-Dec-1974 TEC5 US Army
Lindsey, Wayland 2-Apr-1915 27-Jan-1918
Long, Bettie Lue 25-May-1933 7-Dec-1978 Double stone with Curtis Ural Long;
Married SEP 11, 1953
Long, Curtis Ural 24-Mar-1926 - Double stone with Bettie Lue Long;
Married SEP 11, 1953
Mahan, G. W. - - Funeral marker set in concrete
Marsden, Elbert Lee 20 AUG 1898 25-Nov-1965 Dad
Marsden, Elbert R. 19-Aug-1925 19-May-1945 Son of Elbert L. & Josie Marsden;
Texas PVT 27 Inv World War II
Marsden, J. C. 12-Jun-1915 5 Mar 1973 -
Marsden, Josie 12 FEB 1898 9-Apr-1971 Mama
Marsden, Leila L. 13-May-1915 19-Feb-1999 Double stone with Leo Marsden;
Married APR 30, 1933
Marsden, Leo 11-Nov-1909 18-Nov-1994 Double stone with Leila L. Marsden;
Married APR 30, 1933
Marsden, Nellie M. 2-May-1927 - Double stone with Travis L. Marsden;
Married FEB 11, 1945
Marsden, Ora Belle 29-Jul-1903 10-Jan-1999 Double stone with Vernon Alto Marsden;
Wed DEC 29, 1920
Marsden, Travis L. 20-Jun-1926 - Doubel stone with Nellie M. Marsden;
Married FEB 1, 1945
Marsden, Vernon Alto 14-Mar-1901 16-Dec-1995 Double stone with Ora Belle Marsden;
Wed DEC 29, 1920
Marshall, Thomas 1 MAY 1890 13 JAN 1895 Son of Ed & M. J. Marshall
Mayo, Synthia G. Stevens 14 FEB 1862 20-Feb-1945 Granny
McFarland, Stephanie Delaine 15-Dec-1983 25-Jul-2000 On back of Marker: Loving daughter of
Bill and Beth Blevins; Sister of Terry and Bill, Jr.
McNutt, Terry Vaughn 2-Dec-1946 7-Sep-1998 A2C US Air Force Vietnam
Merriman, Bess 17-Feb-1909 - Double stone with Owen V. Merriman;
Married May 10, 1930
Merriman, Owen V. 21-Oct-1907 7-Nov-1994 Double stone with Bess Merriman;
married May 10, 1930
Mitchell, D. D. (Buck) 3-Feb-1940 - Double stone with Wanda N. Mitchell
Mitchell, Wanda N. 25-Oct-1942 19-Jan-1997 Double stone with D. D. (Buck) Mitchell
Nall, Mary E. 8 MAR 1855 22-Mar-1900 Wife of Robt. Nall
Nicks, Alsie 1859 1916 -
Nicks, John Thomas 27 MAY 1895 13-Dec-1907 -
Owen, Howard Dee 23-May-1914 23-Dec-1985 AS US Navy World War II
Owen, James Clinton 19?8 1980 Funeral Marker only; number missing from birthdate
Owen, Richard Oliver 19-Jul-1904 4-Jun-1936 -
Owen, Sallie A. (Pat) 1 MAY 1879 27-Oct-1967 -
Patterson, Melvin Ross 30 OCT 1892 19 JUN 1895 Son of M. T. & G. A. Patterson
Pierce, Leo 4-Mar-1917 15-Apr-1918 -
Pitts, A. Y. 27 OCT 1856 25-May-1914 Age 57 yrs 6 mos & 28 dys
Pitts, Alice Newberry 30 OCT 1855 30-Sep-1933 Wife of A. Y. Pitts
Pitts, Jessie J. 2 SEP 1885 7-Jan-1919 -
Potts, A. T. W. 29 MAR 1829 19-Jul-1907 -
Procter, Thomas A. (Tommy) 20-Apr-1958 23-Jan-2000 Our Dad- Fisherman engraved on marker
Ramsey, Allen Edmund 23-Jan-1909 21-Apr-2001 PFC US Marine Corps, World War II
Ramsey, Ed. L. 22 JUN 1864 9-May-1934 Double stone with Emma Ramsey
Ramsey, Elbert Allen 20 APR 1866 6-Oct-1930 -
Ramsey, Emma 30 AUG 1862 27-Jul-1946 Double stone with Ed L. Ramsey
Ramsey, Iretta Anice 10 MAR 1868 23-Dec-1963 -
Ramsey, Mary Alice 18 AUG 1868 22-Jun-1955 -
Ramsey, Mrs. Evoline 11 JAN 1833 13-Apr-1911 -
Ratliff, Willie AUGa 22-Aug-1904 25-Nov-1950 Mother
Reedy, Linda Faye 28-May-1946 9-Dec-1985 -
Reynolds, Troy James 13-Nov-1918 6-Jun-1969 Texas SGT 16 Vet Evac Hosp World War II
Royal, Elizabeth M. 4-Oct-1914 17-Jun-1996 Order of the Eastern Star emblem; Double stone
with Herman Lee Royal
Royal, Herman Lee 7-Feb-1901 18-Jul-1994 Masonic emblem; Double stone with Elizabeth M. Royal
Roye, Louis H. 25 AUG 1862 1-Jun-1914 Double stone with Melvina Roye
Roye, Melvina 22 OCT 1866 1-Sep-1952 Double stone with Jouis H. Roye
Salsman Family - - Six graves- names and dates unknown,
marked with rocks at head and foot
Scott, Marvin 1918 2000 Bumgardner Funeral marker only
Shadden, John S. 26 NOV 1845 8-Mar-1918 Father; Double stone with Liza Shadden
Shadden, John S. 5-Jun-1925 5-Jun-1925 Son of Mr. & Mrs. N. A. Shadden
Shadden, Liza 4 JUL 1846 17-Dec-1903 Mother; Double stone with John S. Shadden
Sherley, James E. 11-Mar-1921 1-Jul-1967 Texas PVT 331 Med Regt. World War II
Smith, Anton T. 1885 1963 Double stone with Edna W. Smith
Smith, Edna W. 1892 1973 Double stone with Anton T. Smith
Smith, Hubert Curtis 1949 1950 -
Smith, Mamie Ethel 1913 2002 Morrison Funeral Home Marker Only
Stinson, Edith Todd 15-Sep-1910 1-May-1995 -
Stockstill, Merida 21 JAN 1894 21-Aug-1975 PVT US Army
Stockstill, Trena Adeline 12-Mar-1907 7-Jul-1983 -
Stubblefield, Walter 1940 1991 Funeral marker set in concrete
Taylor, Anna Joyce 1-Oct-1949 6-Mar-1999 Grandma; Double stone with Curtis Lee Taylor;
Married JAN 13, 1971; Loving parents of
Tonya & Amanda
Taylor, Curtis Lee 16-Nov-1950 - Grandpa; Dobule stone with Anna Joyce Taylor;
Married JAN 13, 1971; Loving parents of
Tonya & Amanda
Thomas Alex Scott 4-Jun-1958 25-Oct-1992 -
Thompson, Homer Lawrence 29-Sep-1919 12-May-1998 TEC4 US Army World War II; Double stone
with Thelma Thompson; Married June 26, 1946
Thompson, Thelma 18-Jul-1918 - Double stone with Homer Lawrence Thompson;
Married June 26, 1946
Thornton, Burkie Wheeler 6-Oct-1926 - Double stone with Thurman Wylie Thornton;
Married May 20, 1950
Thornton, Garland Hart 7-Mar-1929 21-Mar-1929 Double stone with Lena Mae Thornton;
Son and daughter of Tom & Minnie Lee Thornton
Thornton, George L. 26 JUL 1885 10-Oct-1903 Concrete covering grave embedded with seashells
Thornton, Ida S. 29 JUN 1896 27-Dec-1978 Double stone with Wylie A. Thornton;
Married DEC 18, 1921
Thornton, J. J. 27 OCT 1882 16-May-1936 Concrete covering grave embedded with seashells
Thornton, John M. 20-Oct-1900 25-Nov-1979 Double stone with Lela Owen Thornton;
Married OCT 2, 1937
Thornton, Lela Owen 30-Jul-1907 22-Jun-1991 Double stone with John M. Thornton;
Married OCT 2, 1937
Thornton, Lena Mae 20-Sep-1927 21-Sep-1972 Double stone with Garland Hart Thornton;
Son and daughter of Tom & Minnie Lee Thornton
Thornton, Margie Ann 24 JUN 1858 22-Aug-1934 Concrete covering grave embedded with seashells
Thornton, Margrett Edith 26-Sep-1922 26-Sep-1922 Inf. Of M. E. Thornton
Thornton, Minnie Lee 15-Apr-1909 4-Sep-1996 Double stone with Tom Hart Thornton
Thornton, Thurman Wiley 28-Apr-1924 1-Sep-1999 Double stone with Burkie Wheeler Thornton;
CPL US Army, 552nd AAA Bn WWII;
Loving parents of Thurman Douglas,
Ricky Donald, Larry Dean, G'na Gayle
Thornton, Tom Hart 5-Jun-1903 20-Aug-1999 Double stone with Minnie Lee Thornton;
(Air Force Vet)
Thornton, Wylie A. 20 MAY 1895 21-Jul-1967 Double stone with Ida S. Thornton;
Married DEC 18, 1921
Todd, Eula A. Holder 26-Dec-1909 25-Jun-1995 Double stone with Leslie L. (Pete) Todd;
Married May 6, 1928
Todd, John 4-Mar-1900 30-Sep-1978 PVT US ArmyWorld War II
Todd, Leslie L. (Pete) 18-Dec-1907 19-Mar-1974 Double stone with Eula A. Holder Todd;
Married May 6, 1928
Townsend, Nelson L., Sr. 19-May-1918 19 Jan 1996 SFC US Army World War II
Trammell, Lela Ruth 1934 1934 -
Walls, Beatrice Gladys 6 AUG 1898 8-Feb-1918 Dau. Of Wm. & Mattie L. Walls
Walls, Bill 1 SEP 1896 1-Aug-1964 Double stone with Floy Walls; Married FEB 17, 1923
Walls, Charlie Howard 14-Feb-1928 29-Jan-1997 Double stone with Mary Evelyn Walls;
Married AUG 31, 1962; Hobby
Walls, Floy 12-Feb-1902 26-Jun-1988 Double stone with Bill Walls; Married FEB 17, 1923
Walls, Mary Evelyn 2-Mar-1942 - Double stone with Charlie Howard (Hobby) Walls;
Married AUG 31, 1962
Walls, Mattie L. 7 MAR 1868 20-Dec-1943 Our Mother
Walls, William T. 20 AUG 1864 16-Jul-1935 Our Father
Watts, Vera May 20-May-1939 23-May-1939 -
Winger, Freeda Edna 1926 2001 Morrison Funeral Home Marker Only, small plot, possibly buried a crematorium urn?
Word, Desda Clark 25-Feb-1907 29-Oct-1981 Mother; Double stone with John Tarleton Word;
Married AUG 24, 1929
Word, John Tarleton 25-Jan-1904 28-Feb-1975 Father; Double stone with Desda Clark Word; Married AUG 24, 1929
Yates, Donald Lewis 1932 1997 TSGT US Air Force Vietnam