Dobbs Valley Cemetery

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Submitted by Kay Walker

The Dobbs Valley Cemetery is located just off Interstate Highway 20. Turn  north on highway 281 toward Mineral Wells. After crossing the Brazos River, the Dobbs Valley Road is about .5 mile further on the right hand side of the road. Turn onto the Dobbs Valley Road and proceed for about 1/4 mile further,crossing the railroad track, until you see the Baptist Church on the left side of the road. The old section of the cemetery is next to the church. The new section is across the road from the old section.

J. R. Couts deeded the land for the Baptist Church and cemetery, March 7, 1898. The cemetery had been there for some time before 1898. 
This census is a record of what was printed in the 1977 Palo Pinto County Historical Associations Cemetery listing. At the time this census was taken in 1975, there were 340 graves with markers and about 70 or more without markers for a total of 410. The earliest recorded grave is for Dolly Ann Wheeler who died 3 July 1888. Three bodies were moved from a family cemetery one mile south on the J. H. Bradford farm in 1930. The cemetery east of the road was given by J. R. C. Mosley, grandson of Mr. Couts. 

Name of Deceased Birth Death Comments
Alexander, Mary A. 13-Mar-1865 28-Jan-1902 Wife of B. H.  Alexander
Allen, Flora B. 29-Dec-1869 11-Nov-1967 -
Allen, Houston 10-Sep-1904 17-Sep-1960 -
Allen, James G. 28-Aug-1869 15-Mar-1951 -
Allen, John M. 19-Feb-1896 7-Nov-1919 -
Allen, Mrs. John M. (maiden name - Ennis) - - Unmarked, rumor has it to be Mrs. Allen next to her husband
Allen, Octavus J. 25-Jan-1896 29-May-1935 -
Allen, Oran Keith 25-Feb-1908 18-Mar-1909 Son of J. G. & F. B. Allen
Allen, Rachel J. 4-Apr-1849 7-Apr-1935 -
Armstrong, Effie 1888 1932 Dau. Of Ella Armstrong Seal

Barnett, James A. 1-Apr-1880 22-Nov-1962 -
Barnett, Winnie 22-Nov-1886 7-Oct-1955 Sister of James A. Barnett
Barrett, Mayra Lea 31-May-1920 24-Apr-1973 -
Bean, Bobby - 1941 -
Bean, James L. 1887 1949 -
Bean, Leavy W. 28-Dec-1902 24-Aug-1970 -
Bean, Linda Sue - 1948 -
Bleeker, Blanche 16-Mar-1906 18-Oct-1907 -
Bleeker, George W. 1862 1929 -
Bleeker, Tisha 1862 1929 Wife of George W. Bleeker
Bolton, Dovie D. 26-May-1881 - Mother of J. W. Bolton
Bolton, J. W. 26-Jul-1908 10-Apr-1927 -
Bond, Mary Elizabeth 1880 1952 -
Bond, Oscar E. 11-Jun-1889 25-Jul-1953 -
Bond, Vaneda 1907 1935 -
Boyett, Leonard 2-Nov-1888 8-Nov-1873 -
Boyett, Mary 28-Oct-1881 16-Jul-1889 Dau. of R. E. & S. H. Boyet
Boyett, S. H. 5-Feb-1843 14-Mar-1932 Wife of R. E. Boyett
Brackeen, O. L. - - -
Bradford, Albert R. 30-Dec-1880 5-Sep-1925 -
Bradford, Bawk B. 11-Aug-1864 25-Nov-1926 -
Bradford, Cluster - - Son of (Jack) John H. Bradford
Bradford, Columbus P. 29-Nov-1867 17-Dec-1953 -
Bradford, Emily B. 1859 1941 Wife of John H. Bradford
Bradford, Haney Reeder 29-Jul-1882 4-Jun-1960 Wife of Bawk B. Bradford
Bradford, Irvin Riley 24-Nov-1906 21-Dec-1973 -
Bradford, J. R. 10-Mar-1842 19-Oct-1909 -
Bradford, James J. 19-Nov-1861 7-Mar-1940 not positive about name or date
Bradford, Joe 20-May-1877 26-Jun-1945 -
Bradford, John H. 1855 1936 -
Bradford, Mary Elizabeth 20-Oct-1878 23-Oct-1945 -
Bradford, N. H. 9-Apr-1844 8-Jun-1928 date of death scratched on -not clear, Wife of J. R. Bradford
Bradford, Noel Otis 15-Aug-1889 3-Aug-1917 -
Bradford, Ozella 18-Mar-1883 14-Apr-1976 (Daughter of Timothy T. Griffin,Wife of Riley W. Bradford) Comments provided by great-
niece, Raynell Morris
Bradford, R. W. 6-Feb-1879 20-Sep-1939 (Riley W.) Comments provided by great-niece Raynell Morris
Bradford, Rinda 13-Jul-1880 18-Aug-1957 Wife of Joe Bradford
Bradford, Sarah L. 1851 1914 -
Bradford, Susan Fannie - 18-Dec-1942 Funeral home marker only
Bradford, Thomas R. 20-Feb-1874 15-Dec-1951 -
Bradford, Virgie 16-Apr-1901 7-Oct-1905 Dau. of J. F. & M. A. Bradford
Bradford, William Henry 22-Sep-1829 28-Feb-1911 -
Brannon, Homer 5-Apr-1898 7-Jun-1898 -
Brannon, J. E. 1-Jul-1872 25-Apr-1928 -
Brannon, W. O. 22-Dec-1889 27-Feb-1923 -
Brown, Eliza Jane 1879 1949 She was the daughter of the Brown family who bequeathed the money to start the cemetery.
Brown, John W. 1873 1941 -
Chastain, Jess Ala 1901 1975 -
Chastain, Jimmy Dean 7-Apr-1954 22-Dec-1957 -
Chestnut, Floyd L. 1906 1927 -
Chestnut, Grove B. 15-Aug-1878 13-Feb-1951 -
Chestnut, J. A. (Abe) 20-May-18780 27-Oct-1924 -
Chestnut, John Abe 22-Feb-49 22-Feb-1949 Son of Reece & Clara Chestnut
Chestnut, Katie E. 15-Dec-1883 15-Jul-1958 -
Chestnut, Laura 28-Aug-1875 8-Jun-1949 -
Chestnut, Reece (Jack) 26-Sep-1911 8-Feb-1971 -
Chestnut, Stella Ince 20-Dec-1881 6-Jun-1916 Wife of G. B. Chestnut
Chestnut, Wilmer Lee 10-Nov-1926 19-Nov-1926 -
Collins, Nancy 26-May-1842 17-Jan-1917 -
Collins, P. 13-Oct-1842 23-Apr-1936 -
Cook, Bertie A. 16-Feb-1871 19-Aug-1899 -
Dendy, Henry W. 4-Jul-1917 3-Sep-1965 Son of Tom Dendy
Deweese, Dan L. 8-Mar-1873 11-May-1929 -
Deweese, Maggie 14-Mar-1876 6-Aug-1952 -
Dobbs, Chesley S. 26-Oct-1817 26-Jun-1872 One of the last white men killed in Pao Pinto county
Dobbs, Mary A. Mrs. January 1887 11-Sep-1893 Born in Cooper Co., MO
Dobbs, Melanie 8-Sep-1825 25-Jan-1868 -

Edgemon, Chunn 23-Mar-1905 15-Jul-1970 -
Edgemon, Daniel S. 18-Jan-1858 9-Mar-1942 -
Edgemon, Lavonia F. 6-Jan-1859 16-Mar-1935 -
Edwards, Thurman 1921 1935 -
Emberlin, M. L. 1875 1955 Mother
Emberlin, R. L. 1885 1921 -
Ennis, John Devalson 1875 1965 -
Ennis, Lora Mae 24-Dec-1901 9-Sep-1930 -
Ennis, Sarah E. 12-Dec-1871 4-Aug-1937 -
Ennis, Tom R. 8-Feb-1847 26-Mar-1926 -
Estes, Clementine 9-Jun-1848 23-Aug-1912 -
Estes, Elmer E. 22-Jul-1907 2-Feb-1908 -
Estes, Emory 24-Aug-1885 2-Dec-1903 -
Estes, Luna Nebraska 1-Jul-1874 11-May-1892 -

Ford, Geo. Houston 9-Aug-1867 31-May-60 -
Ford, Henry 18-Oct-1895 5-Nov-1949 -
Ford, Martha J. 7-Jul-1875 17-Sep-1946 Wife of Geo. Houston Ford
Ford, Maxcine 20-Jan-1926 23-Jun-1934 Son of "Doc" Ford
Ford, Maxine 3-Dec-1939 14-Aug-1965 Wife of Bill K. Ford
Gilbert, A. A. 27-Aug-1870 4-Nov-1918 -
Gilbert, A. A. - - -(Antonio or Artie)
Gilbert, A. R. - 24-Feb-1923 Age 81 years
Gilbert, Alvin Erwin 30-Oct-1888 17-Sep-1893 Son of Reuben & Cinthia Gilbert
Gilbert, Cinthia A. 31-Oct-1867 29-Dec-1938 Wife of Reuben Gilbert
Gilbert, Edith 13-Nov-1895 20-Dec-1918 Dau. of A. A. & M. A. Gilbert
Gilbert, Elijah (Dick) 1874 1953 -
Gilbert, Elizabeth 3-May-1846 23-Mar-1910 Wife of A. R. Gilbert
Gilbert, Emaline 1869 1941 Wife of Elijah Gilbert
Gilbert, Emma E. 20-Apr-1866 30-Oct-1940 -
Gilbert, George A. 1878 1937 -
Gilbert, Herman 4-Mar-07 20-May-1908 Son of A. A. & M. A. Gilbert
Gilbert, Howard 25-Sep-1902 26-Nov-1918 Son of A. A. & M. A. Gilbert
Gilbert, J. M. 2-Mar-1830 30-Jan-1912 -
Gilbert, James Lee 13-Feb-1010 24-Dec-1922 Son of W. M. & Tina Gilbert
Gilbert, John Fate 27-Jan-1879 21-Mar-1960 -
Gilbert, John H. (Jack)7-Feb-1877 25-Dec-1953 -
Gilbert, Laster J. 22-Jun-1893 21-Jul-1930 -
Gilbert, Lillie I. 10-Dec-1898 4-Oct-1902 Dau. of Frank & Emma Gilbert
Gilbert, Lillie M. 9-Oct-1882 15-Jun-1958 -
Gilbert, Linnie Ruth 25-Mar-10 20-Oct-197e Wife of Almoth B. Gilbert
Gilbert, Maggie 2-Sep-1872 28-Nov-1941 Wife of A. A. Gilbert
Gilbert, Missi Ann Irvin 29-Jun-1836 2-Feb-1910 Widow of Charlie Irvin; Wife of J. M.Gilbert
Gilbert, Nannie E. 27-Nov-1878 19-Apr-1931 Wife of J. F. Gilbert
Gilbert, Olan G. 28-Jul-1906 17-Sep-1945 -
Gilbert, Reuben 17-Aug-186 10-Dec-1949 -
Gilbert, Tina 21-Apr-1889 1-Jul-1971 Wife of William M. Gilbert
Gilbert, Vance 14-Nov-1912 5-Jul-1917 Son of J. F. & Nannie Gilbert
Gilbert, Verna 11-Sep-1898 25-Dec-1918 Dau. of A. A. & M. A. Gilbert
Gilbert, William M. 20-Sep-1885 28-Feb-1922 -
Gilbet, Frank R. 18-Jul-1863 7-May-1937 -
Glenn, S. P. (Mrs.) 24-Mar-1882 15-May-1911 Wife of J. W. Glenn
Glenn, Tad Augustus 20-Aug-1904 11-Oct-1924 Son of Mr. & Mrs. J. W. Glenn
Green, Beauford 18-Apr-1915 20-Jul-1918 -
Green, Eva 27-Sep-1887 3-Aug-1968 -
Green, Georgia A. 1855 1919 Wife of William L. Green
Green, Junior Dale 1922 1973 Son of W. L. & Eva Green
Green, P. E. 16-Mar-1895 29-Jan-1917 -
Green, W. L. 28-Jun-1887 4-Mar-1943 -
Green, William L. 1855 1916 -
Grisson, Lillie 1872 1941 -

H. R. E. - - Small slab on sandstone rock
Harris, Amon 31-May-1897 10-Oct-1898 -
Harris, C. C. 25-Feb-1906 7-Jun-1942 -
Harris, Doyle M. 7-Apr-1939 11-Feb-1935 -
Harris, Eliza O. 4-Aug-1865 18-Jul-1946 -
Harris, Emma 11-Feb-1878 6-Mar-1963 Wife of J. B. Harris
Harris, Ida Mae Seale 23-Jan-1897 11-Aug-1958 -
Harris, J. B. (Bud) 10-Mar-1870 14-Feb-1923 -
Harris, John W. 12-Jun-1889 1-Apr-1973 -
Harris, Luther 16-Apr-1908 23-Jan-1912 Son of J. B. & M. E. Harris
Harris, William W. 28-Feb-1863 17-Apr-1922 -
Harrison, John M. 1866 1944 -(Uncle Tom) 
Harrison, Mary E. 1875 1948 -(Aunt Mary) 
Hatfield, Albert Lee 31-Dec-1918 25-Jul-1931 -
Heath, Walter K. 22-May-1869 9-Apr-1951 -
Hester, W. T. 1861 3-Dec-1941 -
Hopper, Bessie 5-Jul-1910 4-Dec-1917 Dau. of L. H. & M. M. Hopper
Hopper, Lillie 13-Sep-1905 11-Sep-1914 -
Hubbard, James A. 14-Sep-1877 18-Jul-1931 -
Hulme, Eunice Faye 11-Jul-1923 6-Dec-1926 Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. A. L. Hulme
Ince, A. M. 31-Jul-1898 27-Mar-1899 -
Ince, C. H. 7-Feb-1890 25-Mar-1899 -
Ince, Caroline 27-Jul-1861 6-Sep-1917 Wife of J. P. Ince
Ince, William Lee 22-Feb-1918 16-Nov-1937 Funeral home marker only
Ivie, E. G. - - Sandstone marker, no dates

J. V. W. - - May be infant, sandstone markerwith initials
Jones, Alex 4-Apr-1839 25-Oct-1926 -
Jones, Alta A. 3-Apr-1888 22-Jan-1919 Wife of T. M. Jones
Jones, Austin H. 30-Jun-1906 2-Nov-1958 -
Jones, Bessie 23-Oct-1892 7-Nov-1894 Dau. of Jonathon & Ida Jones
Jones, Bobbie Jean 18-Oct-1840 29-Sep-1942 -
Jones, Elizabeth 10-Aug-1849 4-Jul-1928 Wife of Alex Jones
Jones, Emma 25-Nov-1885 4-Jul-1966 -
Jones, James Edward 1-Jun-1925 18-Oct-1948 -
Jones, Jonathan Jr. 14-Dec-1893 16-Dec-1893 Son of Jonathon & Ida Jones
Jones, Sam 22-Oct-1880 22-Aug-1952 -
Jones, Thomas Matthew 10-Feb-1883 23-Oct-1971 -
Jones, Velma 25-Oct-1890 1-Mar-1970 Wife of Sam Jones

Kitt, C. A 20-Oct-1880 1-Apr-1906 -

Landreth, Barnard K. 1874 1942 -
Landreth, Gertrude 5-Oct-1904 3-Sep-1904 Dau. of J. W. & Ada 
Landreth, Jess A. 14-Sep-1899 27-Jan-1967 -
Landreth, Martha Ella 1870 1934 -
Landreth, Oscar A. 20-Feb-1896 26-Jan-1916 Son of J. W. & Ada or 6-Dec-1916 Landreth
Landreth, W. E. 14-Jan-1894 2-Oct-1916 Son of J. W. & Ada Landreth
Langley, Julia A. 18-Aug-1850 13-Feb-1931 -
Langley, W. J. 4-Dec-1841 18-Apr-1926 -
Lease, Bonita 23-Jul-1929 23-Jul-1929 Dau. of J. & Iona Lease
Lease, Emily 8-May-1851 25-Mar-1935 -
Lease, J. W. 4-Feb-1844 2-Mar-1923 -
Lease, Louiza 6-Sep-1821 17-Jul-1915 Wife of Daniel Lease
Lease, Maude E. 14-May-1891 21-Feb-1919 1st wife of O. J. Lease
Lease, Otto J. 18-Dec-1888 15-Apr-1953 -
Lindsey, R. C. Jr. 16-Sep-1916 8-Jul-1917 -
Lively, Robert B. 1908 1946 -

Maddus, Tisha 31-Dec-1892 29-Feb-1976 -
Martin, Allie Ethel McRae 4-Apr-1871 2-Feb-1952 -
Martin, Isaac 6-Jan-1833 6-Jan-1898 -
Martin, J. S. 15-Nov-1855 7-Mar-1929 -
Martin, William C. 28-Dec-1870 17-Nov-1910 -
Massie, Bertha 17-Oct-1899 8-Jun-1929 Wife of Sam Massie
Massie, Sam 18-Mar-1897 30-Jul-1936 -
McMinn, J. H. 23-Jun-1915 30-Nov-1965 -
Medders, Ruby Lee 13-May-1909 23-Feb-1960 Wife of Charles J. Medders
Medders, William Thomas 4-Dec-1928 17-Dec-1938 Son of C. J. Medders
Miller, Katie C. 29-Oct-1878 26-May-1920 Wife of A. F. Miller
Miller, L. M. 26-Aug-1903 29-Aug-1958 -
Nall, Henry M. 28-Feb-1866 5-Jun-1944 -
Nall, Nancy J. 10-Dec-1867 6-Jun-1943 Wife of Henry Nall
Nall, Robert Cicero 14-Oct-1897 20-May-1962 -
Newbrough, Aura A. - - Funeral home marker only
Norris, Julius Marvin 15-Oct-1881 31-Oct-1960 -
Norris, Mary Elizabeth 10-Mar-1919 16-Aug-1919 -

Orona, Henry 1952 1953 -
Overton, Henry B. 13-Sep-1867 19-Feb-1941 -
Overton, Melisa A. 26-Dec-1864 26-Apr-1945 Wife of Henry B. Overton

P. A. A. - - -
Parks, Granville L. 14-Dec-1876 21-Nov-1946 -
Parks, Ida Cecil 28-Jul-1887 21-Sep-1966 Wife of Granville L. Parks
Parks, J. C. 16-Feb-1910 28-Sep-1937 Son of Granville and Ida Parks
Peach, Infant of 2-Oct-1904 3-Oct-1904 -L. L. & C. E. 
Peters, Kathryn Martel 9-Nov-1921 18-May-1924 Dau. of W. M. & Celester Br
Petty, Betty Riggs 10-Aug-1882 27-Aug-1969 Wife of Richard Petty
Petty, Catherine 22-Sep-1852 25-Dec-1909 Wife of J. B. Petty
Petty, J. B. 1852 1939 -
Petty, Raymond 16-Mar-1914 4-Aug-1936 -
Petty, Richard 28-Nov-1871 29-Dec-1961 -
Piester, La Val M. 14-Jan-1880 4-Jul-1956 -
Piester, Lora A. (Gilbert) 11-Mar-1887 16-Jul-1937 -
Pointer, Infant of J. S- - -
Potts, Dorthy Bradford 17-Jan-1919 16-Aug-1974 -

Radford, Mary Della 6-Dec-1937 26-Dec-1937 -
Ray, Luella 28-Jun-1872 8-May-1919 Wife of F. G. Ray
Reasoner, A. J. 1860 1925 -
Reasoner, Clara 24-Nov-1900 3-Jan-1902 -
Reasoner, Hayford, L. 15-Oct-1883 27-Feb-1908 -
Reasoner, J. W. 10-Jun-1887 12-Jun-1907 -
Reasoner, Lilly May 10-Feb-1873 25-Jan-1910 Wife of A. J. Reasoner
Redwine, Pearl Rogers 1886 1959 -
Robers, Wayne 1906 1925 -
Rogers, Brewer 1883 1940 -
Roquemore, Ida B. 1869 1951 Wife of Thomas B. Roquemore
Roquemore, Thomas P. 1861 1939 -
Ross, Nina B. Rogers 8-Aug-1916 15-Jan-1969 -
Rowan, G. W. 23-Apr-1850 8-Oct-1913 -

Salsman, John W. 1875 1947 Brother of W. L. Salsman
Salsman, Josephine D. 9-Jul-1889 10-Sep-1938 -
Salsman, Octavia D. 9-Jul-1889 10-Sep-1938 -
Salsman, William L. 12-Jan-1885 12-Dec-1973 -
Salter, Elson 1930 1955 -
Seale, Carl E. 5-Oct-1917 - -
Seale, Ella Armstrong 1862 1955 -
Seale, Emma F. 17-Nov-1867 15-Dec-1928 Wife of J. D. Seale
Seale, Sammy 28-Jan-1925 4-Nov-1958 -
Seale, Vernice J. 29-Dec-1914 6-Feb-1960 -
Simmons, Mamie 22-Feb-1876 20-Aug-1960 -
Smart, Sam S. 23-Jan-1887 17-Mar-1941 -
Smith, Alta Lorene 24-Feb-1912 10-Feb-1915 Dau. of J. H. & L. E. Smith
Smith, Lola Geraldine 10-Nov-1922 13-Jul-1923 Dau. of J. H. & L. E. Smith
Snow, ? - - Sandstone rock with name chiseled in
Snow, Albert 1852 1935 -
Snow, Annie Lee 14-Aug-1893 24-Jan-1974 Wife of Richard Snow
Snow, G. E. 17-Oct-1884 23-Oct-1911 -
Snow, Gladys Marie Feb 916 Apr-30 -
Snow, Harold Albert Jul-23 Nov-49 -
Snow, Herman Eli Feb-14 Jun-18 -
Snow, Mildred Iona 21-Nov-1936 14-Apr-1951 -
Snow, Nancy Ann 1858 1930 Wife of Albert Snow
Snow, Raymond Edwin 22-Jul-1934 30-Apr-1936 -
Snow, Richard A. 18-Sep-1888 21-Dec-1967 -
Snow, Robert H. 23-Mar-1891 22-Jul-1964 -
Snow, Robert Lee 28-Dec-1929 14-Apr-1933 -
Stover, Lizzie Mae 21-Sep-1886 11-Aug-1937 -

Vunovich, Hattie 1879 1959 -
W. R. B. - - Sandstone rock with initials chiseled in
Wagnon, Evie 27-May-1859 27-Dec-1942 Wife of James C. Wagnon
Wagnon, James C. 7-Jul-1860 26-Feb-1941 -
Wagnon, Joseph T. 18-Nov-1882 23-Aug-1963 -
Ward, Fannie - - -
Weaver, Houston, A. 10-Jul-1879 26 Mary 1953 -
Wharton, Arad Gardner 1915 1946 Son of Oscar & Mary Wharton
Wharton, Dollie A. 5-Mar-1859 4-Jan-1909 Wife of J. H. Wharton
Wharton, J. H. 9-Aug-1871 24-Dec-1925 -
Wharton, James Herman 26-Nov-35 1-Nov-1953 -
Wharton, John B. 1828 1900 -
Wharton, Mary Franks 1887 1957 Wife of Oscar Gardner Wharton
Wharton, Nicy A. 22-Dec-1888 17-Mar-1917 Wife of J. W. Wharton
Wharton, Oscar Gardner 1878 1951 -
Wharton, Polly F. 1831 1901 -
Wharton, William T. 24-May-1911 26-May-1911 -
Wheeler, Almer 20-Feb-1888 14-Sep-1892 -
Wheeler, Dolly Ann 14-Feb-1883 3-Jul-1888 Oldest marked grave in Dobbs Valley Cemetery
Wheeler, Henry B. 16-May-1872 6-Oct-1901 -
Wheeler, James D. 14-Sep-1874 17-Nov-1890 -
Wheeler, Joe Von 22-Feb-1930 27-May-1930 -
Wheeler, John 30-Apr-1849 6-Jan-1901 -
Wheeler, Milam Allen 14-Jun-1914 13-Jun-1917 Son of R. A. & A. E. Wheeler
Wheeler, Paul Aaron 14-Oct-1911 14-Jun-1917 Son of R. A. & A. E. Wheeler
Williams, L. B. 1-Dec-1864 3-Aug-1896 Wife of S. H. Williams
Williams, Rosie E. 4-Nov-1876 1-Feb-1952 -
Williams, T. J. 30-Oct-1896 17-Dec-1954 -
Wolfe, Kenneth Wayne 25-Aug-1946 26-Apr-1966 -
Wyatt, Sybil 10-Nov-1894 4-Aug-1899 Dau. of J. W. & M. L. Wyatt
Young, Delphia 23-Feb-1896 10-Nov-1914 Wife of J. F. Young
Young, Ida Brannon 31-Jan-1877 15-Oct-1947 -
Young, James Riley 19-May-1878 26-Mar-1957 -
Young, Jewel N. 16-Jun-1893 17-Mar-1925 Wife of L. B. Young
Young, John B. 26-Mar-1879 19-Sep-1957 -
Young, Larence Beebe 11-Feb-1886 12-Dec-1944 -
Young, Linda Lavell 1-Sep-11 14-Jul-1913 Dau. of J. B. & M. E. Young
Young, Mollie E. 23-Oct-1887 31-Jan-1919 Wife of J. B. Young
Youngblood, Henry L. 15-May-1866 28-May-1949 -(Lillburn)
Youngblood, Joseph Mims 6-Aug-1904 6-Aug-1904 Son of H. L. & Mary E. Youngblood
Youngblood, Mary E. 25-Mar-1867? 16-Jul-1959 Wife of H. L. Youngblood

New Section of Dobbs Valley Cemetery on the east side of the road
Name of Deceased Birth Death Comments
Archer, Clara Nell 11-Apr-1920 27-Mar-1973 -
Archer, Willis Bryan 26-Jan-1901 20-Oct-1968 -
Barrett, Perizzites 5-Nov-1903 7-Nov-1959 Wife of Wiley Barrett
Barrett, Wiley C. 18-Sep-1901 28-May-1974 -
Bean, James Otto 1901 1975 -
Bean, Oma Dell 1908 1973 Wife of James Otto Bean
Burns, Robert E. 22-Sep-1895 30-Jan-1975 -
Crawford, Raymond C. 1901 1960 -
Crouch, William R. (Bil2-Feb-1924 4-Oct-1971 -
Gilbert, Beulah Vaughn 21-Feb-1879 17-Feb-1964 -
Gilbert, Fred 24-Feb-1895 6-Nov-1973 -
Gilbert, Thomas R. (Cat) 18-Dec-1872 10-Jul-1963 -
Harris, Grace L. Gilbert 14-Nov-1893 26-Oct-1970 Double stone with William Corbet Harris
Harris, William Corbet 24-Aug-1893 14-May-1966 Double stone with Grace L. Gilbert Harris
Harrison, Elizabeth M. 26-Feb-1887 1-Aug-1972 Wife of James E. Harrison
Harrison, James E. 7-Dec-1874 28-Nov-1964 -(Uncle Tom) 
Ince, Melvin L. (Bud) 14-Jul-1921 27-Apr-1965 -
Mannine, Annie Mae 29-Aug-1891 26-Jan-1971 Wife of James David Manning
Manning, James David 29-Jul-1886 6-Apr-1967 -
Moseley, James R. C. 8-Apr-1902 5-Apr-1956 James donated the land for the new part of the cemetery
O'Bannon, Glen Donald 29-May-1932 31-Jan-1976 -
Prince, Frank Logan 1886 1974 -
Pruitt, Spencer Allen 10-May-1955 5-Jul-1972 -
Rucker, Cathy Lynn 1956 1974 Dau. of Harold Ruckers
Rucker, Hudson L. 22-Jun-1893 5-Mar-1968 -
Rucker, Josie B. 7-Sep-1895 23-Sep-1972 Wife of Hudson Ruckers
Salsman, Sam F. 7-Nov-1907 27-Nov-1956 -
Shearer, Mary H. 1951 1955 Granddau. of J. R. C. Moseley
Shelton, Nancy C. 1897 1970 Wife of Peter Paul Shelton
Shelton, Peter Paul 1900 1969 -
Sides, George Pinkney 17-Jan-1896 23-Feb-1967 -
Sizemore, David Lee 24-Nov-47 24-Nov-1975 -
Stotts, James H. 15-Oct-1891 15-Jun-1958 -
Stover, James E. 1899 1975 -
Treadwell, R. R. 6-Nov-1891 2-Aug-1972 -