Mount Zion Cemetery

Roaring Springs, Motley Co, Cemeteries of Texas

Photos by Sheriff Jerry Hicks

Last, First, Birth, Death, Comments
Brown, Ervin Sterling, Oct. 12, 1904, Jun. 15, 1970
Brown, Ossie Lee "Shine", Jan. 1, 1919
Davis, Redford D.,
Sanders, Hattie Colbert, Aug. 10, 1910, Mar. 19, 1984


Information submitted by Buzz Thacker,
Roaring Springs Cemetery Asso.
Box 360
Roaring Springs, TX 79256

Historical information gathered about our county of Motley, State of Texas, is often done without regard to the Black community and their contribution and good works of those who came in the early 1920ís, and stayed to become good citizens of our town of Roaring Springs and the whole community.

Such persons in Roaring Springs were Jennie Pope Sanders, "Goody" Demerritt, Joe Young and others , but especially Ossie Lee "Shine" Brown, daughter of Jennie Sanders.

It is to Ossie Lee that we say Thank you for helping compile the following information on her own family and friends buried in the Mount Zion Cemetery.

The name of the first Black man buried there has long been forgotten, but permission to be buried there was given by Ollie Scott for whom he worked, and consequently others were buried there.

Following are the names of people buried in the Mount Zion Cemetery, and a brief history on several that can be remembered.

Those buried in Mount Zion Cemetery are:

Buster, Minnie Lee & Reed D. Allen Jr. All Died after 1923, and were the children of Reed D. Allen Sr. & wife, Ella Jackson Allen. Reed Sr. was known by all as "Too Fats".

Lulu Anderson-no dates. She had a daughter, Mary Anderson who Married a Demerritt.

Infant Curtis Yondell Avery, Born March 10, 1936 and died March 15, 1936, son of Reathon Avery.

Tommie Bell

Anna Mae, wife of Tommie Bell.

Charlie Brown, Born September 10, 1908 in Georgia, and Died August 5, 1928. He was a lay preacher for the Holiness Church, and lived 51/2 miles south of Roaring Springs with his mother and sister. His father was Sam Brown.

Ervin Brown, Husband of Ossie Lee (Sanders) Brown. He was born in 1903 in Cuero, Texas to William & Harriett (Bess) Brown. He came to Roaring Springs in 1938 with his sister in law Eula Brown to help harvest cotton. He Married Ossie Lee "Shine" Sanders March 9, 1939 at her parents home, Charles Elbert & Jennie Sanders. They had nine children, one daughter, Pauline is deceased. Ervin died June 15, 1970.

Ossie Lee Brown was born January 1, 1919 in Pine Hill, Texas to the Late Charles Elbert & Jennie Pope Sanders. She married Ervin Sterling Brown, Sr. on March 9, 1939. She was a devoted Christian who walked the walk and talked the talk. She served in many capacities in her church and the community , she was vice president of the Predicta Study Club, President of the Senior Citizens Program, Worthy Matron of the Eastern Star, and was honored as a 4-H leader of the year. Shine obtained a GED after raising ten children and a grandchild, Janice Brown of Phoenix, Arizona. Her children were: Helen, Jennie, Lawrence, Hattie, Donna, Ervin, Jr., Lonnie J. Charles, Esther, and Pauline. Ossie Lee died July 31, 2006.

Pauline Brown, Born 1940, and died November 27, 1964 in Houston, Texas. Pauline was a graduate of Nursing School & was employed in a pharmacy at the time of her death. Her funeral services were held in the old First Baptist church of Roaring Springs.

Rose (Bullard) Bush Born September 16, 1901 and died February 22, 1937. She lived alone and was tended to by Mary Fields, Ossie Lee Brown and Pauline Smith during her illiness.

George Washington Davis Infant, born March 31, 1962, died April 22, 1962. He was burned to death in a house fire.

Hattie (Sanders) Davis Wife of King Davis, daughter of Jim and Mamie Davis. She was born in Henderson, Texas July 12, 1895 and died May 15, 1932.

Infant daughter of Keneth and Velma Davis, born and died 1971.

Willie "Goody" Demerritt Born in Texas June 10, 1895 and died February 10, 1960. He was a butcher and worked for Mike Hoyle and Dean McInroe in their respective grocery stores. He had a brother, Henry, who lived at Hearn, Texas Goody was married to Hattie (Colbert). He was a good worker and well liked. His funeral was held in the old First Baptist Church, and Billy Joe Cooper read the obituary with great emotion which was the way the community felt about "Goody".

Eddie Fields Died November 26, 1939. He wads husband #4 of Mary Perry. He was a tailor and was very proficient at his trade.

Lacy (Davis) Hightower Born March 27, 1913, died November 6, 1930. She was the daughter of Hattie (Sanders) Davis.

Johnnie Marie Johns No dates-daughter of Asalee ( ) Johns.

Johnson Infant Twins Children of H. T. & Isabel (Perry) Johnson.

Anna ( ) Bell Kanada Born 1871, died June 11, 1936. one son, Tommy Bell by 1st husband. Married2nd time to Lee Kanada.

Lee Kanada Born 1884, died February 21, 1944.

Thilda (Smith) Kanada Born May15, 1889, died December 7, 1960, 2nd wife of Lee Kanada.

Aaron Polk Born August 24, 1911, died March 30, 1931, He was a brother to "Too Fats". He lived in Amarillo and was visiting here when he died:

Will Roberts Born April 20, 1879, died March 10, 1957. He came to Roaring Springs from Oklahoma, and married 1st Ada (Bailey), Married 2nd time to Ada Terry. He worked for J. Tom Swim, Sr.

Charles Elbert Sanders Born 1884, Died December 15, 1967. He Married Jennie (Pope). He was born in Henderson, Texas and the son of John Henry Sanders. He came to Roaring Springs the first time in 1922 to work in the cotton harvest. His wife, Jennie and their five children came later in the year. The Children were; Benneiva, A. C., Louise, Arthur, & Ossie Lee. They moved to the Lige Cooper farm and worked for him and other farmers.

Jennie (Pope) Sanders Daughter of Jack and Corneluis (Morris) Pope was born in Henderson, Texas June 14, 1887 and died June 5, 1942. Jennie worked for Mrs. M. S. (Lillian) Thacker and several other families. Jennie was a devoted Christian, a good Woman, and a good worker. She was liked by all in the community. Jennie was a leader in her Black community and a leader in starting the Mount Zion Baptist Church in 1930. Mrs. Thacker and Mrs. Walter (Maggie) Keahey took care of the funeral arrangements for Jennie.

Clinton Sanders Known as "Po Boy" , son of Jim & Lizzie (Duffer) Sanders, born December 19, 1915, died January 19, 1932. He came from Henderson, Texas and Farmed.

Ella Jean Sanders Infant born and died June 27, 1934, daughter of John & Lorene (Kendall) Sanders.

Jacod Sanders Died October 1929, son of Jim & Lizzie Sanders. He came from Henderson, Texas and farmed and worked for Fred King Service Station.

Robert Lee Sanders Son of "Big Shine" Grady & Zenobia d(Reece) Sanders, Born March 10, 1931, died November 28, 1931.

Virgie Lee Sanders Infant son died 1925, son of Zeb and Georgia Sanders. Zeb Worked for Ollie Scott for years. They came from Henderson, Texas.

Stanley Sterling Infant twin, born & died September 10, 1962.

John Henry Strickland Son of Gus & Parthonia Strickland. He Died elsewhere, but family brought him here to be buried.

John Henry Stroud Born September 25, 1900, died April 27, 1955. He served in World War 1, & worked for 0llie Scott and others. He married Mabel Sango. PVT CO. A 350 Machine Gun. BN.

Lizzie Wilson Born April 13, 1888, died June 1, 1953. Mother of Maggie Hughes.

Rose (Unknown) A Lady from Afton buried in Mt. Zion, but no one can remember full name. She was unable to hear or speak. She worked for Dr. Alexanderís family in Spur for years. Later in Afton for Carl & Pearl Randolph.

Will Perry (no dates)

Mary Perry Infant daughter of Cleveland and Alena (Franklin) Perry born and died May 26, 1923.

Reverand Doss No date-pastor of Baptist Church.

Ophelia (Terry) Richardson Came from Louisiana in 1920ís. She grew up in Dickens County. She was born 1921 and died January 20, 1988 in Lubbock County. She Married Reverend Richardson, pastor of Mount Zion Baptist Church. Her funeral was held in the present First Baptist Church, with Easter Star Services.

Joseph Samuel Young Born May 16, 1882, died September 14, 1979. He came to Roaring Springs in 1922 on the Q. A. & P. railroad, He was a pastry cook on the railroads, and also cooked in a cafť for Tom Ferguson, located on Broadway Street. He worked on the trains through New Orleans and up through East Texas finding his way to Roaring Springs. He loved to fish and had special permission to fish on his friend, Melton Thackerís tank, on the South Farm. He worked at the Panhandle Compress sampling Cotton, and then worked for many years for Joyce & Caldwell Smith at the Red Ball Gin. He could handle more bales of cotton at his great age, than the average younger person. His 2nd wife was Elizabeth McCray. His first job here was with John F. Ferguson, Sr.

Elizabeth (Blacknell) McCray Young Born May 18, 1882, died February 27, 1983. She was 2nd wife of Joe Young.

Hattie (Colbert) Demerritt Sanders Came from Oklahoma, and married 1st to Willie "Goody" Demeritt and 2nd time to Arthur Lee Sanders. She worked for Edna Dillard in her later years.