St. Dominic Cemetery

Medina Co., D'Hanis, TX

For inscriptions see: * St. Dominic Cemetery.

Location: From D'Hanis, 1 1/2 mile southeast off US 90 in Old D'Hanis.

Historical Marker: Congregation formed in 1847 with founding of D'Hanis Colony by settlers from Alsace, France. In 1853, when town became a mission parish, limestone church was built, using timber hauled by ox-wagon from Medina River. Sandstone extension was built in 1868 upon arrival of first resident pastor but abandoned after 1914 when new church was built in "New" D'Hanis (1 1/2 miles west). Cemetery, dating from burial of child of colonists in 1847, was used until 1893, when new cemetery was started following diptheria epidemic. 1972