Martin Cemetery

Mason Co Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by Cindy Shaffer

DESCRIPTION:     This is a small cemetery, enclosed with a wrought iron fence.  It i located on private property (not fenced).  It is a
lovely cemetery, with a large tree and wrought iron bench.   It appears to  be well maintained.

LOCATION:  The Martin Cemetery is located on the Art-Hedwig Road, just south of Mason, Texas, off of Hwy. 87.

Sacred to the Memory of
Eugene Frendzeh [unsure of last name]  Born in Fredericksburg, TexAug. 10, 1862  
Died in Hedwigs Hill, Tex Oct. 25, 1900 Erected by the Woodmen of the World

Din I Al Evighed   Lolla

Here Lies a Transient

Here Lies Mrs. Lemmons

 [double stone]
Ida Augusta Loeffler
Sept. 26, 1878 - Aug. 4, 1881
Hulda Margaret Loeffler
, 1894
, 1895

Anna Katherine Martin
July 30, 1893
Jan. 20, 1973

Mr. Chas. L. Martin
Oct. 14, 1861
Feb. 16, 1940
[side by side with Mrs. Chas. L. Martin grave]

Esther H. Martin
Oct. 17, 1894
Dec. 1, 1937

Hazel Elizabeth 
Oct. 11, 1
21 (may be 1921)
[In same plot with Marie Elizabeth Martin and Seth Paul Martin]

Hedwig Martin
Mar. 2, 1861
Mar. 8, 1929
[side by side with Max Martin grave]

 [double stone]
Karl Martin
Born April 7, 1828
Died Nov. 27, 1879


Anna Martin
Born Dec. 10, 1843
Died July 10, 1925

Rest in Peace

Marie Elizabeth 
Sept. 17. 1952
[in same plot with Seth Paul Martin and Hazel Elizabeth 

Max Martin
Dec. 17, 1863
Mar. 3, 1941


[side by side by Hedwig Martin grave]

Mrs. Chas. L. Martin
April 11, 1859
June 29, 1936
[side by side with Mr. Chas. L. Martin grave]

Seth Paul Martin
Sept. 8, 1918
July 4, 1996
[in same plot with Marie Elizabeth Martin and Hazel Elizabeth 

Homer Clint Martin, Sr.
July 5, 1917
June 8, 1977

[double stone - this stone is difficult to read from the photo]
Henriette Mebus
nee Martin
Born Nov. 20, 1818 [the 
 is hard to read]
Died Dec. 17, 18

 (may be 
1874  - hard to read}
Hewill Mebus   
Born Oct. 25, 1818
Died June 24, 1866

God gave, he took, he will restore,
He doeth all things well.

Karl Mebus
Born July 6, 1853
Died Sept. 25, 1908

Sleep Brother dear
And take your rest
He called you home
He thought it best