RESTHAVEN MEMORIAL PARK -Garden of the Chapel Mausoleum

LUBBOCK , Lubbock Co. Cemeteries of  Texas

Submitted by Joe A. Hart

Ongoing project, last updated: 10-03-2007, (170+ entries)

Resthaven Memorial Park & Mausoleum (formerly known as Texas Tech Memorial Park) is a large, privately owned, cemetery located at 5740 19th Street (the corner of west 19th St. and Frankford Av.) in Lubbock, Texas; offices: (806) 791-6200. It is divided into numerous sections; it is beautifully maintained; flat metal markers are required to promote easier grounds keeping; a special section is set aside for upright memorials; there are also an indoor and two outdoor Mausoleum. There are two chapels: The large Abby Chapel, located on the southwest corner of the park and the smaller Mausoleum Chapel, located on the east, center side of the park.

The Garden of the Chapel Mausoleum is not listed on the general park map but is located in an alcove behind the Mausoleum Chapel on the east side of the park; it has two walls. Best access to the Garden is, by walking around to the back of the Mausoleum Chapel building, and going past the Outdoor Mausoleum, which is a cubicle shaped building. The names and dates on the wall consist of individual aluminum characters inserted on a center metal track; due to storm damage over the years, some letters and numerals have been moved, pressed together or lost. I have made every effort to decipher the "shadow letters" left behind as best as possible.

On both walls, Row 1 starts at the upper left corner. Names are listed in the order they appear on the wall.

The brackets { } indicate notes I have included from various sources. I cannot guarantee accuracy of the information in the notes, as certain dates on markers and in government records may be in conflict. Lists of spouses, children, etc. are not an attempt to list all relatives, only a few names I have encountered during research. As always, VERIFY all information through OTHER sources.

Note: In reference to obituaries published in the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, starting in 2003, the newspaper now publishes Death Notices free of charge; actual obituaries are now published for a fee. Obituaries and Death Notices cover the South Plains and Eastern New Mexico. Because past copies (1925-today) of the newspaper (thus, obituaries) are kept in a microfilm collection in the George Mahon Library, (806) 775-2834, the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal no longer allows public access to its "Newspaper Morgue". Remember, not everyone had their obituary published; this is especially true for the earlier years. If you have any questions or corrections, please feel free to contact me. - Joe Hart

References: Some names and dates have been derived from the following sources:

S1: Social Security Death Index (online) <>

S2: Texas Death Records Index 1964-1998 (online) <>

S3: Texas General Birth Records Index 1926-1949 (online) <>

S4: Texas Marriage Records Index 1966-1997 (online) <>

S5: Obituary - Lubbock Avalanche Journal (online) <> or microfilm files before 1998

S6: California Death Records Index 1940-1997 (online) <>

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S8: Texas Death Records Index 1906-1963 (microfilm)

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S11: Obituary, Lubbock Avalanche-Journal archives (microfilm), George Mahon Library, Lubbock, TX.

S12: Published Probate Application – Lubbock Avalanche Journal (online) <>

- (dash) indicates one or more spaces between markers.

dbl w/ indicates double marker with spouse/relative listed

Garden of the Chapel Mausoleum

Side 1: This wall is not visible from the street; it is located in an outside alcove, behind the Mausoleum Chapel; it faces east. It is divided into 6 rows, with Row 1 starting at the top left.

Row 1

Iler, Mabel, b. 1884; d. 1978 {S1, S2: b. 1-20-1884; d. 1-30-1978, Lubbock Co., TX}

McDaniel., Raymond, b. 1912; d. 1988 {S1, S2: McDaniel, Raymond H., b. 11-07-1912; d. 5-04-1988, Lubbock Co., TX}

McDaniel, Mary, b. 1912; d. 1996 {S1, S2: Daniel, Mary B., b. 2-06-1912; d. 12-24-1996, Lubbock Co., TX}

- space -

- space -

Stewart, Allen T., b. 1891; d. 1983 {S1, S2: b. 11-29-1891; d. 12-30-1983; Lubbock Co., TX}

Stewart, Anna, b. 1889; d. 1961

Wardell, Jeffery B., b. 1959; d. 1963

*Daniel, Ros A., b. 1890; d. 1989

Farnall, H. B., b. 1922; d. 1964 {S2: Farnall, Harry Bush, d. 2-02-1964, Lubbock Co., TX}

*Cunningham, *Ean M., b. 1888; d. 1964

Johnson, Norma G., b. (missing); d. 1971 {S2: Johnson, Norma L., d. 8-30-1971, Lubbock Co., TX}

Johnson, A. T., Sr., b. 1883; d. 1968 {S2: Johnson, Alexander T., Sr., d. 9-03-1968, Lubbock Co., TX}

Row 2

Barron, Alice E., b. 1900; d. 1966 {S1, S2: Barron, Alice Emmaline, b. 12-31-1900; d. 12-29-1966, Dallas Co., TX}

(name and dates missing from mount) b, 1958; d. 1961

- space –

Brown, Marion E., b. 1915; d. 1962

Guy, Charles T., b. 1906; d. 1965 {S2: Guy, Charles Thomas, d. 2-28-1965, Tarrent Co., TX}

Woods, Oral Ansel, b. 1903; d. 1985 {S1, S2: b. 9-02-1903; d. 9-19-1985, Lubbock, TX}

Woods, Edyth H., b. 1900; d. 1997 {S1, S2, S5: Heard, Edyth, b. 9-22-1900; d. 9-25-1997, Lubbock, TX; hus: Oral Ansel Woods; dau: Norma Greenberg}

Sparks, Lance, b. 1904; d. 1981 {S1: S2: b. 3-12-1904; d. 11-13-1981, Randall Co., TX; last res: AR; SS# issued: OK}

Sparks, Myrtle, b. 1909; d. 1999 {S1, S5: Sparks, Myrtle M., b. 6-11-1909, Garnett, KS; d. 4-09-1999, Canyon, TX; hus: Lance Sparks; dau: JaNa Brooks; grandson: Dr. Brad Brooks}

Miszkowski Starkes (first name missing), b. 1915; d. 1986 {S1, S2: Miszkowski, Thelma Wilma, b. 9-10-1915; d. 11-08-1986, Lubbock, TX}

Starkes, Jesse T., b. 1908; d. 1975 {S1, S2: b. 11-12-1908; d. 10-04-1975, Lubbock, TX}

Spicer, Clarence G., b. 1898; d. 1977 {S1: b. 8-16-1898; d. Mar 1977}

Spicer , Grace E., b. 1900; d. 1973 {S1, S2: b. 6-12-1900; d. 4-05-1973, Lubbock, TX}

Parks, Harrell T., b. 1906; d. 1965 {S2: Parks, Harrel Thornton, d. 1-14-1965, Lubbock Co., TX}

Row 3

Talbot, Ann Larue, b. 1948; d. 1961 {Larue, Ann, b. 1948; d. 1961}

Talbot, Joe M., b. 1918; d. 1976 {S1, S2: Talbot, Joseph M. "Joe", b. 6-13-1918; d. 3-15-1976, Lubbock Co., TX}

- space –

Black, Teddie Joe, b. 1934; d. 1976 {S1, S2, S3: b. 1-02-1934, Maverick Co., TX; d. 11-05-1976, Lubbock, TX; parents: Claude Brawn and Walter Houston Black}

- space –

McCarroll, B. F. "Bill", b. 1917; d. 1977 {S1, S2: McCarroll, Benjamin F. "Bill", b. 3-24-1917; d. 10-11-1977, Lubbock Co., TX}

Miller, Maxine, b. 1919; d. 1984 {S1, S2: Miller, Maxine Dorothy, b. 1-04-1919; d. 5-29-1984, Lubbock, TX}

Morrison, Malcom S., b. 1908; d. 1968

Morrison, Floy, b. 1910; d. 1988 {S1, S2: Morrison Floy A. S., b. 10-27-1910; d. 5-1-1988, Lubbock, TX}

Carnevale, Tony, b. 1915; d. 1969 {S1, S2: Carnevale, Anthony Frank "Tony", b. 1-05-1915; d. 10-20-1969, Lubbock Co., TX; SS# issued: PA}

Wood, Hayes Leroy, b. 1913; d. 2000 {S5: b. 7-23-1913, Danville, AR; d. 1-02-2000, Lubbock, TX; father: E. E. Wood, Sr.; wife: Lillia Wood, Edith Lane; dau: Sharon Sinclair, Kiane Key; sons: Kent D. Wood, Kevin Wood; bro: E. E. Wood, Jr.}

- space –

*Gordon, A. E. Connelley, b. (missing); d. 2003 {S5: Johnson, Mary Frances "Mae", b. 9-23-1911, Groveton, TX; d. 6-07-2003, Lubbock, TX; hus: Quinn Connelley, Dr. William H. Gordon, Sr.; dau: Pepper Connalley Anderson, Gwendolyn Marceline Connalley Stafford, Ginger Connelley Wright, Ann Gordon Davis; son: Dr. William H. Gordon, Jr.

Connelley, Quinn, b. (missing); d. 1970 {S1, S2: b. 4-26-1910; d. 8-01-1970, Harris Co., TX}

Row 4

Marsh, Zeke H., b. 1916; d. 2005 (also military marker: Zelbert H. Marsh, b. Mar 30, 1916; d. Aug 16, 2005; "SGT US ARMY WWII" {S5: b. 3-30-1916; d. 8-16-2005, Brownfield, TX}

Woods, Elsie Ford, b. 1926; d. 2005 {S3, S5: Ford, Elsie, b. 1-28-1926, Big Spring, TX; d. 11-12-2005, Lubbock, TX; parents: Fannie Mae McGuirt and Archie E. Ford; sis: Alpha Reid, Lois Murphree, Theda Kyle and hus James Kyle, Wanda Louise Ford; bro: Jerry Ford, Archie Ford; dau: Monica Deaver and hus Ed Deaver; grandchildren: Kaela Smith, Kaci Smith, Kelsey Smith}

Jenkins, Carl, b. 1915; d. 1995 {S1, S2: b. 9-03-1915; d. 6-1995, Lubbock, TX}

Jenkins, Ozella E., b. 1913; d. 1995 {S1, S2: Jenkins, Ozella Edith, b. 8-22-1913; d. 12-04-1995, Lubbock, TX}

Eaton, Lambert, b. 1904; d. 1989 {S1, S2: Eaton, Joseph Lambert, b. 8-22-1904; d. 12-16-1989, Henderson, TX; note: ssdi shows d. 12-15-1989}

Eaton, Adeline, b. 1902; d. 1975 {S1: b. 10-05-1902; d. Mar 1975, last res: Lubbock, TX}

Burks, Dale J., b. 1951; d. 1965

Parks, Vivian S., b. 1914; d. 1977 {S1, S2: b. 11-23-1914; d. 6-30-1977, Lubbock, TX}

Hagen, Orven I., b. 1920; d. 1989 {S1, S2: Hagen, Orven Ingvald, b. 8-25-1920; d. 2-13-1989, Lubbock, TX}

French, Elwood E., b. 1916; d. 1991 {S1, S2: French, Elwood Esty, b. 10-12-1916; d. 8-26-1991, Lubbock, TX}

French, Oreta M., b. 1921; d. 1989 {S1, S2: French, Oreta Madge, b. 2-24-1921; d. 10-22-1989, Lubbock, TX}

Regaldo, Catherine, b. 1923; d. 1984 {S2: d. 11-06-1984, Lubbock Co., TX}

Cox, William J., b. 1920; d. 1995 {S1, S2, S5: Cox, William James "Bill", b. 9-23-1920; d. 2-14-1995, Lubbock Co., TX}

Cox, Billie Jo, b. 1921; d. 2003 {S1, S5: Knutson, Billie Jo, b. 6-27-1921; d. 10-08-2003, Lubbock, TX; parents: Annette Wilson and Willie Carol "Bill" Knutson; son: Cary Cox and wife Glenda; dau: Peg Cox-Joiner and hus Donnie Joiner; sis: Fern Anderwald; grandson: Travis Cox}

- space –

Row 5

Wells, Fae E., b. 1908; d. 1986 {S1, S2: Wells, Fae Elizabeth, b. 10-18-1908; d. 6-30-1986, Lubbock, TX}

- space –

- space –

- space –

Schroeder, William E., b. 1915; d. 1983 {S1, S2: b. 3-06-1915; d. 11-06-1983, Lubbock, TX}

Schroeder, Lola F., b. 1917; d. 1981 {S2: Schroeder, Lola Frances, b. 10-24-1917; d. 9-23-1981, Lubbock, TX}

*Rudd, Kathy Ann, b. 1963; d. 1972 {S2: Rudd, Katherine Ann "Kathy", d. 12-11-1972, Lubbock, TX}

Fauvell, John F., b. 1925; d. 1981 {S1, S2: Fauvell, John Francis, b. 9-12-1925; d. 9-28-1981, Lubbock, TX; SS# issued: NY}

Pope, Richard N., b. 1928; d. 1983 {S1, S2, S3: Pope, Richard Nelson, b. 9-06-1928, Hale Co., TX; d. 11-18-1983, Dallas, TX; parents: Alma Hawkins and O. H. Pope}

- space –

- space –

Thomas, W. B., b. 1890; d. 1986

Thomas, Mary Barnes, b. 1897; d. 1995 {S1, S2: Barnes, Mary Electra, b. 4-12-1897; d. 2-08-1995, Lubbock, TX; SS# issued: NM}

Row 6

Pace, Ray W., b. 1913; d. 1985 {S1, S2, S3: Pace Ray Wheatley, b. 11-04-1913; d. 12-02-1985, Lubbock, TX; SS# issued: CA; wife: Ethel Cherry; dau: Linda Diana Pace}

Pace, Ethel Cherry, b. 1919; d. 1989 {S1, S2, S3: Cherry, Ethel; b. 2-17-1919; d. 10-25-1989, Lubbock, TX; hus: Ray Wheatley Pace; dau: Linda Diana Pace}

Mayo, Tom, b. 1902; d. 1983 {S2: Mayo, Thomas Edwin "Tom", b. 6-04-1902; d. 6-27-1983, Lubbock, TX}

Mayo, Eura, b. 1907; d. 1993 {S1, S2: Mayo, Eura Beatrice, b. 9-07-1907; d. 8-23-1993, Lubbock, TX}

Kalan, Mary Lou, b. 1922; d. 1996; dbl w/Stephen J. Kalan {S1, S2: b. 5-09-1922; d. 6-22-1996, Harris Co., TX}

Kalan, Stephen J., b. 1916; d. 1968; dbl w/Mary Lou Kalan

Kalan, Stephen A., b. 1948; d. 1989 {S2: Kalan, Stephen Agnew, b. 1948; d. 9-28-1968, Lubbock, TX}

McGuire, Esta Mae, b. 1912; d. 2003 {S5: Connell, Esta Mae, b. Hubbard, TX; d. 11-20-2003, Lubbock, TX; parents: Elizabeth and John O. Connell; hus: Jacob Wray Hopping, James Wiley McGuire; dau: Connie Wray Hopping Nicholson; son: Richard Coke Hopping, III}

Nicholson, Connie H., b. 1933; d. (blank) {S5: Hopping, Connie Wray, b. 1-17-1933, Lamb Co., TX}

Ball, Marianne, b. 1929; d. 1968 {S2: d. 6-12-1968, Lubbock Co., TX}

Barton, Fay, b. 1914; d. 2000 {S3, S5: McBride, Fay Taylor, b. 1-31-1914, Breckenridge, TX; d. 2-03-2000, Amarillo, TX; hus: Paul Dexter Barton; dau: Sandra Jo Holt, Rita Dianne Stephens, Suzette Barton}

- space –

Ream, Charles L., b. 1928; d. 1983 {S1, S2: b. 1-13-1928; d. 2-19-1983, Potter Co., TX}

- space –

- space –

Side 2: This wall is not visible from the street; it is located in an outside alcove, behind the Mausoleum Chapel; it faces west. It is divided into 6 rows, with Row 1 starting at the top left.

Row 1

Cook, James E., b. 1933; d. 2004 {S1, S5: Cook, James Edward, b. 2-25-1933; d. 6-14-2004, Lubbock, TX}

Starkey, Mary M., b. 1898; d. 1963; dbl w/James L. Starkey

Starkey, James L., b. 1895; d. 1970; dbl w/Mary M. Starkey {S1, S2: Starkey, James Leonard, b. 1-09-1895;d. 2-x-1970, Lubbock, TX}

- space –

Foreman, Mary F., b. 1910; d. 1981; dbl w/B. B. Foreman {S2: Foreman, Mary Frances, b. 4-15-1910; d. 5-28-1981, Lubbock Co., TX}

Foreman, B. B., b. 1906; d. 1961; dbl w/Mary F. Foreman

Arnett, Erma O., b. 1922; d. 2004; dbl w/Tom S. Arnett {S1, S5: Baugh, Erma Oleta, b. 9-24-1922; d. 3-20-2004, Lubbock, TX}

Arnett, Tom S., b. 1923; d. 2007; dbl w/Erma O. Arnett {S1, S5: Arnett, Tom Stanford, b. 6-23-1923, Lubbock, TX; d. 2-14-2007, Lubbock, TX; parents: Louise Arnett Winder and Wylie Daniel Arnett; wife: Erma Oleta Baugh; son: Bud Arnett and wife Dana; step-dau: Darlyne Bellah; aunt: Alyne Joplin}

Walthall, Lelburn, b. 1893; d. 1967; dbl w/Bessie Walthall {S1, S2: Walthall, Lelburn Chab, b. 12-06-1893; d. 7-27-1967, Lubbock, TX}

Walthall, Bessie, b. 1897; d. 1968; dbl w/Lelburn Walthall {S2: Walthall, Bessie M., d. 6-27-1968, Lubbock, TX}

Moore, J. B., b. 1923; d. 2005 {S1: Moore, James B., b. 12-22-1923; d. 3-21-2005, Lubbock, TX}

Johnson, Hildagarde, b. 1915; d. 1974; dbl w/Vikki Larue Johnson {S1, S2: Johnson, Marjorie Hildagarde "Hilda", b. 11-27-1915; d. 11-23-1974, Lubbock, TX}

Johnson, Vikki Larue, b. 1954; d. (blank); dbl w/Hildagarde Johnson {S2: b. 3-15-1954, Lubbock Co., TX}

White, Frances E., b. 1897; d. 1971; dbl w/Charles O. White {S2: d. 9-14-1971, Hidalgo Co. TX}

White, Charles O., b. 1890; 1983; dbl w/Frances E. White {S1, S2: b. 3-18-1890; d. 8-09-1983, Kerrville, TX}

Overstreet, Eursa A., b. 1899; d. 1988; dbl w/Mellie Lee Overstreet {S1, S2, S3: Overstreet, Eursa Albert, b. 8-04-1899; d. 12-04-1988, Lubbock, TX; wife: Mellie Lee Clifton; dau: Patsy Jo Overstreet}

Overstreet, Mellie Lee, b. 1906; d. 1996; dbl w/Eursa A. Overstreet {S1, S2, S3: Clifton, Mellie Lee, b. 8-16-1906; d. 11-07-1996, Lubbock, TX; hus: Eursa Albert Overstreet; dau: Patsy Jo Overstreet}

Moore, Noel H., b. 1935; d. 2005 {S1, S5: Moore, Noel Howard, b. 1-0-11935, Wetumka, OK; d. 6-01-2005, Lubbock, TX; sis: Joyce Shaw; bro: Dennis "Denny" Moore, Lindell "Lindy" Moore}

- space –

Petty, Douglas H., b. 1905; d. 1976; dbl w/Maridi Petty {S1, S2, S3: Petty, Douglas Houston, b. 1-24-1905; d. 8-05-1976, Lubbock, TX; wife: Maridi "Mary" Daisy McAtee; dau: Cheri Ann Petty, Janet Sue Petty}

Petty, Maridi, b. 1911; d. 2002; dbl w/Douglas H. Petty {S1, S3: McAtee, Maridi "Mary" Daisy, b. 8-26-1911; d. 1-12-2002; dau: Cheri Ann Petty, Janet Sue Petty}

Rabalais, Louis E., b. 1897; d. 1969; dbl w/Bernice Rabalais {S1, S2: b. 2-20-1897; d. 2-24-1969, Lubbock, TX; SS# issued: LA}

Rabalais, Bernice, b. 1897; d. 1990; dbl w/Louis E. Rabalais {S1, S2: Rabalais, Bernice Bernadette, b. 9-26-1897; d. 9-30-1990, Lubbock, TX; SS# issued: LA}

Person, Anton S., b. 1894; d. 1986; dbl w/Lennus I. Person {S1, S2: b. 9-22-1894; d. 12-11-1986, Lubbock, TX; SS# issued: IA}

Person, Lennus I., b. 1904; d. 1995; dbl w/Anton S. Person {S1, S2: Person, Lennus Irene W., b. 6-25-1904; d. 12-28-1995, Lubbock, TX; SS# issued: IA}

Craig, Calvin C., b. 1920; d. 1985 {S1, S2: Craig, Calvin C., Jr., b. 6-12-1920; d. 12-28-1985, Lubbock, TX}

Harper, Enos W., b. 1904; d. 1997; dbl w/Mary Opal Harper {S1, S2, S3, S5; Harper, Enos Wood, b. 10-03-1904; d. 8-16-1997, Lubbock, TX; wife: Mary Opal Vise; son: Dale Harper; dau: Wanda Gayle Maner}

Harper, Mary Opal, b. 1906; d. 2002; dbl w/Enos W. Harper {S3, S5: Vise, Mary Opal, b. 6-23-1906, Henderson, TX; d. 2-17-2002, Lubbock, TX; hus: Enos Wood Harper; son: Dale Harper; dau: Wanda Gayle Maner}

Barker, Oren E., b. 1927; d. 1998; dbl w/Nadee Barker {S1, S2, S5: Barker, Oren Eugene "Gene", b. 1-07-1927. West Middletown, OH; d. 4-15-1998, Lubbock, TX; sons: Stephen R. Borsch, Richard P. Borsch, Lynn P. Borsch, Terry Neil Borsch; sis: Clara Popp, Bette Buchanan; bro: Joe Barker}

Barker, Nadee, b. 1933; d. 2005; dbl w/Oren E. Barker {S1, S5: Wirth, NaDee, b. 1-21-1933, Gumlog Township, AR; d. 12-28-2005, Lubbock, TX; parents: Doris and Orlan Wirth; hus: Paul J. Borsch, Oren E. Barker; sons: Stephen R. Borsch, Richard P. Borsch, Lynn P. Borsch, Terry Neil Borsch; grandchildren: Paul Corbin, Sarah, Hannah, Rebekah, Paul and Joshua Borsch; extended grandchildren: Rose, Mary Ann, Janet and Donna}

Robinson, M. Stephany, b. 1915; d. 1998

- space –

Hay, Lucille S., b. 1895; d. 1959; dbl w/Earl A. Sanford

Sanford, Earl A., b. 1884; d. 1964; dbl w/Lucille S. Hay

Ritchey, Thomas, b. 1891; d. 1964; dbl w/Lucy Ritchey {S1, S2: Ritchey, Thomas N., b. 9-04-1891; d. 11-22-1964, Lubbock Co., TX|

Ritchey, Lucy, b. 1889; d. 1969; dbl w/Thomas Ritchey {S2: Ritchey, Lucy Pearl, d. 6-27-1969, Lubbock Co., TX}

Holman, Ruth Speice, b. 1892; d. 1976; dbl w/Jay G. Holman {S1, S2: Speice, Ruth, b. 11-16-1892; d. 8-03-1976, Lubbock Co., TX; SS# issued: CA}

Holman, Jay G., b. 1892; d. 1992; dbl w/Ruth Speice Holman {S1, S2: b. 4-13-1892; d. 2-09-1992, Lubbock Co., TX; SS# issued: NE}

Black, Walter H., Sr., b. 1915; d. 1971; dbl w/Claudia J. Black {S2, S5: Black, Walter Houston, d. 3-04-1971, Lubbock, TX; wife: Claudia Josephine Brown; sons: Walter Houston Black, Jr., Eddie Wayne Black; dau: Dorothy Barnett, Delphine Rae}

Black, Claudia J., b. 1916; d. 2001; dbl w/Walter H. Black, Sr. {S3, S5: Brown, Claudia Josephine "Jo", b. 5-16-1916, Kirkland, TX; d. 5-20-2001, Lubbock, TX; hus: Walter Houston Black; sons: Walter Houston Black, Jr., Eddie Wayne Black; dau: Dorothy Barnett, Delphine Rae; bro: William C. Brown}

Upton, Doyle, b. 1906; d. 1975; dbl w/Ruth Alene Upton {S1, S2: Upton, Doyle K., b. 2-23-1906; d. 5-10-1975, Lubbock Co., TX}

Upton, Ruth Alene, b. 1909; d. 1989; dbl w/Doyle Upton {S1, S2: b. 1-30-1909; d. 8-22-1989, Lubbock Co., TX}

Palm, Arlo P., b. 1943; d. 2001 {S1, S5: b. 1-22-1943; d. 8-26-2001, Lubbock, TX; SS# issued: IN}

Row 3

Harvey, Dabney G., bl 1930; d. 1984 {S1, S2: Harvey, Dabney Griffin, b. 12-17-1930; d. 6-15-1984, Lubbock, TX}

Muse, Audie Lee, b. 1910; d. 1988; dbl w/Bertie Leona Muse {S1, S2, S3: b. 1-13-1910; d. 10-06-1988, d. Lubbock, TX; wife: Bertie Leona Goodgion; sons: Winifred Donald Muse, Alton Vyron Muse, Clinton Lee Muse }

Muse, Bertie Leona, b. 1909; d. 2003; dbl w/Audie Lee Muse {S1, S3, S5,: Goodgion, Bertie Leona, b. 5-08-1909; d. 3-24-2003, Lubbock, TX; hus: Audie Lee Muse; sons: Winifred Donald Muse, Alton Vyron Muse, Clinton Lee Muse}

Sipes, Curtis L., b. 1919; d. 1983 {S1, S2: Sipes, Curtis Lee, b. 11-19-1919; d. 1-31-1983, Lubbock, TX}

Gosdin, Frank, b. 1917; d. 1992; dbl w/Jo Killian Gosdin {S1, S2, S3: Gosdin, Leroy Franklin, b. 4-01-1917; d. 8-02-1992, Lubbock, TX; wife: Mary Jo Killian; sons: David Lyn Gosdin, Joe Dan Gosdin, Richard Lee Gosdin}

Gosdin, Jo Killian, b. 1923; d. 1994; dbl w/Frank Gosdin {S2, S3: Killian, Mary Jo, b. 1923; d. 2-18-1994, Lubbock Co., TX; hus: Leroy Franklin Gosdin; sons: David Lyn Gosdin, Joe Dan Gosdin, Richard Lee Gosdin}

- space -

Willingham, Juddie J., b. 1906; d. 1983; dbl w/Ruth M. Willingham {S1, S2, S3: Willingham, Juddie Johnson, b. 7-26-1906; d. 9-25-1983, Lubbock, TX; wife: Ruth Irene Moore; son: Ronald Judson Willingham }

Willingham, Ruth M., b. 1909; d. 1993; dbl w/Juddie J. Willingham {S1, S2, S3: Moore, Ruth Irene, b. 10-31-1909; d. 1993, Denison, TX; hus: Juddie Johnson Willingham; son: Ronald Judson Willingham}

Tipps, John Jenkins, b. 1913; d. 1984; dbl w/Fay Tipps {S1, S2, S3: b. 4-14-1913; d. 7-29-1984, Lubbock, TX; wife: Mary Fay Cantrell; son: Jack Warren Tipps; dau: Mary Kathleen Tipps}

Tipps, Fay, b. 1913; d. 1997; dbl w/John Jenkins Tipps {S1, S2, S3: Cantrell, Mary Fay, b. 4-21-1913; d. 6-18-1997, Lubbock, TX; hus: John Jenkins Tipps; son: Jack Warren Tipps; dau: Mary Kathleen Tipps}

- space –

Rattan, Charles E., b. 1893; d. 1981; dbl w/Edith Weed Rattan {S1, S2: Rattan, Charles Elree, b. 2-22-1893; d. 11-04-1981, Lubbock, TX}

Rattan, Edith Tweed, b. 1900; d. 1988; dbl w/Charles E. Rattan {S1, S2: Tweed, Lillie Edith, b. 10-02-1900, d. 3-31-1988, Lubbock, TX}

Kast, Paul A., Sr., b. 1898; d. 1982; dbl w/Genevieve Kast {S1, S2: Kast, Paul Anton, Sr., b. 5-30-1898; d. 5-05-1982, Lubbock Co., TX; SS# issued: MO; son: Paul Anton Kast, Jr.}

Kast, Genevieve, b. 1907; d. 1983; dbl w/Paul A. Kast, Sr. {S1, S2: Kast, Genevieve Evelyn, b. 7-20-1907; d. 11-11-1983, Lubbock Co., TX; son: Paul Anton Kast, Jr }

Davis, Gary V., b. 1936; d. 2000 {S1, S5: Davis, Gary Vance, b. 6-30-1936, Mangum, OK; d. 7-04-2000, Lubbock, TX; wife: Mary Brock; dau: Dianne Miller, Melinda Davis; sis: Darla Scott, Wanda Goolsby, Linda Birdwell}}

Walker, Fred L., b. 1903; d. 1982; dbl w/Catherine Walker {S1, S2: Walker, Frederick Lawrence "Fred"; b. 7-29-1903; d. 12-15-1982, Lubbock, TX: SS# issued: CA}

Walker, Catherine, b. 1904; d. 2001; dbl w/Fred L. Walker {S1: Walker, Catharine E., b. 11-10-1904; d. 6-15-2001; SS# issued: OR}

Evans, William Cullen, b. 1909; d. 1990; dbl w/Myrtle Evans {S2: d. 2-12-1990, Lubbock Co., TX}

Evans, Myrtle, b. 1915; d. 1994; dbl w/William Cullen Evans {S1, S2: Evans, Myrtle Ellen, b. 11-18-1915; d. 7-20-1994, Lubbock, TX}

Quinn, Catherine M., b. 1910; d. 1999; dbl w/Robert F. Mitchell

Mitchell, Robert F., b. 1907; d. 1959; dbl w/Catherine M. Quinn

Brunner, William "Bill", b. 1920; d. 1989 {S1, S2: b. 3-04-1920; d. 8-=03-1989, Lubbock, TX}

- space –

Cook, Paul Orlan, b. 1926; d. 2006 {S5: b. 5-02-1926, Carey, TX; d. 1-05-2006, Wolfforth, TX; wife: Helen Margaret Sadler; parents: Priscilla and Joe Cook; son: Robert Norman Cook, David L. Cook and wife Cindy; dau-in-law: Rhoxie Cook; bro: Bobby Cook, Frank Cook’ grandchildren: Jason, Cook, Michael Cook, Michele Cook, Brian Cook, Justin Cook, Crystal Cook; great-grandchildren: Christien Cook, Ashtyn Cook, Kassidy Cook}

- space –

- space –

Hahn, Donald G., b. 1914; d. 1993 {S1, S2: Hahn, Donald Grant, b. 3-18-1914; d. 5-02-1993, Lubbock Co., TX; SS# issued: IA}

Metcalf, Dorothy, b. 1909; d. 1983; dbl w/Walker Metcalf, Sr. {S1, S2: Metcalf, Dorothy M., b. 3-01-1909; d. 11-28-1983, San Antonio, TX}

Metcalf, Walker, Sr., b. 1906; d. 2002; dbl w/Dorothy Metcalf {S1: b. 7-01-1906; d. 6-15-2002, Lubbock, TX}

Raphelt, Herman F., b. 1922; d. 2000 {S1, S5: Raphelt, Herman Fred, b. 5-25-1922, Sagerton, TX; d. 9-14-2000, Lubbock, TX; wife: Mary Bledsoe; sis: Lil Reed, Dorothy Clark, Lillie Mae Stegmoeller, Ruby Olsen; bro: Leslie Baitz, Melvin Baitz}

McLeod, Doyle Wilson, b. 1923; d. 2000 {S1, S5: b. 4-07-2000, Sweetwater, TX; d. 9-29-2000, Lubbock, TX; wife: Margie Leftwich; dau: Michele Kubica, Suzette Strange, Antoinette Hendon; sis: LaJuanda Leftwich}

Guy, Charles Armor, b. 1902; d. 1985; dbl w/Grace M. Guy {S1, S2: b. 3-30-1902; d. 6-15-1985, Lubbock, TX; wife: Grace Carolyn Moore}

Guy, Grace M., b. 1906; 2002; dbl w/Charles Armor Guy {S1, S5: Moore, Grace Carolyn, b. 7-23-1906, Matador, TX; d. 3-09-2002, Amarillo, TX; parents: Mr & Mrs J. R. Moore; hus: Charles Armor Guy; dau: Victoria Guy; sons: Charles A. Guy, Jr., Dorrance Herbert Guy and wife Jane, George M. Guy and wife Leslie; grandson: Charles A. Guy, II}

Spears, Berniece F., b. 1917; d. 2000; dbl w/James W. Spears {S1, S5: Fields, Berniece, b. 7-17-1917; d. 3-17-2000, Lubbock, TX}

Spears, James W., b. 1910; d. 2002; dbl w/Bernice F. Spears {S1, S5: b. 7-19-1910, Velma, OK; d. 6-13-2002, Lubbock, TX; wife: Berniece Fields; sons: William S. Spears, Robert F. Spears; bro: Glen Spears; SS# issued: OK}

Kattmann, Bruce C., b. 1906; d. 1988 {S2: Kattmann, Bruce Carl, d. 5-14-1988, Lubbock, TX}

Baker, Frank W., b. 1909; d. 1983; dbl w/Anemone Stiles Baker {S1, S2: Baker, Frank Walton, b. 9-13-1909; d. 3-09-1983, Lubbock, TX}

Baker, Anemone Stiles, b. 1917; d. 2002; dbl w/Frank W. Baker {S1, S5, S5: Stiles, Anemone Mildred, b. 7-10-1917, Lovington, NM; d. 1-04-2002, Lubbock, TX; dau: Judy Lee Baker Riggs}

- space –

Row 5

- space –

Helm, Jack E., b. 1913; d. 1985; dbl w/Leda A. Helm {S1, S2, S3: b. 12-06-1913; d. 12-25-1985, Lubbock, TX; wife: Leda Alma Reed; dau: Doris Jean Helm-Rector}

Helm, Leda A., b. 1912; d. 2000; dbl w/Jack E. Helm {S1, S3, S5: Reed, Leda Alma, b. 7-23-1912, Kaufman, TX; d. 11-03-2000, Lubbock, TX; dau: Doris Jean Helm-Rector; sis: Geneva Hickman, Jessie Luttrell}

- space –

Newby, David North, b. 1922; d. 2002 {S1, S5: b. 2-09-1922, Oklahoma City, OK; d. 6-06-2002, Lubbock, TX; wife: Ruth Ann Hummer; dau: Melinda Newby, Meredith Carson, Marcia Brenden; son: Steven Newby; sis: Ruth Jones, Elaine Shepherd, Rosemary Mullen}

- space –

Beuscher, Johann F., b. 1907; d. 1992; dbl w/Amalie A. Beuscher {S1, S2: Beuscher, Johann Franz, b. 9-01-1907; d. 8-31-1992, Lubbock, TX}

Beuscher, Amalie A., b. 1908; d. 1995; dbl w/Johann F. Beuscher {S1: b. 9-21-1908; d. 6-18-1995, Lubbock, TX}

Naylor, George E., b. 1891; d. 1970; dbl w/Eva E. Naylor {S1, S2: b. 9-22-1891; d. 9-25-1970, Lubbock, TX; SS# issued: PA}

Naylor, Eva E., b. 1898; d. 1984; dbl w/George E. Naylor {S1, S2: Naylor, Eva Emma, b. 9-23-1898; d. 1-01-1984, Lubbock, TX; SS# issued: OH}

Shuttlesworth, Zell D., b. 1928; d. 2002 {S3, S5: Harris, Zell Dean, b. 9-11-1928,
Southland, TX; d. 7-10-2002; hus: Joe A. Shuttlesworth; Dee Shuttlesworth, sons: Joe Lynn Shuttlesworth, Blake Dean Shuttlesworth; sis: Bonita West, Patsy Molder; bro: E. A. Harris}

Baker, Helen Mooney, b. 1914; d. 1988; dbl w/Robert L. Baker {S1, S2: Mooney, Helen, b. 2-19-1914; d. 2-25-1988, Lubbock, TX; SS# issued: MA}

Baker, Robert L., b. 1910; d. 2001; dbl w/Helen Mooney Baker {S1, S5: b. 6-02-1910, Worchester, MA; d. 1-04-2001, Lubbock, TX; dau: Martha McGrath; SS# issued: MA}

May, Kenneth Alton, b. 1929; d. 1989 {S1, S2: b. 8-04-1929; d. 7-03-1989, Lubbock, TX}

Black, Jane Maupin, b. 1924; d. 1997; "Married 53 years – 10 months – 15 days" (photo with her and husband in his Navy uniform)

- space-

Hemphill, James T., b. 1937; d. 2001; dbl w/Ruby N. Hemphill {S1, S5: Hemphill, James T. "Bud", b. 7-30-1937, Saint Jo; d. 2-26-2001, Lubbock, TX; wife: Velma Jo Smith, Ruby Nell Mullenax; sons: James R. Hemphill, Nickey Lynn Crump; dau: Nancy Jo James, Lenda Blackmon; bro: Norman Hemphill}

Hemphill, Ruby N., b. (blank); d. (blank); dbl w/James T. Hemphill {S5: Mullenax, Ruby Nell}

- space –

Row 6

Groves, R. T., b. 1890; d. 1981; dbl w/Esther Groves {S1, S2: b. 12-01-1890; d. 1-09-1981, Lubbock, TX}

Groves, Esther, b. 1897; d. 1986; dbl w/R. T. Groves {S1, S2: b. 1-24-1897; d. 4-01-1986, Lubbock, TX}

Bullock, Katherine H., b. 1920; d. 1995; dbl w/Gaston K. Bullock {S1, S2, S5: Harmon, Katherine Klare, b. 10-30-11920; d. 10-12-1995, Lubbock, TX; hus: Gaston Kyle Bullock, Jr.; dau: Katiebeth Cole; son: Gaston Kyle Bullock III; granddau: Kelli Kondelis; grandson: Michael Cook; great-grandau: Katie Beth Cook; great-grandson: Hunter Cook }

Bullock, Gaston K., b. 1921; d. 2004; dbl w/Katherine H. Bullock {S1, S5: Bullock, Gaston Kyle, Jr., b. 4-20-1921, Becton, TX; d. 10-04-2004, Lubbock, TX; wife: Katherine Harmon; dau: Katiebeth Cole; son: Gaston Kyle Bullock III; granddau: Kelli Kondelis; grandson: Michael Cook; great-grandau: Katie Beth Cook; great-grandson: Hunter Cook; bro: Joe Bullock, Wyle Bullock}

Gober, Herman R., b. 1922; d. 1997 {S1, S2: Gober, Herman Roy, b. 4-04-1922; d. 12-06-1997, Lubbock Co., TX}

Paxon, Emma Ross, b. 1921; d. 1999 {S1, S5: Ross, Emma, b. 4-23-1921, Waxahachie, TX; d. 5-17-1999, Lubbock, TX; hus: James E. "Jim" Paxon; dau: Sharon Bailey; son: Jim Paxon}

Crump, M. Frank, b. 1907; d. 1993; dbl w/Pearl Ruth Crump {S1, S2: Crump, Marcus Frank, b. 5-28-1907; d. 7-06-1993, Lubbock, TX; SS# issued: OK}

Crump, Pearl Ruth, b. 1904; d. 1999; dbl w/M. Frank Crump {S5: b. 2-12-1904, Snyder, OK; d. 7-24-1999, Haines City, FL; dau: Charlotte Cobell; SS# issued: WY}

McGrath, Frank G., b. 1937; d. 1996 {S2: McGrath, Francis George "Frank", b. 7-01-1937; d. 10-14-1996, Lubbock, TX; SS# issued: MA}

Billingsley, Lorelle, b. 1921; d. 2000; dbl w/Roy C. Billingsley, Jr. {S1, S5: Curry, Edith Lorelle, b. 1-18-1921, Bonham, TX; d. 2-24-2000, Lubbock, TX; hus: Roy Conner Billingsley; twin dau: Linda Kay Block, Glenda Gay Hansen; sis: Joyce Britton, Malva Babel}

Billingsley, Roy C., Jr., b. 1921; d. 2005; dbl w/Lorelle Billingsley {S1, S5: Billingsley, Roy Conner, b. 12-11-1921, Kaufman Co., TX; d. 1-05-2005, Lubbock, TX; parents: Bessie Duncan and Roy Conner Billingsley, Sr.; wife: Edith Lorelle Curry; dau: Linda Kay Block and hus Lewis Block; Glenda Gay Hansen and hus Keith Hansen; bro: Don Ray Billingsley and wife Betty; grandchildren: Misty Kriegshauser and hus: chad Kriegshauser, Kevin Hansen and wife Ashley, Kyle Hansen and wife Stephanie; great-grandchildren: Ethan Todd Kriegshauser, Emma Peyton, Lily Kate Hansen}

Odonnell, Thomas V., b. 1926; d. 1992; dbl w.Dolores M. Odonnell {S1, S2: O’Donnell, Thomas Vere, b. 6-10-1926; d. 11-05-1992, Lubbock, TX; SS# issued: NJ}

Odonnell, Dolores M., b. 1926; d. 2003; dbl w/Thomas V. Odonnell {S1, S5: O’Donnell, Dolores Marie "Dee", b. 1-11-1926; d. 7-09-2003, Lubbock, TX; dau: Judith Boorman and hus Tom Boorman, Kathy Marvin and hus Carroll "Chappy" Marvin; grandau: Rachel Lewis, Rosie Marvin; SS# issued: PA}

- space –

Scull, Joseph J., b. 1919; d. 1967 {S2: Scull, Joseph James, Jr., b. 11-10-1919; d. 1-15-1967, Lubbock, TX; SS# issued: MO}

- space –

Samson, C. P., b. 1894; d. 1960; dbl w/Fern N. Samson

Samson, Fern N., b. 1895; d. 1983; dbl w/C. P. Samson

- space –

Chance, Cecil B., b. 1916; d. 1991; dbl w/Winifred G. Chance {S1, S2, S3: Chance, Cecil Benton, b. 9-04-1916; d. 11-08-1991, McLennan Co., TX; wife: Winifred Gowers; dau: JoAnn Chance, Sally Janet Buck }

Chance, Winifred G., b. 1918; d. 2000; dbl w/Cecil B. Chance {S1, s3, S5: Gowers,
Winifred, b. 6-06-1918, Gould, OK; d. 1-27-2000, Waco, TX; hus: Cecil Benton Chance; dau: JoAnn Chance, Sally Buck; note: SSDI shows b. 6-02-1918}