Carlisle Cemetery

 Lubbock, Lubbock County, Cemeteries of Texas

Photos by Gary Webb

Location: West 19th Street in Lubbock, Texas west of Loop 289 in the Carlisle Community.

Historical Marker: "Carlisle Cemetery - The pioneer Carlisle Community was named for W. Augustas "Uncle Gus" Carlisle Jr. who died in 1849-1920. He settled here with his wife Lizzie Spikes (died in 1914), in 1890. A cattleman and a prominent land owner, Carlisle made significant contributions to the development of the area, including a donation of land for a school. In 1918 He set aside this part of his property for use as a public cemetery. It was first used for the burial of George W. Wood (b. 1879) a victim of the 1920 influenza epidemic. Other graves include those of other pioneer area settlers, and early leaders of Carlisle."

Carlisle Cemetery Heritage Association - founded in 1979, oversees the operations and upkeep of the cemetery.
Johnnie and Deloise McKnight who compiled almost identical information regarding this cemetery on Jan. 23, 1964 stated that there were 2 graves with wooden fences around them, one adult, and one child's grave, but that no names were indicated. Also that there were approximately twenty-three to thirty graves there with no markers. The wooden fences may have been removed, as of the restoration project of 1987, which placed new wooden cross markers over all of the graves with no names. These women listed twenty stone markers. The listing presented here is the work of Gary and Joy Webb of Lubbock, taken on October 10, 1996 containing some 48 name listings, some double markers, and only one marker listed was a temporary marker found legible, but certainly not permanent.
One listing marked with an * was listed by the McKnight's, but not found by the Webb's. The McNight listing identified three markers being "Double Stones", but were listed independently by the Webb data base because even though most double markers are shared by married couples, some are other family members, and have been listed by name only. Obviously if the marker lists two people with birth and death dates that are similar, it is likely that they were married, but listings in this book are not an indication of marriage, unless the marker was engraved that way. Listed as Double Stones by the McNight's were: William & Cora Price, Henry & Nancy Guin, and Talmadge & Annie Durham.
One of the early burials was a small girl buried in a quilt, by a family who was just passing though. Not having family in the area, or money inwhich to bury her, a sympathetic local gentleman dug a grave for her, and the burial commensed. Many of the graves in this cemetery were of such people, usually locals, but often poor. The cemetery was set aside for this very reason, because Mr. Gus Carlisle wanted the community to be able to bury their dead whether they had money or not. Handmade caskets and purchased caskets were transported to the cemetery by any means, and lowered into graves by rope. For years the cemetery was used on occasion, but care for the cemetery was strickly voluntary, and time and the eliments took their course covering the cemetery with deep sand and brush. The 1979 cemetery association helped to keep these grounds from being totally forgotten, but still the cemetery remained in very bad condition. In 1987, a new effort helped to renew the cemetery grounds. By using metal detectors and common logic, grave sites were located. Many are still listed as unknown, but atleast now a marker is in place to designate that someone is there. One old stone that was almost gone, marked only by the word Gilley. This turned out to be Mary Margaret Brush Wray Gilley. A fitting epitaph is written on the grave of Mr. Gus Carlisle who is buried in the City of Lubbock Cemetery, it says,"Blessed Is He That Considereth The Poor. The Lord Will Deliver Him In Time Of Trouble."

Complete listing of all markers currenly available at the Carlisle Cemetery. Other graves there have no markers and are not included here. Marker Inscriptions recorded and transcribed by Gary Webb & Sarah Webb

Last Name, First, Middle, Birth, Death, Epitaph
Bentley, Henry G. Nov. 9, 1869 Oct. 15, 1940 Born Bull Gap Tennessee, Died Hurlwood, Texas
Bond, Baby Boy 1928 1928
Bond, J. C. Jr. 1924 1924
Caddell, Baby Boy 1922
Caddell, Bennie Wesley 1923
Davis, Rosa Alice Apr. 25, 1881 Jan. 15, 1925 Mother, Gone but not forgotten
Durham, Annie E. Oct. 20, 1893 Dec. 21, 1940
Durham, Talmadge D. Jan. 15, 1886 Dec. 26, 1932
Elledge, Mrs. Perile 1849 1943
Furlow, John L. Aug. 11, 1921 Feb. 28, 1925 *
Gilley, Mary Margaret Brush Wray, July 17, 1861 Jan. 30, 1926 Grandmother
Green, James F., Jan. 16, 1880 Sep. 16, 1931
Guin, Henry H., Mar. 4, 1847 Dec, 2.1930 Father, Parents of Mrs. J. A. Burroughs
Guin, Nancy A. Aug. 14, 1853 Jan. 4, 1923 Mother,Parents of Mrs. J. A. Burroughs
Howell, Ida Pearl Aug. 11, 1930 Sep. 7, 1930 Daughter of Robert and Mearl
Jackson, Addison Milton July 12, 1915 Apr. 7, 1925
Jerden, Baby Boy 1928 1928
Jerden, Della Schults 1906 1928
Jerden, Nettie Ruth 1931 1931
Jerden, Prentice C. 1928 1931
Lovelace, Alvin W., 1929 1929
Lovelace, Herman Lee, 1915 1926
Lovelace, S. A. Jr., 1931 1932
Manning, Henry E. Sep. 3, 1915 July 4, 1936 Son of Mr. and Mrs. Luther A. Manning
Moore, Ann Aug. 1, 1875 July 22, 1923 Wife of J. B.
Moore, J. B. Sep. 26, 1854 Jan. 11, 1934 a Mason
Moore, Jewel Mar. 15, 1915 May 22, 1928 Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Moore
Moores, Leonard A. May 20, 1918 Apr. 23, 1924
Perkins, Infant Feb. 8, 1920 Feb. 20, 1920 Our Little One, Infant of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Perkins
Perry, Cordie Belle Mar 17, 1918 June 22, 1939
Price, Cora D. Dec. 9, 1883 June 7, 1932 Mother
Price, William A. Dec. 17, 1878 Dec. 26, 1932 Father
Putman, Paul Nov. 26, 1906 Dec. 5, 1934
Redwine, Wanda Fern May 14, 1931 Nov. 6, 1931
Roulston, John W. Jr. Feb. 13, 1929 Died in Infancy
Roulston, Olie Ida Feb. 5, 1901 Sep. 26, 1934
Schults, Dora Jan. 27, 1882 Jan. 11, 1925 Mother, Wife of W. H. Schults
Smart, Harlow P. Jan. 26, 1902 June 6, 1923
Smith, Jackie Colene 1928 1930 The Angle God Loaned Us
Stanley, James D. July 6, 1938 9 yrs. 8 mts. 28 days
Thompson, Jiles 1853 1932
Tucker, Lucille Apr. 7, 1928 Sep. 13, 1939
Turner, Baby 1927
Vaughn, Minnie Joseph Mar. 20, 1894 Nov. 30, 1930
Washington, Josie July 9, 1889 May 20, 1942 At Rest
Williams, Dorothy 3 days
Williams, Trent 9 yrs.
Wood, G. W. Feb. 22, 1879 Feb. 8, 1920