China Lake Graves

Truscott,  Knox County, Cemeteries of Texas

                Photo and text Clifford Smith

Sorry, only partial cemetery inscriptions  available to us at this time

Location:  China Lake is three miles to the Southwest of the Truscott Cemetery.

History:  Named for the china berry trees, it was a campsite for early travelers, sheepherders, cattlemen and settlers. The 1880 census showed George and Lucinda Truscott, China Lake. The 1886 Knox County brand book lists J.A. Moody, China Lake.

Three China Lake graves with native stone markers read:
Jordan, Miss J.E., born 1876.
Sheek, Rubie M., age 13 months, died Apr. 27,1885.
Sheek, Lee A., born June 11,1890, died June 11,1891.