Wooton Cemetery

 Megargel, Kimble County, Cemeteries of Texas

Compiled and Submitted by Frederica Burt Wyatt on July 6, 2000

Location: On Highway 377 near Cajac Creek about eleven miles southwest from Junction. This pioneer and picturesque cemetery is typical of the burial places chosen by the early frontiersmen who came to the hill country of Texas. A number of the graves are unmarked and unknown. First known grave is that of Cornelius Clay Jackson, "only son of Nealy and Jane Jackson", who died at the age of one in 1880. The child's mother died the following year, and both graves are covered with large slabs of stone. The cemetery bears the name of Civil War veteran Simon Lee Wooten, who migrated from Georgia to Texas following the War. The cemetery is lovingly tended by the volunteer services of Chevis and Frederica Wyatt.

This cemetery is a recorded Texas Historical Landmark, and six of the stones bear epitaphs.

Last, First, Birth, Death, Epitaph
Alexander, Infant dau. m/m B., 05-26-1941, 05-26-1941
Allsup, Alvin Rufus, 05-21-1900, 02-08-1921
Allsup, Andrew Henry, 11-12-1860, 06-24-1937
Allsup, Bart Blardone, (son of H. C. and Juanita), 12-24-1940, 01-09-1941
Allsup, Bobbie Lou, (dau. of Robert and Louise), 11-09-1942, 11-10-1942
Allsup, Daniel Boone, 03-31-1901, 08-15-1944
Allsup, Margaret Isabel Vest, (wife of Andrew), 04-29-1870, 07-21-1958
Allsup, Robert George, 07-29-1906, 02-26-1997
Allsup, Thomas Andrew , 03-24-1903, 03-23-1981
Allsup, Viola Tomberlin-Thomas, (wife of Thomas A.), 06-13-1905, 07-19-1951
Baldwin, Kinchen, 1818, 03-21-1898
Bishop, Mary Elizabeth "Eliza" Welch, (wife of Wiley), 1818, 1901
Boone, Infant of Mark and Eva, (No Dates)
Brothers, Child, (of William R. & Mary J.)****, 11-13-1900
Carlile, George Macduf , 11-20-1880, 03-31-1939
Cloudt, Dannie Parker, 04-03-1901, 03-26-1906, "Weep not, Papa and Mama, for me; for I am waiting in Heaven for thee"
Cloudt, Master Wooten, 11-20-1903, 02-27-1906, (son of E. & M.), "Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest - God calls away when He thinks best"
Colonga, Marcio, ?, 03-14-1915
Creech, Jimmy, ?, 03-00-1924
Daugherty, Ambrose H., circa 1877, circa 1889
Hamm, Benjamin, 1900, bef l921
Hamm, Rosie, 01-12-1894, 11-05-1917
Hamm Family ***
Hodges, Infant dau. of Lane and Vinie, 03-09-1921, 03-09-1921
Holmes, Elizabeth, (wife of 0. W.), 03-02-1840, 04-18-1918
Holmes, Oliver Windell, 08-01-1828, 07-26-1917
Jackson, Cornelius Clay, (son of Jane & Nealy), 03-12-1879, 04-13-1880
Jackson, P. Jane, (wife of Cornelius R.), 1842, 1881
McWilliams, Margaret Myrtle, 03-24-1896, 03-24-1907, "Borne by angel bands away to a home of peace and love"
Melton, Sammie Dee, (Infant son of Bill & Ruby), 04-09-1938, 04-26-1938
Neal, Annie, (dau. of m/m Elick), 01-06-1900, 12-23-1914
Price, John Edgar , 09-09-1917, 04-19-1998
Reynolds, Allice, (dau. Of T. B. & Alice) , 07-03-1904, 01-15-1908
Richardson, Alice Grace , 07-04-1918, 01-00-1919
Shanklin, Harry , 06-22-1906, 06-26-1906
Shipman, Charity Moon, (wife of John Turner), 1817, (No Dates)
Smith, William Chester "Red", 05-28-1905, 12-20-1985, "A roving cowboy who loved children"
Wallace, Samuel D., (infant son of S. H. & Mabel), 11-10-1940, 11-11-1940
Wooten, Jane Jincy Lee, circa 1805, (No Dates)
Wooten, Simon Lee, (CSA veteran), 01-23-1830, 12-03-1896, "A precious one from us is taken; a voice we loved is stilled-, A place is vacant in our home which never can be filled"
Several unknown graves

*** Members of Hamm family on 1910 census included
Mrs. A. Martha, born 1869
Thomas, born 1890
Rosie, born 1894
Millie, born 1896
Benjamin, born 1900
Martha, born 1899
Agnes, born 1903

**** The Kimble County Citizen of date 14 November 1900 stated, "The little child of Mr. Brothers, who lives about seventeen miles above town, on South Llano, died Tuesday of scarlet fever."