Weaver/Big Saline Cemetery

Kimble County, Cemeteries of Texas


Compiled and submitted by Frederica Burt Wyatt on July 6, 2000.

Location: Off KC#370 west of London. A plot of land comprising 6/1O of an acre out of Joseph Mueller Survey #224, was donated 6 January 1902 by F. A. and C. A. Weaver to Frank T. Read, Commissioner Precinct #3 in Kimble County, and his successors in office, said land to be "dedicated and reserved as a public graveyard and burying ground for all settlers, residents, and others desiring to be brought for the purpose of burial to Ionia Creek". The creek, in subsequent years, came to be known as Big Saline. First person buried here was Mary Weaver, who died the sixth day of February 1879. A veteran of the Creek War, two Confederate veterans, one of whom was also a veteran of the War with Mexico, are among those who sleep here. Nancy Parker, pioneer herb "doctor", is another whose grave is not lost to time. Her husband was a kinsman of Cynthia Ann Parker.

Last, First, Birth, Death, Epitaph
Bannowsky, Augusta F. Matschke (wife of Frederick), 4 Jun 1818, 12 May 1903, Born in Carlsruh, Selesia "She was a kind and affectionate wife, a fond mother, and friend to all"
Bannowsky, Elbert (son of W. A. & Emily), 18 Jun 1888, 21 Sep 1888, "Budded on earth to bloom in Heaven"
Bannowsky, Ella N. Stockbridge (wife of R. A.), 9 Feb 1861, 8 Mar 1894, "She was a kind and affectionate wife, a fond mother, and friend to all"
Bannowsky, Frederick L, 8 Feb 1821, 5 Jan 1907, "Affectionate husband, fond father, and friend to all"
Bannowsky, Hilton D., (son of R. A. & Ella), 18 Nov 1889, 13 Jun 1890, "Weep not, mama and papa, for me for I am waiting in Heaven for thee"
Bannowsky, Richard A, 14 Dec 1851, 31 Aug 1921, "He died as he lived - a Christian; with Christ in Heaven"
Brewer, Lawrence, 14 Jan 1882, 16 Jun 1882, "Suffer little children to come unto Me and forbid them not, for of such is the kingdom of Heaven"
Kealy, Caroline Matschke (wife of J. Kealy), 26 May 1803, 1 Feb 1892, "Beloved one, farewell"
Kensing, El Roy, 16 Dec 1919, 16 Dec 1919, "twin brother of Lee Roy"
Parker, Nancy, 6 Nov 1821, 10 Oct 1893
Read, William Oscar, 23 Apr 1893, 8 Dec 1895
Schwartz, Fredericke Bannowsky, (wife of John), 8 Oct 1825, 8 Sept 1887
Stockbridge, Charles J., (CSA veteran), 29 Dec 1833, 19 Mar 1894, "This simple tablet marks a father's bier and those he loved in life - in death are near"
Walton, Aaron, 5 Mar 1889, 29 Jul 1890, "Sleep on sweet babe and take your rest; God called thee home - He thought it best"
Walton, George W., (War with Mexico veteran, and CSA veteran), 9 May 1817, 10 Oct 1904
Weaver, David Alexander, (Veteran of the Creek War -1836), 7 Oct 1809, 2 Jul l887
Weaver, E. J, 19 Feb 1894, 22 Feb 1894
Weaver, Mack Z, (son of F.A.& C.A.), 18 Aug l883, 11 Jul 1892
Weaver, Mary, 29 Jan 1879, 6 Feb 1879
Weaver, Infant dau. S. H. & Nora, 3 Jan 1893, 7 Jan 1893, "Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest - God calls away when he thinks best"
At least two unknown graves