Rembold Ranch Cemeteries

Joy, Kimble County, Cemeteries of Texas

Submitted and Compiled by Frederica Burt Wyatt July 6, 2000

Location:  On the former Peter J. Rembold ranch off KC #450 .There are two cemeteries, in addition to the grave site of a soldier. The burial sites are known as the "Rembold Ranch" cemeteries. This historic location was near the Joy Settlement, also known as the Johnson Fork Colony on the old military road. An historical marker noting the settlement is located near the road. In 1969, Frank and Lucile Rembold recorded the known graves and listed the information, as well as making photographs of the cemeteries, and drawing "plats". We have been able to add some pertinent data to the original survey. This is the oldest known cemetery in Kimble County and is on the present Sims Ranch near Johnson Fork Creek.

Cemetery #1
Last Name, First/Middle, Birth, Death, Ephitat
Billingsley Boy, (killed by Indians)***, -circa 1874
Joy, Martha Nancy Sparks-Chesser, 1805, 10-25-1880, (widow of George C., a Veteran of the War of 1812)
Leigh, Henry, 03-04-1881, 12-07-1882
Moore, Elizabeth 03-12-1838, 08-08-1882
Pearl, Ora (dau. ofH. L. & Amanda) , death circa 1885
Phillips, Lela Gertrude, 07-27-1877, 11-07-1882
Phillips, Melissa ( daughters of C. C. & S. E. ), 03-07-1881, 11-11-1882
Rembold, Katie Leibold (first wife of P. J.), 06-04-1862 -08-19-1884
Rembold, Infant dau. of P. J. & A. G., 1894- 1894
Rembold, Infant son of P. J. & A. G., 1898, 1895
Taylor, Angeline, circa 1863
Taylor, Katherine, (daughters of Thurman & Elizabeth) circa 1863

Several unmarked graves
* * * According to the late Edith McKinney, her parents, Golden and Lydia Hensley, lived near the Billingsley family at Joy Point. The two families were a part of a wagon train originating in Lee County .

Cemetery #2
Last Name, First/Middle, Birth, Death, Ephitat
Ake, Lonis A., 09-09-1886, 11-03-1888
Bowers, Janice Marie, 1933, 1933, (dan. of W. W. & Carrie)
Davis, William Abner, 09-12-1864, 05-05-1922
Fairchild, Mary Pearl, 10-26-1899, 01-20-1902, (dan. of Will & Mat tie)
Holcomb, Charles Spnrgeon, 06-25-1921
McPeters, Charles Craten, 11-21-1884, 10-04-1888, (son ofW. S. & Mellie)
Phillips, Infant son of Tom & Belle, 1897, 1897
Phillips, Infant son of Tom & Belle, 1903, 1903
Stroope, John L., 03-23-1889, 07-13-1889
Stroope, J. T., 1888
Taylor, Lillie, 04-5-1898, 11-30-1910, (twin sister of Lydia)

Several unmarked graves

Cemetery #3
This site is near the location of the historical Joy Settlement race track.
Last Name, First/Middle, Birth, Death, Ephitat
Davis, J. W. U.S. soldier killed while being chased by Indians - circa 1860's