Pioneer/North Llano Cemetery

Junction, Kimble County, Cemeteries of Texas

Compiled and Submitted by Frederica Burt Wyatt, July 6, 2000

Location:, On Reid Road, just off North Main Street, in Junction. The Pioneer Cemetery, sometimes bearing the name of North Llano, and occasionally, Keton, is the oldest burial location in what is now the city of Junction., It is impossible to identify all persons who rest in peace here, but we have listed all the graves known to us. Apparently, the cemetery was much larger at one time, but through the years, many of the grave locations have become indiscernible., Kimble Historical Commission was able to partially restore some grave sites., A chain-link fence was installed after the City of Junction purchased the site and placed it in the care of the local historical group,, We believe this to be the final resting place of Sam Speer, killed by Comanche Indians on Christmas Eve, 1876. Victims of early day gunfights were among those interred here. A veteran of the Mexican War and at least seven Civil War veterans are buried at this site,, The last person buried here was Andrew Jackson Wilson, a veteran of the Frontier Troops of Texas Rangers, in 1916. His minister, John S. Durst, wrote an eulogy that we quote, in part, from the Junction newspaper: "His faithful team of black horses that had carried him around for so many years, at his request, pulled his mortal remains to the last resting place. His body was laid to rest in the North Llano cemetery on the morning of the 27th in the presence of a large concourse of friends and his many relatives." This cemetery is now a recorded Texas Historical Landmark

Last, First, Birth, Death, Epitapt
Adams, William, 1889
Ake, Amos R., 1876, 1896
Anderson, Richard, 10-01-1904
Barton, Tom C., 1868, 07-16-1904
Blackman, J. H., 1895
Brashear, Button *** Frazier ?, circa 1878
Brashear, Pete ***, Frazier?, circa 1878
Burleson, Widow, 05-12-1887
Cammer, B. W., 1832, 02-09-1885
Chambers, Aquilla, (son of John and Mary Ellen), circa 1873, 1880
Chambers, (children of John and Mary Ellen), (No Dates)
Dagher, Nicholas****, circa 1870, 04-29-1894
Deaton, James M., 09-12-1878
Doran, Thomas, (CSA veteran), 05-09-1844, 12-21-1878
Earwood, Betty Jane Wilson, (wife of T.C.), 09-14-1872, 05-17-1894
Elkins, J. Newton, (CSA veteran), 1843, 1907
Ellis, John G., (CSA veteran), 1827, 1913
Evans, Edward (George Edward), (CSA & Mexican War veteran), 1820 , 1879
Gibson, California, 04-30-1852, 11-20-1883
Gipson, William, 04-01-1885
Hall, Mary E., 03-02-1881 , 08-06-1882
Hall, Warren Joseph, 1865, 02-00-1899
Hughey, Elmira, 1833, 05-22-1903
Jones, D. K., 03-00-1887
Jones, Stella, 1872, 11-06-1884
Keton, Archie Y., 12-20-1862, 12-22-1890, "Our darling one has gone before to greet us on the golden shore, To him we trust a place is given among the saints with Christ in Heaven."
Keton, Charles H., (CSA veteran), 07-15-1830, 02-13-1894
Keton, Charles W., 10-10-1859, 12-12-1889
Keton, Julia A, (wife of Charles H.), 08-25-1836, 07-28-1900, "Rest, Mother, rest in quiet sleep while friends in sorrow o'er thee weep"
Keton, Willie S., 08-02-1871, 06-27-1882
Lemons, James W., (son of m/m P.C.), 09-13-1877, 09-02-1879
Lindsey, William Henry, 1844, 1883,
Mayes, Luke, (son of J.T.& S.E.), 05-16-1880, 03-29-1881
Meeks, Merritt, 1810, 12-10-1882,
Meeks, Sarah, (wife of Merritt), 1820 , 02-09-1883
Miller, Charley Chester, 1887, 01-17-1904,
Mullins, William Newton, 07-02-1910
Murr, Earnest, (son of A. & E. E.), 07-25-1888, 07-29-1888
Pettitt, Henry, (son of G. D. & Mary A.), 1866, circa 1877
Pettitt, Mary Ann Ellis *****, (widow of CSA veteran), 04-30-1829, 05-10-1901
Poston,Jim W., 1870, 04-02-1907
Randolph, Lucy, 01-00-1904, 08-26-1904
Randolph, Lula Richards, 1907
Shaw, Lizzie, (dau. of James & Martha), 1885, 1886
Shuricy, Richard H., (CSA veteran), 1821, 01-25-1902
Smith Boy, 12-21-1885
Smith, Hunter, 03-00-1892, 07-16-1914
Smith, William, 1840, 04-13-1882
Speer, Sam, 12-24-1876
Speer, Elizabeth McAllister, 1822, 1876
Stout, Edward, 1887
Strong, Alexander Joe, 06-06-1855, 1902
Temple, James Lewis ***, 12-21-1878
Willis, Anderson, (CSA veteran), 08-24-1834, 03-05-1884
Wilson, Andrew Jackson "Andy", (Veteran - Texas Frontier Forces) , 09-14-1847, 09-26-1916
Wilson, Milus, 12-24-1883, 11-08-1900
Word, Jane, 1896
Word, Mark, (CSA veteran), 1896
Wright, Major***, 1878

*** Data from IT OCCURRED IN KIMBLE - 0. C. Fisher. N.C.Patterson lists the names as "Frazier"
****This is the probable resting place of Nicholas Dagher, an itinerant peddler or "drummer" of the "Arabian tribe" who drowned at the eight-mile crossing on the South Llano River while attempting to retrieve his wares that were thrown into the water when his hack overturned., Passersby discovered his horse still tied to a tree on the bank of the river, and the body was recovered. An inquest was held, and the drowning was declared an accident,, *** " According to the late Annie Wilson Keese and Mattie Wilson Petty, their step-grandmother, Mary Ann Pettitt, widow of Confederate veteran G. D. Pettitt, was laid to rest in the Pioneer Cemetery (at the foot of Betty Wilson Earwood's grave), but her headstone was placed in the Junction City cemetery near the grave of other family members. I believe her grave stone was purchased after the use of the Pioneer Cemetery was discontinued., Mrs. Pettitt was a sister of Confederate veteran John Ellis, whose grave in the Pioneer cemetery has been marked with a government stone,