Gentry Creek Grave

Kimble County, Cemeteries of Texas


Compiled and submitted by Frederica Burt Wyatt , July 6, 2000.

Location: On highway 377, about 5 miles northeast of Junction. This is one of the earliest cemeteries in Kimble County. One grave here is that of Allen Gentry, killed by Indians in 1867 at Leon's Point in Mason County. We believe his mother, Elsie "Alcy" Graevitt Gentry, died about 1860 and was also laid to rest here. The cemetery, near the pioneer home of Raleigh Gentry, bears the name of the creek where the Gentry family resettled from Viejo (Bear Creek) before the county was organized.

A memorial stone pays tribute to the memory of William Gentry, only man to march from the yet-to-be organized Kimble County to fight for the Confederacy. At least five Civil War veterans, one veteran of the War with Mexico, and veterans from both World Wars are buried here.

Dan C, Bird, grandson of George C. Kimble, an Alamo hero for whom Kimble County is named,was buried here, Bird's son, Jack, passed away in California in 1981,and according to his wishes, Jack's cremated remains were scatted above Teacup Mountain that looms in the distance from Gentry Creek Cemetery.

Here lies Robert F. Anderson, a native of Scotland, who was shot and killed in 1877 near London.


Last, First, Birth, Death, Ephitat
Anderson, Robert F., October 4,1843, May 11,1877
Barnes, Valverde, February 22,1862, May 5,1905
Beaty, J.R., October 24,1848, May 13,1879
Bird, Dan C., October 13,1872, August 30,1903
Bird, James Robert, December 15,1895, March 21,1899, (Son of D.C.& L.E.)
Bird, L., Marker Missing
Bird, Infant son of D.C. & L.E., February 23,1895, March 1,1895
Bishop, John J., September 11,1873, Febraury 4,1960
Browning, A.P., April 2,1830, February 16,1904, (C.S.A.Veteran)
Browning, Edward M., March 18,1889, August 28,1970
Browning, James A., February 3,1857, July 1,1933
Browning, John L. (Daughter), October 7,1895, November 17,1895
Browning, Josephine Childs, October 23,1869, March 25,1959, (Wife of J.A.)
Browning, Lottie Lolite, August 5,1904, August 29,1906
Browning, Nancy Moody, December 29,1833, August 22,1875, (Wife of A.P.)
Browning, Infant, March 8,1888, March 8,1888
Browning, Infant, April 30,1897, April 30,1897
Carlisle, Harry Thomas, August 25,1911, December 1,1986
Chessher, Walter, March 29,1902, August 30,1911
Childs, A.C., May 5,1813, March 23,1896, (C.S.A.Veteran)
Childs, Eunice Rebecca Williams, October 31,1847, February 21,1933, (Wife of A.C.)
Clark, Infant son of J.A. & M.E., July 2,1885, July 2,1885
Davis, Bonita Laverne Eckert, December 19,1931, February 23,1988, (Wife of Richard),
Davis, Mittie Irene, 1921, November 11,1924, (Daughter of m/m B.W.)
Davis, Richard Arnold, April 28,1923, April 27,1999
Davis, Sloan Wesley, March 9,1914, Decmeber 21,1993
Freeman, Belvadore Shockley, August 16,1853, February 27,1933, (Wife of W.A.),
Freeman, George W., September 15,1909, August 15,1926
Freeman, Henry, 1875, 1951
Freeman, John Lewis, March 12,1878, February 13,1959
Freeman, Mattie, December 16,1881, April 13,1976
Freeman, Milam, January 00,1903, September 4,1903
Freeman, Sam, April 8,1891, October 5,1974
Freeman, Wesley, October 17,1896, March 2,1960
Freeman, William Allen, 1850, 1910
Gentry, Allen, 1839, ca 1867, Killed by Indians, (C.S.A. veteran)
Gentry, Elsie "Alcy" Graevitt, 1815, November 00,1860, (Wife of Raleigh)
Gentry, John W. (Memorial Stone Only), ca 1901
Gentry, William, 1833, ca 1864, (Killed Civil War- Memorial Stone Only)
Gouger, William J., 1821, 1891, (C.S.A. Veteran)
Grobe, Bessie Clara, March 27,1903, January 1,1984
Grobe, Clara Welgehausen, July 1,1876, December 9,1928, (Wife of H.F.)
Grobe, Henry Fred, October 1,1874, May 20,1950
Grobe, May Belle, 1910, June 13,1913, (Daughter of m/m Emil)
Grobe, Ruby Minnie Olga, November 28,1907, August 21,1920
Grobe, Infant Son of H.F.& Clara
Grobe, Infant of m/m L.W., August 22,1926, August 22,1926
Hensley, Lola B., June 22,1921
Herron, Stella May Grobe, April 27,1913, October 1,1997, (Wife of Jim)
McCaleb, E. Arresta Barnes, June 23,1859, June 6,1916, (Wife of W.M.)
McCaleb, Oma C., November 10,1891, November 27,1891
McCaleb, Ora D., November 10,1891, January 12,1892
McCaleb, Verda Mae, December 19,1881, December 20,1886
McCaleb, William M., November 23,1853, March 18,1934
Martin, James A., November 5,1862, September 2,1910
Martin, James H., September 8,1826, October 19,1878, (C.S.A. Veteran)
Martin, Manda, August 10,1860, March 00,1883
Martin, Mary Lee Rowland, June 16,1834, February 6,1911, (Wife of James H.)
Miller, Alvice, 1889, 1889
Miller, Edgar, August 17,1892, December 4,1892, (Son of A.A. & C.D.)
Neal, Andrew J. "Dock", June 24,1849, May 19,1917
Neal, Mary T. Alexander, October 7,1849, April 6,1915, (Wife of A.J.)
Nixon, Aden L., January 00,1924, February 6,1994
Nixon, Audria Mae, November 00,1929, September 12,1935
Nixon, Caddie Mae Bishop, 1901, 1970, (Wife of Dock)
Nixon, Daniel C., 1957, 1979
Nixon, Dock, March 20,1896, March 6,1978
Nixon, Esther Francis, May 20,1932, January 9,1935
Nixon, LeeRoy Dock, January 21,1922, January 11,1982
Nixon, Marilyn June, February 18,1971, February 18,1971
Robbins, George Allen, No Dates
Seargeant, Annie Fitzgerald, March 7,1828, January 10,1912, (Wife of O.F.)
Seargeant, Oscar F., September 6,1827, December 29,1909, (Mexican War Veteran)
Smith, Carl B., November 3,1926, June 1,1993
Taff, Kalee Suzanne, December 23,1991, December 23,1991, (Infant Daughter of Doyal & Kay)
Terrell, Pete W., June 2,1909, September 2,1987
Tomlinson, Christopher L., September 9,1975, June 14,1993
Wright, John L., April 22,1916
Wright, Infant Daughter of J.L.& M.E. October 17,1895, November 17,1895
Wright, Margarett, November 23,1910, June 5,1913, (Daughter of J.L. & M.E.)
Wright, Infant Son of J.L. & M.E., April 1,1904, May 3,1904
Several Unknown Graves