Black Family Cemetery

Kimble County, Cemeteries of Texas


Compiled and submitted by Frederica Burt Wyatt , 1999.

Location: This small family cemetery, established in 1890, is located on the original land-holdings of Colonel William L. Black in Schleicher County, Texas. The small plot is located up the road and west of the Fort McKavett Cemetery. A giant oak tree, now succumbed to the ravages of time, still stands in the small graveyard.

The four graves are surrounded by an ornate metal fence, and a number of beautiful Desert Willows and Agave plants add to the uniqueness of the site.

The old Fort McKavett- Sonora highway (now Schleicher County Road #245) passes alongside the little cemetery.

Last, First, Birth, Death, Ephitat
Black, Delano, 10-25-1889, 02-24-1890
Black, Camilla Bogert, 05-07-1848, 05-22-1916, Wife of William L.
Black, William L., 08-03-1843, 05-11-1931
Black, William Leslie, Jr ., 11-09-1875, 09-05-1890