Spring Creek Cemetery

Avoca, Jones County, Cemeteries of Texas 

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Location: From Avoca, take FM 1636 west about 3 miles, then take County Road 621 south about .25 mile to Spring Creek Cemetery.

Historiacl Marker: Located near Spring Creek, this cemetery began in 1891 on two acres of land donated by the Methodist Church in the community known as Avo. The first recorded burial was that of Elender Cannon in February 1891. The Methodist Church deeded two additional acres to the cemetery in 1892. When the railroad was extended into this area in 1902, businesses began to grow east of Spring Creek about three miles. Avo was renamed Avoca when the town moved to this location. Spring Creek Cemetery is one of the only remaining landmarks left from the original townsite. The cemetery contains more than 1,000 burials, including Confederate Civil War veteran Patrick White, who was buried in February 1928. Veterans of World War I, World War II, Korea, and Vietnam are also buried here. Additional land was donated in 1950 by the Avoca School system and by the Methodist Church in 1971. Maintenance of the cemetery and its grounds began in the late 1890's with donations and an annual community workday organized by H.E. Culwell. Still a source of pride, the cemetery continues to serve as a burial site for Avoca and local area towns.