Mary Emily Brown Death Certificate

Haskell Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by Thomas D. Brown 

***Texas Department of Health Bureau of Vital Statistics CERTIFICATE OF DEATH

(1) Place of Death: County of Knox, City of Knox City, Texas

(2) Full name of Deceased: Mary Emily Brown

(3) Date of Death April 9, 1966

(4)Sex: Female

(5) Color or Race: White

(6) Married:

(7) Date of Birth: June 2, 1878

(8) Age: 88

(9) Occupation: housewife

(10) Birthplace: Walnut Springs, Texas, USA

(11) Father's name: Jim Warren

(12) Mother's name: Sarah Guinn

(13) Social Security No.: 455-62-30958

(14) Informant's Signature: Thomas Jefferson Brown

(15) Cause of Death: Pneumonia, due to Partial Intestinal obstruction, due to Generalized arthercelorosis

(16) I hereby certify that I attended the deceased from 3/20/1966 to 4/8/1966 that I saw the deceased alive 4/8/1966  and death occurred at 11:50 am. signature Robert G. Howell, M.D. Knox City, Texas. signed 4/9/1966.

(17)Burial:4/9/1966, Weinert Cemetery, Weinert, Texas

(18) Smith Funeral Home by Paul Clayton       

(19) Registrar's File 15, Joe Simmons, JP