Capron Cemetery

Sagerton, Haskell Co. Cemeteries of Texas

Location: In the Southeast part of Haskell County, Texas south of Highway 6 between Sagerton and Stamford, Texas. Go West out of Stamford for about 10 miles, turn South on CR 478 for 5.6 miles. The cemetery is located beside the road on the West side with the front entry way being on the East.

History: The land was donated by Mr. Ferdinand Teichelman who purchased a section of land here in the early 1900's. The original ledger of the cemetery is dated 1911. It was noted that in 1924 a box supper was held to raise funds to build a fence around the cemetery. Quote: "In 1934 money was donated to the cemetery fund from the sale of the Union Church of Bunker Hill." At this time records were being kept by Alfred Rinn. In March of 1962 the records were transferred to Clarence Teichelman as agreed by all present at a cemetery cleaning day. Donations were received and a new metal gate and sign were added. It was agreed by all present to reduce the size of the cemetery from its 3 acres for easier maintenance. Clarence Teichelman was to move the fence, clean and farm the land west of the cemetery. At the present time it is maintained by families of those resting here. There are numerous unmarked gravesites and we are unable to verify who might be buried at most of the markings. Names that are on the ledger will be listed at the end of this document. Mr. Teichelman isn't sure if they are buried here, or if they only donated money for the maintenance. Other names will be listed in alphabetical order:

Inscriptions by Joe A. and Dorothy (Baitz) Clark -.July, 2002

Last, First, Birth, Death, Comments
Beene, Albert, Oct. 12, 1913, Dec.28,1939, Single, How desolate our home bereft of thee son of W.M. & M.S.
Beene, Mollie, Apr.20,1874, Feb. 1, 1936, Double
Beene, William M., Apr. 13, 1865, Apr. 12, 1941, Double
Brauner, Frank, A good man
Brewer, J.H., Oct. 3, 1863, July 13, 1940, Single, Asleep in Jesus
Brewer, Mrs. J.H., Oct. 18, 1876, Apr. 12, 1918, Single, Asleep in Jesus
Buenger, Antonio, Aug. 29, 1869, Feb. 10, 1911, Single, Gone but not forgotten
Chairs, Willie, Mar. 12 1892, Oct. 13, 1914, Single
Cornelius, Hattie L., Mar. 8, 1880, May 2, 1910, Single, She was a kind wife, mother, a friend to all
Cornelius, S.R., Apr. 8, 1875, Jan 4, 1936, Single, Gone but not forgotten (There is another stone by these two, but the name, dates, etc have been removed)
Elliott, Walter, Feb. 1, 1879, Feb. 28, 1917, Single, His toils are past his work is done, he fought the fight, the victory won.
Fricke, Elsie M., 1886, 1962, Single
Fricke, Ernest W., 1882, 1958, Single
Fricke, Wilhelmine, 1855, 1945, Single
Glenn, J.A., Dec. 4, 1887, July 1, 1910, Single
Gray, Mrs. M.R., 1839, 1922, She's safe at home
Grimes, Bonita J., Oct. 1, 1923, Oct. 2, 1923, Single
Grimes, Edna M., Aug. 19, 1934, Feb. 17,1936, Single
Grisham, Aug. 23, 1915, Aug. 23, 1915, infant son of M/M C.N.Grisham, Budded on earth to bloom in heaven
Grisham, Celia Ann, Oct. 17, 1849, Jan.19, 1918, Single, Gone to rest wife of A.T. Grisham
Grisham, Charlie N., 1888, 1938, Single
Guinn, Jan. 6, 1913, Jan. 7, 1913, infant son, Single, son of M/M D.M.Guinn
Guinn, David M., 1876, 1944, Double (Picture) WOW (served in Spanish American War) There are no partings in heaven
Guinn, John Lee, 1908, 1932, Single, Just in the morning of his days, in youth and love he died
Guinn, Mary A., 1872, 1948, Double, (with David M.)(picture), There are no partings in heaven
Guinn, Roy B., Nov 1, 1902, Feb. 12,1920, Single, (Flag engraved on top of stone), We knew no sorrow knew no grief 'till thy bright face was missed
Guinn, Willie Dave, Nov. 6, 1905, Aug. 5, 1986, Single In loving memory (praying hands engraved on stone)
Hardin, Addie, Apr. 1886, Apr. 26, 1934, Single
Hardin, Henrietta, Dec. 28, 1932, Double
Hardin, John Henry, Nov. 2, 1859, Dec. 22, 1944, Double
Hardin, Wilburn Ray, Feb. 2, 1917, Apr. 3, 1993, Single, Beloved daddy and (horse engraved on stone), grandaddy
Hardin, William, Oct. 18, 1883, Jan. 29, 1969, Single
Hargrove, Michael & Daniel, Dec. 14, 1955, Dec. 14, 1955, Single, (sons of Joe Mack and Ernestine (Beene) Hargrove)
Healer, Hattie, Sept. 28, 1879, Apr. 10,1908, Single, Asleep in Jesus
Healer, Lela, Apr. 5, 1901, July 5, 1918, Single, All is well
Healer, Norma, Apr. 12, 1903, July 25, 1918, Single, All is well
Hoggard, Cecil, Oct. 12, 1920, Dec. 13, 1920, Single, God bless our baby
Hoggard, J.D., Jan 24, 1917, Feb. 28, 1917, Single, God bless our baby
Irvin, Mary Ellen, Oct. 8, 1880, Aug. 1, 1939, Single
Kainer, Lou, Aug. 25, 1899, Mar. 7, 1927, Single A tender mother (wife of Eddie Kainer) Picture on stone a faithful friend
Klose, Herman, Mar 18, 1899, Feb. 19, 1993, Double
Klose, Louise, June 15, 1902, Feb. 23, 1971, Double
Kohout, Ruthie, (This is a handmade stone of cement covered with bits of bright-colored royal blue and green glass...dates are unreadable)
Morris, Earl Wayne, Oct. 4, 1934, Sept. 8, 1936, Cement Stone, Son
O'Keefe, S.A., 1842, 1932, Single
Rice, Thurman C., Sept. 15, 1912, Dec. 2, 1998, Single
Roberts, Cecil, Sept. 16, 1924, Single, (son of M/M G.A. Roberts)
Roberts, Delia F., Feb 2, 1911, Apr. 5, 1920, Single, fairer bud of promise never bloomed
Teichelman, Feb. 16, 1917, Infant Son, Single, How soon fades the tender flower (infant son of M/M Charlie Teichelman)
Teichelman, Charlie F., Oct. 20, 1892, Jan 18, 1964, Double, Together
Teichelman, Nellie R., Sept. 6, 1893, July 30, 1967, Double, Together (book of life inscribed on stone)
Teichelman, Ferdinand, May 9, 1856, July 6, 1935, Double, (Picture)
Teichelman, Magdalena, July 6, 1857, Apr. 25, 1953, Double, (Picture) And each tool is laid aside
worn with work done with pride
Teichelman, Herbert, July 29, 1920, Aug 30, 1922, Double
Teichelman, Gilbert, July 29, 1920, July 31, 1922, Double, Gone but not forgotten
Wofford, Artie Missia, Aug. 31, 1881, July 25, 1965, Double
Wofford, James Jeffrey, July 22, 1879, Mar. 7, 1968, Double, (married Jan 24, 1900)
Wofford, Curtis, June 28, 1905, June 8, 1926, Single
Wofford, Goldie, July 19, 1909, Nov. 5, 1922, Single, She was too good too gentle and fair to dwell in this cold world of care

Other names listed in the ledger are: E.C. Buerger, Bruces, Charles, Haley, H . Mueller, Jr.,
W.F. James, McClinton, H. Nauert, F.A. Schneider, Rosenkranz, Miller, Haley, W.G. Stremmel,
G.W. Cutter, George Turner, W.F.James, Robert Fourquran Reece, G.W. Clements, Wesley Murry,
T.L. Rowan, Williams. W.B. Herring, P.R. Clement, Frank Browner, E.L. Hines, E.J. Chatwell,
Otto Meier, W.W. Newton, Medlends and Jones.
As stated above, it is not known if these people are buried in this cemetery, but
there are numerous unmarked graves.