Honey Creek Cemetery

Hico , Hamilton Co, Cemeteries of TX


From left, Gracy Perdue, G. M. Perdue, and George Perdue monuments

Photos by Sherry Stringer and Don Stringer

inscription on the tombstone of Dr. W. B. Reed reads, 'First County Judge of Hamilton County. Erected by the

i citizens of Hamilton County.' Dr. Reed was not the Chief Justice (county judge) of Hamilton County until 1862-63"

When William Herrin Reed died as a result of smallpox, he was buried on Dr. Reed's land and then  others were buried there and the place became the Honey Creek Cemetery 

Markers photos by Ric Gordon   (RG)

Name Birth Death Comments
ADAMS, CURTIS 08/28/1890 10/21/1895 s/o Richard "Dick" Adams and Elizabeth "Betty" Giddins
ADAMS, EARGLE 7/14/1905 8/27/1905 s/o Richard "Dick" Adams and Elizabeth "Betty" Giddins
ADAMS, JIM CADDIE 9/1/1902 9/17/1905 s/o Richard "Dick" Adams and Elizabeth "Betty" Giddins
ADAMS, THOMAS ca. 1859 04/07/1894 -
ADAMS, WESLEY 08/13/1894 12/31/1891 s/o Thomas & Eliza Adams
ADAMS, LEVI 1875 1919 h/o Eunice (Harris) Adams M: 12/05/1900, Hamilton County
ALLRED, LILLIE VIOLA 09/09/1894, 6/22/1982 Single born Hamilton County, TX d/o S. F. Allred & Nancy Emma Nash
ARNOLD, ETHEL 04/27/1891 09/04/1892 d/o J. E. Arnold & M. E. "Mollie" Deaton
ARNOLD, INFANT DAU 3/10/1902 6/12/1902 d/o J. E. Arnold & M. E. "Mollie" Deaton
BURNEY, ELEANOR 03/30/1900 11/15/1900 John Allen Cobb Burney & Mattie Clementine "Tiny" Columbus (RG)
COLUMBUS, LOUIS SAMUEL 03/15/18875/23/1911
A. h/o Sarah Laberne (Smith) Gordon Born in PM: 08/12/1866, Bell Co., TX Company "G", Baylor's Regiment, Texas Cavalry Company "F", Saufley's Scouting Battalion  (RG)
COLUMBUS, JOSEPH A.. 10/03/1868 09/15/1884 s/o Louis Samuel Columbus & Sarah Laberne Smith  (RG)
COLUMBUS, SARAH LABRENE (SMITH) 11/06/1847 5/5/1935 w/o Louis Samuel Columbus Married: 08/12/1866, Bell Co., TX s/o David & Mary Clementine SmithB: Whitfield Co., GA (RG)
COZBY, SUSAN ANNA (WHITTENBURG) 07/04/1907 w/o Josiah Crawford Cozby M: 12/28/1841, Talladega Co., AL
COZBY, JOSIAH CRAWFORD 12/04/1883 h/o Susan Anna (Whittenburg) Cozby M: 12/28/1841, Talladega Co., AL s/o John E. Cozby & Mary Simmons
DEATON, ELIAS L. 12/18/1899 Wife #1: Mary Emily (Wright) Deaton M: 07/18/1880 Author of "History of Indian Fights on the Frontiet" Wife #2: Mrs. Harriett Olivia (McCarty) Deaton
DEATON, JOHN F. 10/05/1862 12/23/1881 s/o Elias L. Deaton & Mary Emily Wright
DEATON, LAURA (ADAMS) 05/21/1867 2/28/1912 w/o Rev. John Seymour Deaton
DEATON, MARY EMILY (WRIGHT) 10/02/1832 03/04/1880 w/o ELias L. Deaton
DEATON, THOMAS T. 12/08/1893 Fairy s/o Elias L. Deaton & Mary Emily Wright Deputy Sheriff Tom Deaton was murdered at Fairy when he attempted to arrest Jim Jones.
GORDON, GERALDINE 6/4/1910 6/4/1911 Parents: Chester Arthur Gordon & Lillie Belle Tillinghast  (RG)
GORDON, ROBERT ERWIN, SR. 02/20/184203/16/1931 h/o Rosa Ann (Gallagher) Gordon (C.S.A.) [Robert enlisted as a private with Company "B, " Capt. R. Stuart Wierís Co. (Enterprise Guards) 14th Regiment, Mississippi Infantry at Corinth, Alcorn Co., MS.]M: 04/22/1865, Gordonville, TX Parents: Andrew "Andy" Gordon (1807-1855) & Amanda Malvina Tolson (d. 1844)  (RG)
GORDON, ROSA ANN (GALLAGHER) 03/12/1846, 12/12/1910 w/o Robert Erwin Gordon, Sr. M: 04/22/1865, Gordonville, Lowndes County, AL, s/o John Gallagher (1802-1863) & Caroline Key (1822-bef. 1863) Mobile, Alabama  (RG)
GORDON, ZADA BELLE (COLUIMBUS) 06/20/1936, w/o James Emmett Gordon, Sr.M: 12/23/1907, Hamilton County, TX, d/o Louis Samuel Columbus (C.S.A) (1837-1911) & Sarah Laberne Smith (1847-1935)Buried: Honey Creek Cemetery Re-interred in Oakwood.
GREER, ALICE ALINE 05/1921, 07/08/1922 Parents: B. William Greer & Georgie Annie Latham who married December 25, 1913
Hail, Emma (Carolina Dry) 01/12/1860 3/1/1907 w/o William Robert Hail M: Jan 11, 1877 in Old Hico, Texas
Hail, W. R. (William Robert) 5/20/1941 h/o Emma Carroline (Dry) Hail M: Jan 11, 1877 in Old Hico, Texas Father: William Hail b. 17 Oct 1809 who married Susanna Anderson on 17 of March 1839, Fayettsville, AR. Susanna Anderson was born Jan 1822 in Clarksville, Red River County, Texas.. William & Susanna were buried in Duffau. William Hail b. 1809-- his father was John Hail b. 1783 in S. Carolina. His mother was Sarah Clark b. Aug 5, 1787 in South Carolina. Sarah Clark is kin to the Clark of the Lewis and Clark expedition. William Hail donated the land where the Town of Ozark, Arkansas was built....
HAVINS, HUBERT L. 04/01/1891 1/8/1961 Pvt. Co. K Infantry World War I
HENDERSON, EMMETTE 10/31/1887 5/22/1915 Woodmen of the World
HENDERSON, JAY H. 09/20/1897 08/22/1899 s/o Henry Walton Henderson & Kate Catherine Deaton
HENDERSON, WELDON 7/14/1911 6/10/1915 s/o William E. Henderson & Bertha Simpson
JAGGARS, MARY S. (VINSON) 10/10/1903 12/15/1923 w/o L. A. Jaggars M: 10/12/1922 d/o Anson E. & Eula D. Vinson, Sr.
JORDAN, COLLIN 9/11/1904 5/12/1906 Parents: J. W. & M. J. Jordan
JORDAN, ELIZABETH A. 05/15/1814 08/28/1894 w/o Joseph Jordan
JORDAN, J. ANDREW 02/25/1852 4/9/1937 h/o Maniza A. Jordan
JORDAN, JOSEPH 01/12/1806 02/05/1891 h/o Elizabeth A. Jordan
JORDAN, MABEL 11/15/1914 2/15/1915 d/o J. W. & M. J. Jordan
JORDAN, MANIZA A. 10/23/1852 4/3/1928 w/o J. Andrew Jordan
LEETH, CARLTON N. 06/02/1895 08/23/1895 s/o James Jeremiah Leeth & Ruth Ella Watson
LEETH, OTIS 06/21/1896 12/03/1897 s/o James Jeremiah Leeth & Ruth Ella Watson
LOVELL, ELIZA (HARWELL) (ADAMS) 06/02/1864 4/2/1939 Husband #2: J. D. Lovell M: 02/22/1887, Hamilton County s/o James D. Harwell
NASH, LULA A. 11/29/1887 11/6/1902 d/o W. A. & M. C. Nash
NASH, LUTHER D. 07/06/1875 08/09/1879 s/o W. A. & M. A. Nash
O'NEAL, J. W. 01/12/1852 02/22/1889 .
PARTON, MARCUM A. 03/27/1882 11/5/1934 h/o Ora Edna (Brown) Parton M: 06/08/1905, Hamilton County
PARTON, MARY ADA 11/25/1909 3/5/1910 Parents: Marcum A. Parton & Ora Edna Brown
PARTON, ORA EDNA (BROWN) 11/08/1885 2/17/1966 w/o Marcum A. Parton M: 06/08/1905, Hamilton County
PATTERSON, CLAUDIE M. 08/19/1897 09/277/1897 d/o J. H. & Lutitia V. Patterson
PATTERSON, INFANT DAUGHTER 09/24/1891 09/24/1891 d/o J. H. & Lutitia V. Patterson
PATTERSON, J. L. 04/08/1884 10/23/1910 .
PATTERSON, LUTITIA V. 02/15/1859 02/27/1899 w/o J. H. Patterson
PERDUE, GEORGE 02/01/1871 07/13/1890 -
PERDUE, G. M. 07/18/1838 12/02/1889 h/o Gracy Perdue
PERDUE, GRACY 04/11/1829 12/28/1892 w/o G. M. Perdue
PHILLIPS, LINNIE 01/26/1897 05/31/1889 .
RASOR, NEVA 12/15/1897 12/26/1900 d/o A. R. & S. M. Rasor
RASOR, HENRY HARRISON 2/2/1903 h/o Mary Catherine (Forgey) Harrison M: Maury Co., TN
REED, INFANT SON Feb 25 1879 04/04/1879 s/o William H. Reed & S. Rozilee Blackstock
REED, PLEASANT 05/14/1818 02/14/1863 h/o Amanda Melvina (Herrin) Reed Married: 29 Dec., 1842 Parents:William B. Reed & Sarah Wright According to Family, Pleasant was the first person to be buried in Honey Creek Cemetery Franklin Co., TN
REED, S. ROZILEE (BLACKSTOCK) Sep 18 1856 02/10/1900 w/o William H. Reed M: 6 January 1867 B: Georgia
REED, VIOLA Feb 14 1881 05/26/1883  
Reed, William B. Dr. July 12 1798 03/01/1863 h/o Sarah (Wright) Reed M: 1817 Parents: Isaac H. Reed, Sr. & Elizabeth Harper Dr. Reed was Chief Justice (county judge) of Hamilton County in 1862-63.Born in South Carolina
Reed, William H., 11 06 1844 12/03/1929 Wife #1: S. Rozilee (Blackstock) ReedM: 6 January 1867Wife #2: Kate (Jones) ReedM: 1905 s/o Pleasant Reed & Amanda Melvina Herrin
SHAW, DORCAS 01/24/1830 10/22/1910 w/o T. B. Shaw
SHAW, T. B. 05/28/1856 01/26/1884 h/o Dorcas Shaw
SMITH, CATHERINE ELIZABETH (ZORNES) 04/29/1825 04/18/1899 w/o George Washington Smith B: Lewis Co., KY
SMITH, GEORGE WASHINGTON 6/28/1904 h/o Catherine Elizabeth (Zornes) Smith s/o Nancy Smith Co. I, 10th Regt., KY Cavalry
TINSLEY, FANNIE M. 09/30/1867 0319/1937 w/o John S. Tinsley
TINSLEY, JOHN S. 05/17/1859 12/1/1938 h/o Fannie M. Tinsley
VINSON, ANSON E., SR, 07/10/1874 5/24/1929 Wife:Eula D. Vinson
VINSON, EULA D. 01/27/1881 5/24/1960 w/o Anson E. Vinson, Sr.
VINSON, HERBERT E. 11/24/1924 12/20/1924 s/o Anson E. & Eula D. Vinson, Sr.
VINSON, HOMER E. 10/24/1902 12/29/1902 s/o Anson E. & Eula D. Vinson, Sr.
WEEKS, MINNIE INEZ (PARTON) 6/13/1911 9/11/1984 d.o Marcum A. Parton & Ora Edna Brown
WOOSLEY, MARY E. 05/08/1843 4/22/1933 w/o George Woosley
WOOSLEY, MARY ELLEN 10/07/1883 5/9/1900 d/o George and Mary E. Woosley