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Photos by Linda Bowden

Historical Marker:   Carlton Cemetery is commemorative of the growth and decline of a fading community as agriculture and railroads changed the destiny of small Texas towns. Local lore places the first grave at this site in 1867 when J. E. Pinkerton, a farmer, was killed by a band of Indians. After hitting solid rock, area settlers moved 200 feet to the north, where they established Pinkerton's grave with a 16-inch high solid native stone bearing only his initials on a chiseled shield. The village of Carlton was organized in 1876 and named for Dr. F. M. Carlton, who was buried here in 1897. James Monroe McCarty rests in the first dated grave, inscribed January 21, 1872. Of 1,278 graves counted in 1997, 213 are unmarked. Of these, 22 anonymous graves date from the influenza epidemic of 1918-1919. Also buried here is Deputy Sheriff Audie Gibson, killed by bandits in 1932. Carlton natives have faithfully maintained the cemetery in honor of their relatives, friends, and the many local veterans who served their country. The Carlton Cemetery Association was formed in 1957. L. W. Fine, cemetery overseer, was the last person to be buried by his neighbors in 1957. Burial services have since been assumed by funeral homes. (1998)



First Grave in Carlton Cemetery: On July 9, 1867, J. E. Pinkerton, a farmer, traveling to Carlton on horseback, became bogged down in a muddy swamp whild crossing Tywhappatee Creek. While struggling to free his horse, he was attacked by a band of renegade Comanche Indians. This occurred the same date that renegade Comanche Indians attacked the country school house 7 miles northease of Hamilton. Two children were taken captive and their teacher Ann Whitney lost her life protecting her students. It is unknown which attack happened first. S. J. (Dock) Kerley helped bury Mr. Pinkerton. Due to rock
formations elsewhere his site was shocen for the Carlton Cemetery. Mrs. R. L. (Eula Brimer said her father, Mr. J. W. Hill attended the funeral of a neighbor's baby girl and sat on the grave of J. E. Pinderton. An unidentifed small grave lies north, next to the grave of Mr. Pinkerton. (This is thought to be that child's grave.)


Partial inscriptions and photos by Linda Bowden

Photos by Ric Gordon (RG)

Last, Given, Birth, Death, Comments
Carlton, Dr. F. M., Apr. 6, 1861, Apr. 2, 1897
Carlton, Mary E., Dec. 28, 1836, Oct. 10, 1896, Wife of F. M. Carlton
Gordon, Ada May June 24 1883, Aug 10 1963 
Gordon, Edna May, Dec 11 1907, Dec 29 1979 
Gordon, Fred, Mar 12 1876 Jan 10 1944 
Gordon, Irene, Apr 17 1909,Jan 25 1977 
Hardin, Delia Faye, 1910, 1973
Hardin, Joe Allen, 1902, no date
Hatley, Mary C. HatleyDec 12 1924, Mar 07 1948  
Massingill, George S., Jul. 1, 1865, Jun. 20, 1941
Massingill, Millie M., Nov. 27, 1869, Feb. 21, 1955
Massingill, Riley, Apr. 10, 1893, Oct. 14, 1918, Son of G. S. and M. M. Massingill
Patterson, John T., 1840, Apr. 3, 1890, Father
Patterson, Mary Permelia, Jun. 25, 1856, Oct. 7, 1916, Mother
Richbourg, F. M., May 18, 1842, Jul. 30, 1913, Father
Richbourg, M. F., Apr. 6, 1848, Dec. 20, 1929, Mother
Rogers, Amanda E., Sep. 11, 1837, Nov. 24, 1912
Stapp, Lizzie, 1876, no date
Sanders, Lena Gordon Apr 27 1911Sep 24 1991 
Tillinghast, Oliver, Oct 10 1851, July 04 1913 
Tillinghast, Josephine, Aug 03 1858, Nov 25 1936 w/o O. P. 
Turner, John, 1854, 1931
Turner, Johnnie, 1860, 1945
Turney, James R., Jan. 6, 1859, Oct. 2, 1915
Turney, N. Alice, Jul. 4, 1866, Jun. 18, 1949
White, Maggie E., Sep. 8, 1866, Mar. 25, 1946
White, M. B. (Uncle Matt), Oct. 19, 1856, Dec. 15, 1933
Williams, Claud H., 1880, 1954
Williams, Mary E., 1876, 1966