Smith Cemetery

Floyd County, Cemeteries of TX

Recorded and transcribed by Dean Burson, Martha Hawk, Betty Moeller

Location: NW of Flomot on the Smith farm.

History: John Washington and Martha {Crawford} Smith came to Floyd County, Texas in 1891 a few graves were in the old Greymule Cemetery but that was several miles to the NW and across the bank of the Quitaque River. The first one buried there was Johnny Garland Smith. He was bitten by a rattlesnake on the day before his fifth birthday and died that evening and was buried on his birthday. The cemetery lays on a slow rise of the pasture southwest of the old house. Before his death John Smith deeded 2 acres to Floyd County so there would be a free burial ground for members of the family and any friend or stranger in the area who needed a burial plot. Neomia Maud Smith {Nevil} later set up a trust fund to take care of the upkeep of the cemetery. In 1963 Orville and Ruth Lee fenced in about 1 acre of the area with metal posts and cable rope. Beginning on the west from N to S :

First Row:
Last, First, Birth, Death, Comments
Smith, Rollie John, b 3 June 1915, d 22 May 1998, Also has WWII Veteran's Marker, BM1 U S Navy,
Smith, Rollie Crawford, b 8 Nov 1885, d 1 March 1959
Smith, Neomia Maud {Nevil}, b 21 Nov 1883, d 16 May 1971, Asleep in Jesus.
Smith, Bonnie Halbert {boy}, b 6 Jan 1893, d 11 Jan 1893, Our Baby Sone of J. W. & Mattie Smith.
Smith, Johnny Garland, b 6 Oct 1887, d 5 Oct 1892, Our Baby Son of J.W. & Mattie Smith.
Smith, Mattie {Martha Halbert Crawford}, b 11 Feb 1854, d 16 Jan 1899 with one infant daughter (twins). , Tho Lost to Sight to Memory Dear. Surviving twin, Mattie Skinner. Wife and daughter of J. W. Smith.
Smith, John Washington, b 28 Jan 1854, d 18 Jan 1943, Asleep till the resurrection.
McEylea, Jackie Travis, b 18 Mar 1946, d 14 May 1946, In The Kingdom of Thy Grace, Give a Little Child A Place.

Skinner, Mattie, b 16 Jan 1899, d 18 Feb 1992, Double stone, married Apr 24, 1919, Parents of Ruel, LaVerne, Ruth
Skinner, Sebastian Walter, b 9 Mar 1896, d 8 May 1982, Double stone, also has WWI Veteran's marker. Parents of Ruel, Laverne & Ruth.

Smith, Edgar, b. 9 Aug 1885, d. 2 May 1963, Asleep in Jesus.

Second row:
Last, First, Birth, Death, Comments
McReynolds, John, No dates known. He was a cowboy who worked for S.W. Skinner and died in the early 1930's. Marked with a small metal cross.
Infant, migrant Mexican who died in Motley County about 1949. Marked with a small metal cross. Her father worked for S. W. Skinner.

Skinner, Lura Ellen, b 20 June 1929, still living (30 Aug 2000), Double stone, m Sep 21, 1946
Skinner, Ruel Rollie, b 24 Feb 1920, d 15 July 1996, Double stone, Ruel also has WWII Veteran's Marker. Parents of Billy, Jaunita, Glenn, Mary, Bonnie, Carol & Walter.

Smith, Lavern Avis( Skinner) Smith, b 1 July 1923, d 19 Dec 1991, m Sidney Paige Smith of Tinnie, NM. She was cremated and scattered over her farm land on the south side of Smith Creek in Floyd County, Texas.