Thannisch-Morgan Cemetery

Eastland County, Cemeteries of TX

Photos by Sheriff Jerry Hicks

Location: Thannisch/Morgan Cemetery is located about 9 miles southwest of Gorman, on private property (on the Windham Ranch). The cemetery is enclosed by a cyclone fence. There are 29 graves marked with only rocks without names and dates.

History: According to Mrs. Charlie McKeehan, (now deceased), of the Sipe Springs community, "The first burial was about 1870 and was of a man found dead in the dry creek bed at daylight by two brothers, Floyd and Green Justice. It was thought that the man killed himself. His name was not known. Mrs. McKeehan also told of a man known as Doc. Ledenham who was murdered near Duster in Comanche County and was buried in this cemetery."- Mrs. McKeehan was the daughter of W.B. & P.P. Slough.

Last, First, Birth, Death, Comments
Slough, Pinkney Penelope Thannisch, 11-27-1846, 3-10-1917
Slough, Robert Edward, 5-16-1850, 6-22-1883
Thannisch, William B., 4-4-1843, 5-14-1873
Thannisch, Mary K., 1-21-1867, 6-25-1872, Dau of W.B. & P.P. Thannisch
Hicks, Infant boy , 9-20-1892, 9-20-1892, Child of T.J. & C.E. Hicks
Doc. Ledenham, ?, ?, No information, Unmarked grave
Underwood, Manuel F., 12-16-1883, 12-18-1884, Son of J.M. & M.S. Underwood

The last stone is outside of the fence. Note: "Pinkney Penelope Keith or Harrison, married William B. Thannisch in 1861. They had 3 children, 1 died young. After his death, she married my great-granddad, Robert E. Slough in 1875. They had 4 children, including my grandmother. As you can see, Robert E. died young. P.P. was left with 6 children to raise by herself. She is buried here between her two husbands. The Un-named Hicks child would have been my great uncle. My grandfather, Thomas Jefferson Hicks, married Robert E. & P.P.'s daughter Cora Slough, this was their child." - Sheriff Jerry Hicks