St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery

Donley Co Cemeteries of TX

Inscriptions by Denise Bertrand and Robert Bertrand.  

Submitted by Paula Hayworth

Location: On the west side of Highway 70 approximately ? mile south of Clarendon, Texas.

History: Rev. Ed. J. Dunn D.D. Bishop purchased the 300 square foot plot of land on March 17, 1898. The cemetery was purchased for the price of two dollars. The first recorded burial was three years later on Feb. 2, 1901.

Last, Given, Birth, Death, Comments, Lot/Block/Section
Butler, Bea Meyer Stoc, 16-Feb 1901, 5-Feb 1994, Ordained May 1, 1948
Butler, Fred Dennis, 16-Dec 1909, 28-Jun 1983, Wife of J. A. Thrower, Asleep in Jesus
Cain, Jacobus F. "Jim", no date, 10-Mar 1910
Cain, Sadie, no date, 12-May 1922
Cain, Sarah "Sallie", no date, 17-Mar 1930
Cain, T. D. "Tom", no date, 23-Feb 1924
Cain, Wm "Bill", no date, 13-Nov 1913
Carlson, J. Arnold, Rev, 25-Feb 1914, Jan 1998
Harvey, J. K., 1862, 1902, Born in Saltillo Mex, died in Clarendon, Aged 70 years 3 mo 20 days
Harvey, Louis W., 4-Aug 1889, 2-Feb 1901
Harvey, Monica, 1870, 1956
Harvey, Robert L., 1899, 1966
Rodriquez, Johannis (Juan), 11-Jan 1840, 30-Apr 1910
Smith, Bert, 1879, 1948, Son of J. K. & M. Harvey
Smith, infant, no date, 1919
Smith, Kostka M., 1891, 16-Nov 1921
Smith, Olbert L., 1885, 1974
Thrower, Mrs. Josephine, 17-Jul 1880, 21-Apr 1918

Unmarked Graves
Besay, Bertha, no date, 8-30-1907
Carroll, Robert Warren, no date, 8-10-1922
Carroll, T. W., no date, 7-4-1923
Flynn, Johanna, no date, 5-20-1910
Jaramillo, Joe Epifanio, no date, 5-1-1996
Kennedy, Michael, no date, 8- -1903
Magee, , Mary infant, no date, 10-7-1907
Miller, Jounquine G. R. (Johannis), 1877, 6-3-1910
Scanlon, Joannes, no date, 3-16-1902