Rest Lawn Memorial Park

Deaf Smith County, Tx

Sorry, cemetery inscriptions not available to us at this time.   For inscriptions see: *Rest Lawn Memorial Park.

Photo by Jeanette Coaly

This is partial listing of burials! . Thanks to  Cathy Powers[CP] Leaton Clark [LC]

Rest Lawn Cemetery is located 2 miles north of Hereford, on Hwy 285, Deaf Smith County, Texas

Clark, James Oren, b. 9/27/1902, d. 8/29/1989, [LC]
Crump, Cleatice James, b. 11/8/1904, d. 1/15/1969, h/o Zella Mae, [LC]
Crump, Elizabeth Zell, d. 1975 [LC]
Crump, Ora Zella 'Zella Mae'(Walser), b. 03/12/1908, d. 4/30/1990 w/o Cleatice, [LC]
Hoover, Charlie Allen, b. Nov 15, 1893 Tulia, Swisher Co. Tex, d. Aug 24, 1856 In Herford, Deaf Smith Co., Texas, bur. Blk 139-1, [CP]
Hoover, Toni Mae, b. 1898, d. 1956 Herford, Deaf Smith Co., Tex, bur. Blk 64-G-8.

Peterson, Elizabeth Shalaya, b. 3/30/1989, d. 6/13/1998, d/o Kari, [LC]
Peterson, Kari Elizabeth (Robinson), b. 6/8/1966, d. 6/13/1998, [LC]
Peterson, Patrick Henry, b. 3/23/1990, d. 6/13/1998, s/o Kari, [LC]
Robinson, Elizabeth Zell (Crump), b. 1/4/1943, d. 1/12/1983, d/o Cleatice & Ora, [LC]
Walser, Laura Elizabeth (Lance), b. 8/6/1888, d. 9/15/1973, w/o Fate, [LC]
Walser, Rebecca Glenn (Curry), b. 2/13/1914, d. 5/31/1983, [LC]
Walser, Samuel Lafayette 'Fate' Jr, b. 10/23/1885, d. 7/1/1981 h/o Laura, [LC]