Swearingen  Cemetery

Paducah, Cottle County, Cemeteries of Texas

Submitted by Sydney Key

Photos by R. M. Miller  (RM)

The Swearingen Cemetery is located east of Highway 104 about 13 miles northeast of Paducah, Texas; near the old town of Swearingen. The cemetery is difficult to locate, being a large area with few tombstones. At one time there was a marker indicating the cemetery. The marker may or may not be there now. It is believed the cemetery was located on a corner of the old Ox Ranch.

Adams, Wylee, b no date d 1924

Birkhead, Unita Watrece, b Dec 11 1925 d Feb 23 1927

Bullock, Reedy, b no date d no date

Ellis, Oma Lee, b no date d 1918

Francis, Emma, b no date d no date

Gregory, Jessie P., b 1877 d 1931

Kitchens, Wanda Virginia, b Oct 19 1926 d Oct 19 1926

Knox, Minnie O., b no date d May 13 1922

Ledbetter, Mr., b no date d no date

Looney, Jesse, b 1877 d1917

Mayo, Leonard Hull, b Mar 15 1920 d Nov 04 1922

Mayo, Sammie Lucile, b Oct 25 1920, d Apr 03 1921

Mayo, Theo Elsie, b Jun 24 1924 d Aug 22 1924

McCormick, Vivian E., b Oct 08 1906, d Sep 29 1917

Orr, J.C., b 1857 d 1917

Savage, James Valentine, b no date d no date

Warren, Betty, b May 1926 d Nov 1926