Garden Of Memories

Paducah, Cottle County, Cemeteries of Texas

    Photos by Gary Webb

Location: The Garden of Memories Cemetery is located on the south part of town on US 83, about 100 yard east of the highway on a paved road. It is extremely well kept and the most remarkable feature is this little gazebo like structure which is mostly made of stone that houses a list of all the interned in a binder free for public inspection. The listing is by sirname and easy to use. Unfortunately, I didn't have the opportunity to copy it, as the file was quite large, and wouldn't you know it, I forgot to take my protable zerox machine with me! Perhaps we will be able to get the inscriptions posted here soon. Until then, enjoy the pictures.

Inscriptions by Carolyn S. Dickey (Parital only). Kyle info by Judy Kyle-Herrera

Last, First, Birth, Death, Comments
Barron, Addie A., 1873, 1950, (s/w John M)
Barron, Arbie, 11-8-1894, 5-5-1902, son of J.M. & Addie Barron
Barron, Cisco, 8-29-1908, 7-9-1914 , son of J. M & Addie Barron, Blessed are the new in heart for they shall see God, Weep not papa and mama for me. For I am waiting in Heaven for thee.
Barron, John M., 1869, 1944, (s/w Addie A.)
Barron, Thomas E., 7-14-1892, 10-17-1951, Texas PFC Veterinary Corps World War I
Barron, William B., 4-25-1897, 8-22-1938, Texas Sgt. 318 Field Sig. BN., Brief, brave and glorious was his young career
Brothers, Arlie Leo, 2-2-1907, 4-12-1987, (h/o Doris)
Brothers, Cora Mae, 1891, 1976
Brothers, Doris Marlowe, 2-20-1910, 1-26-1988, (w/o Arlie)
Brothers, Elizabeth, 10-6-1872, 12-21-1921
Brothers, Eula, 9-17-1874, 10-21-1914
Brothers, Frank, 12-27-1840, 11-20-1903
Brothers, Ida Leona, 10-20-1882, 10-13-1965, (w/o Oscar)
Brothers, James Polk, 12-10-1844, 6-26-1908
Brothers, John Bass, 1881, 1969
Brothers, John Orville, 5-29-1909, 12-25-1991, (h/o Mary)
Brothers, John Vincent, 1930, 1930
Brothers, Low H., 7-2-1843, 2-20-1904
Brothers, Mary G., 1896, 1992
Brothers, Oscar Burns, 9-25-1867, 3-10-1947, (h/o Ida)
Brothers, P. H., 1890, 1926

Eblen, Mr., 2-2-1903, 12-1-1958
Eblen, Treva L., 8-5-1913, 6-26-1990
Eblen, William E. Jr. "Bill Jr.", 1-31-1937, d: 4-25-1983

Gibbs, James W. "Jr", 12-15-1928, 4-11-1995, (s/w Mozelle), married 8-29-1945 (Mother & Daddy of Leatha "Missy" & Mark)
Gibbs, James William, 9-22-1871, 2-12-1947, (s/w Laura)
Gibbs, Laura Annie,. 10-15-1905, 8-8-1987, (s/w James William)
Gibbs, Mark "Bulldog", 10-26-1950, 5-5-1963, (s/o Mozelle & Jr.) With a cherry smile and a wave of the hand, he has wandered into an
unknown land, He is not dead - he is just away.
Gibbs Mozelle Tucker, 1-9-1929, (s/w Jr.)

Holt, Arthur Perry, March 24, 1872 Gilmer Co., GA, May 19, 1944 Paducah
Holt, Clemmie Kitten, August 2, 1914 OK, February 10, 1928 TX, daughter
Holt, John William, February 28, 1899 OK, November 25, 1952, son
Holt, Sarah Melissa Hendrix, February 15, 1883 MO, May 19, 1968 Paducah, wife
Horn, Woodley Alice, 2-4-1899, 9-10-1959, in loving Memory (w/o Ray)
Hutchison, Clifford E., 6-1-1920, 4-17-1993, (s/w Ruth) Married 11-1-1941, Our children: Ronald, Clayton, Curtis
Hutchison, Ollie Ruth, 2-12-1925, 1-19-1994, (s/w Clifford)


Kyle, George W 9-6-1885  11-20-1949      3              28

Kyle, Zelia E   11-1-1884    8-9-1975           3              28

Maxey, Woodley Helen, 7-10-1905, 1-20-1998, (w/o Alton)
Milam, Francine Tippen, 1-12-1951, 11-24-1977, (d/o Fern & Buster)

Thinnes, Woodley Marjorie, 4-21-1930, 6-19-1979, "We cannot journey without leaving footprints, and others will follow where we go because we have marked the way" (d/o Ray & Alice)
Tippen, Fern, 2-17-1922, 12-12-1992, married G. R. 9-19-1945 (s/w G.R.)
Tippen, G. R. (Buster), 1-25-1919, 11-27-1992, (s/w Fern)

Woodley, Alton, 6-23-1902, 12-11-1935, Tho lost to sight, to memory dear
Woodley, Frances Leona, 5-21-1861, 12-7-1943, (s/w George W.)
Woodley, George Washington, 1-28-1853, 7-16-1937, (s/w Frances L.)
Woodley, Grace Mauldin, 7-29-1906, 5-25-1986, (s/w R. G.) married May 21, 1945
Woodley, John William, 8-23-1858, 1-2-1947, (h/of Mary Jane)
Woodley, Mary Jane, 4-10-1864, 12-30-1946, (w/o John)
Woodley, Minnie O., 2-21-1893, 1-10-1990, (w/o Woodfin G. Woodley)
Woodley, Ray, 6-19-1895, 8-9-1934, And each tool is laid aside worn with thework that was done with pride (h/o Alice)
Woodley, R. G., 6-19-1895, 6-8-1991, (s/w Grace)
Woodley, Sgt. Jackson, 5-4-1926, 6-21-1943, He Lived to bear his country's arms, He died to save its honor. USA AAF
Woodley, Thomas B., 9-26-1882, 11-5-1897, (s/o G.W. & F.L.)
Woodley, Woodfin G., 5-30-1890, 2-27-1954, (h/o Minnie O.)
Woodley, Wood Ray, 11-16-1914, 7-11-1989