Dunlap Cemetery

Cottle County, Cemeteries of Texas

Submitted by Sydney Key


Surrounded by cultivated land, the one acre cemetery is located just off the Childress highway

North of Paducah on land formerly owned by Mr. Whitener, County Commissioner. (1997)

Many markers have been covered with sand by nature. Virginia Gibsonís marker was found under 20 inches of sand.

Last Name First Name Born Died

BARLOW Bennie N. no date no date

BIGBEE Emma 2/6/1875 2/6/1875

BIGBEE Stephen J. 7/1/1873 7/1/1873

COBB Thomas J 1860 1860

GIBSON Virginia 7/5/1924 2/2/1925

FRAZIER Elizabeth 7/30/1829 6/8/1913

HOLMES Veda 1/20/1907 2/27/1919

JONES Arthur 6/29/1914 10/5/1914

RHODES Lulu 12/24/1909 3/19/1928

RHODES Daisy 1/22/1889 10/29/1920

ROBINSON Zack no date no date

Mudeyís baby no date no date

SCATES H. John 2/141910 6/5/1933

SCHELL Louis L. 10/21/1921 10/27/1929

SHINAULT I. J. 9/19/1867 2/24/1914


HUCKABY Ruthie no date no date

NIXON James Richard 6/6/1913 5/23/1934

NIXON Rayniond Bailey 11/19/1917 1/24/1920

NIXON Baby Boy 7/17/1921 7/16/1921

NIXON Baby Boy 1/311925 1/31/1925

Ralph Hardinís_Nephew no date no date

WHITENER O. D. no date 1917