Taylor's Chapel Cemetery

Comanche Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by Ed and Nancy Newton

Location: 5.5 miles northwest of Comanche on SH 36, then 2 miles northeast on FM 588, then 1 mile east on CR 144

Historical Marker: This cemetery traces its history to the Concord Primitive Baptist Church, organized near this site prior to 1881. Many early graves are unmarked, though eighteen identifiable burials date from the 19th century. The earliest is that of F. M. Warren, who died in 1881. William T. Keith, who later married Warren's sister Sarah, told of driving the wagon transporting Warren's body to the cemetery. Other early burials include those of Dorcas Jones, interred here in 1883, and Warren's mother, Mary Ann, who died in 1884. Warren's father, Posey W. Warren (d. 1906), was a deacon and likely founder of Concord Church, which disbanded in 1907. R. A. Biggs was an early pastor of the church. George W. Brown (d. 1885) and his father, Confederate veteran Thomas Staton Brown (d. 1887), were members of a large family that owned surrounding lands, including a portion of the cemetery. The remainder of the original site was owned by Isaac Dye. Many early settlers of this area are interred in this graveyard. They include Civil War veterans Henry M. Dingus, James Hughes "Hood" Taylor, Posey W. Warren, Griffin E. Armstrong, James Andrews, Abiram Hiram Beene, John Wesley Bishop, Isaac Neely Brown, William M. Clark, Samuel W. Hartman and Wilburn Lafayette Robertson. Concord Cemetery became known as Taylor's Chapel Cemetery after a congregational Methodist church was organized in 1901 on land acquired from James Hughes "Hood" Taylor, an Alabama native. A tangible reminder of the area's pioneer heritage, the cemetery continues to serve the Soda Springs, Beattie and surrounding communities. (2000)