McKeehan Cemetery

Comanche Co. Cemeteries of TX

Photos by Sheriff Jerry Hicks

Location: Go W from the Hwy 1477 and 587 intersection at Sipe Springs,at about 3/4 of a mi there will be a road marked by a cemetery sign that goes N. At about 3/10 of a mi the road forks, take the left road. The cemetery will then be about 1/2 mile on the right. Just W of Sipe Springs Cemetery.

Last, First, Birth, Death, Comments
Elliott, Ethel L., 06/08/1899, 06/30/1981, Double stone with Minor Elliott, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. C.O. McKeehan
Elliott, Minor, 01/24/1895, 10/04/1981, Double stone with Ethel L. Elliott, son of Mr. & Mrs. W.F. Elliott
McKeehan, Charlie O., 05/28/1872, 05/26/1951, Son of J.D. and Mary McKeehan
McKeehan, Clemmie Curb 12/27/1910, 01/01/1997,
McKeehan, Daniel Paul, 04/03/1984, 10/23/1984,
McKeehan, Emma L., 01/15/1883, 07/01/1971, Daughter of R.E. and Pinkie Slough
McKeehan, James W., 01/04/1942, 05/28/1998, Double stone with Sharon L. McKeehan
McKeehan, John L., 07/07/1918, 04/12/1998, U.S. Army, World War 2, married Irene McKeehan 10/17/1941
McKeehan, Joyce, 09/14/1913, 10/05/1997, Double stone with Quill McKeehan
McKeehan, Quill, 12/27/1912, 07/27/1992, Double stone with Joyce McKeehan
McKeehan, S.P. Creep 12/24/1914, 06/26/1979, Son of Charlie O. and Emma L. McKeehan
McKeehan, Sharon L., 12/27/1942, 08/20/1997, Double stone with James W. McKeehan
Murray, Mary Pinkie, 01/15/1904, 03/05/1964, Married Robert Glynn Murray 07/03/1943
Murray, Robert Glynn, 09/17/1911, 07/04/1985, VA stone - TEC 5, U.S. Army World War 2, married Mary Pinkie Murray 07/03/1943
Orrell, Emma Melrose, 04/25/1946, 04/25/1946, Daughter of V.C. Orrell, granddaughter of C.O. and Emma McKeehan
Orrell, Melrose McKeehan 04/10/1921, 04/25/1946, Wife of V.C. Orrell, daughter of C.O. and Emma McKeehan