Fort Chadbourne Town and Cemetery

Coke County, Cemeteries of Texas

Submitted by Pat Hudgins

This information came from the "Cook County Cemeteries Epitaphs and Dates" book, was compiled and printed in 1990   by  Bonita Copeland and Wanda Smith and used with permission

              Fort Chadbourne town began as a community of local people when Governor J. S. Hogg preempted land to be used as the first Post Office.

            The town began to build about 1900-05, when news of the railroad passing through one mile east of the town.  Immediately everything began moving to an area where Mr. W. C. McDonald, early pioneer, gave eighty acres of land for the original townsite of Fort Chadbourne.

            In 1913, Fort Chadbourne proper had a railroad depot, schoolhouse, hotel, livery stable, general store, blacksmith shop, post office, telephone office, newspaper and a Methodist Church.  It was a busy place for there was lots of traffic on the railroad.

            After Fort Chadbounre town was established, very few people used the cemetery site.  It is located about one mile south of the depot on private property.


Bramlett, Ida J.                                   1862                            1947

Culp, Charlene                                    1934                            1936  - Daughter of Wm. and   Hattie Culp

Culp, Roxie A.                                    March 7, 1880             October 9, 1975

Culp, W. J.                                          April 10, 1866             October 18, 1955

Hutchinson, L.A.                                April 4, 1915               April 4, 1915

Taylor, Infant                                      1951                            1951   Son of J.L. Taylor

Taylor, Andrew J.                               1883                            1971

Taylor, Adeline                                   May 3, 1855                December 3, 1911

Taylor, Buck  H.                                 1856                            1939

Taylor, John W.                                   April 21, 1890             May 31, 1964 -TX. - PVT Co.158 Inf. WWI

Taylor, Mandy                                     1895                            NDD

Taylor, Nish  J.                                    1888                            1966

Taylor, Vivian V.                                1895                            1981

Turner, Henley Etter                           February 15, 1864       December 7, 1923 - Wife of R.H. Turner

Turner, Robert Vernon                        March 11, 1897           June 25, 1918 Son of R.H. & H. E. Turner