Dimmitt Cemetery

This is thought to be  Castro Cemetery,  Please help me with the Castro Co. Cemeteries.  Gloria

Castro County, Texas

Sorry, cemetery inscriptions not available to us at this time. 
Partial Inscriptions by Jeanette Johnston

All of these markers are very basic, just small cement blocks with what appears to be "typed" inscriptions on metal plaques. I have added my comments in brackets.

Last, First, Birth, Death, Comments
Breakfield, Paskil, 1877, 1893, Orphan, Second Grave
Franks, Joe, 1870, 1890, First Grave, Killed by horse
Johnston, Tom (Thomas Daniel), 1869, 1927
Johnston, Mack (Malcolm Gibson), 1879, 1959
Johnston, William, 1863, 1894, Third Grave