Wolf Valley Cemetery

May vicinity, Brown County, Texas

Cemeteries of Texas Coordinator: Dolores I. Bishop


Information provided by the State of Texas Atlas Site


Location from May, take US 183 north about 3 miles



This cemetery originally served pioneer settlers of the Wolf Valley community, which began about 1875. The earliest grave is that of S. T. Tollette, who was buried here May 11, 1882. Also buried that same month were James Lyon and R. P. Ramsey. The cemetery was formally set aside in 1902 when trustees A. E. Bailey, A. W. Hardy and J. W. Spence bought the original tract from the D. M. Davidson family. The site was enlarged through later additions of land. A church building was constructed here in 1887 for use by Baptist, Methodist and Cumberland Presbyterian congregations as well as the local schools. Brush arbors were used for summer revivals. The building and grounds were the spiritual and educational hub of the community. The structure burned, but was rebuilt through donated funds and labor. Graves here include those of pioneer settlers, early community leaders, military veterans and two state legislators, H. P. Taylor and W. R. Chambers. The site contains over three hundred marked graves and two unmarked gravesites. An annual homecoming and Memorial Day service is conducted here each May. Maintenance of the historic burial ground is funded through various donations. (1983)