York Cemetery

 Borden County, Texas

Photos and inscriptions by Charlene Beatty Beauchamp

Location: Leaving Hwy 180 for small road heading Northeast, follow road until it dead ends at ranch house. The cemetery is about 0.5 miles from the ranch house, follow the ranch unimproved road for 0.25 miles then it curves. Leave the road and follow the fence line.

History: The County Judge who owned the ranch said that all the graves there were of children.

Last, First, Birth, Death, Comments For more photos of these graves see: * York Cemetery.
Two unreadable graves
One unmarked grave
Hayes, Gertrude Bell, Jul. 11, 1909, Jul. 11, 1909
Henderson, J., Dec. 26, 1907, Oct. 18, 1908
York, Bobbie W., Aug. 3, 1898, Feb. 26, 1900, Son of J. S. & Katie York